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May 30, 2019 Off By Michael
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Losing your hair … Here is a common phenomenon that affects a very large number of people and it is one. True calvary, several products exist to limit hair loss. Among them, there is Luxeol, a famous food supplement made from natural products. But is Luxeol an effective product? Does it really help fight hair loss? To find out, I decided to test this product for two months. Here is my opinion on Luxeol.

Small presentation on Luxeol

Before discovering my opinion on Luxeol, here is a small presentation on this product. Luxeol is the best dietary supplement that strengthens, promotes growth and limits hair loss. Inside each capsule, several natural products are present:

  • Rocket that promotes the hair bulb and hair growth.

  • Horsetail fields that strengthen the hair and stimulate their growth.

  • Copper that contributes to the pigmentation of the scalp.

  • Zinc that ensures healthy hair.

Selenuim and vitamin B8 are also present.

How to take Luxeol?

Each Luxeol box contains 30 capsules. Take one pill a day with a full glass of water and during a meal. This dosage must be respected and in no case increased.

For best results, it is also advisable to follow a healthy lifestyle: healthy diet and regular physical activity. However, it is unnecessary to follow a specific diet, but it is important to find a good balance.

Avis Luxeol: the results obtained after two months of use

Like many people, I lose my hair, a problem that has become troublesome everyday. To remedy this problem, I decided to buy Luxeol. Why ? Simply because I wanted to use a natural product. But is Luxeol an effective product? What are his results? Here is my opinion on Luxeol after two months of use.

For two months, I took a capsule Luxeol a day (in the morning during my breakfast). From the first month, the first effects appear, but it usually takes 2 – 3 months of use to see really positive results: growth, hair growth …

After two months of use, I also noticed that my hair was less dry and my tips were healthier. At the level of hair loss, I also saw an improvement: I lose them less and they are less brittle.

When it comes to hair growth, the treatment can not work miracles in 2 months. On the other hand, I noticed that my hair had a normal growth. This is probably due to the rocket that stimulates the hair bulb.

Finally, my hair looks less like hay and is clearly healthier!

As it is advisable, I also adopted a better hygiene of life in parallel of my cure: healthy and balanced diet and practice of a sport in a regular way (swimming 2 hours a week).

Avis Luxeol: the best dietary supplement for hair

, I can say that the latter is the. During my treatment, I was very surprised by its effects on the scalp: my hair is healthier and their overall condition has improved significantly. A real satisfaction!

My opinion on Luxeol is very positive and today, so I can only recommend it to people with some concerns about their hair.

You want to try it? Do not forget to buy your box (es) than the official website of the brand to avoid any risk of counterfeiting.