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President Trump: The only America First Afghan policy is to get out of Afghanistan

Just when you think that you have heard all of the asinine ideas possible about U.S. involvement in Afghanistan, out comes one that is so hideously ridiculous that you must assume the authors are demented and writing from a well-secured … Continue reading

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A few answers to readers’ comments on recent pieces

Let me first say how much I appreciate people taking the time to write, whether from a favorable or unfavorable view. I have learned a good deal from those who kindly take time to read what I write. At some … Continue reading

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Of Britain’s commonsense, and the madness of the Bushes’ retainers

Britain: Waking on Friday to see that the British had voted to unchain themselves from their socialist EU masters in Brussels was a marvelous experience. In so doing, they decided to return to adulthood, and to running their own nation, … Continue reading

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When assessing President Obama, love cannot be measured but treason surely can

Mayor Giuliani and all Neoconservatives too often confuse the sound of their own voices with the voice of God and therefore expect the great unwashed American citizenry to believe what they have said and do what they have ordered without … Continue reading

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