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For America, perhaps now is the time for neutrality

Among the most striking aspects of the current debate over U.S. foreign policy is the almost complete lack of perception among Americans about their country’s actual economic and military capabilities and its international influence. Whether it is Ukraine and Russia, the intensifying Islamist offensive on several continents, or the blatantly Potemkin Middle East peace talks, [...]
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In Ukraine, EU and U.S. interventionists nearing the civil war they caused

“The pretext of propagating liberty can make no difference. Every nation has a right to carve out its own happiness in its own way, and it is the height of presumption in another to attempt to fashion its political creed.” Alex. Hamilton to George Washington, 2 May 1793. It always seems to start with the [...]
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Mr. Obama: Do you and your colleagues know the severity of the historical fire you are rekindling?

Most decent people always feel some sympathy and perhaps even pity for those who make mistakes because they are not aware of their own ignorance of issues, people, and history and therefore cannot gauge the calamity their actions are courting. For those who consciously know the mistakes they are making, and so the fires of [...]
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Having ignored the Founders on war, U.S. forces will return to Afghanistan unless Americans begin to think for themselves

One of the few things all the Founders agreed on was that the conduct of America’s very few necessary wars would be the responsibility of the national government, with the assistance of state militias. (NB: By the way, has anyone found the Constitutional amendment negating the 2nd Amendment’s guarantee of state militias? Me neither.) And [...]
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Obama and O’Reilly: The Factor’s no-spin zone spins toward deceit

In a talking points memo this week, FOX’s Bill O’Reilly assured his readers and listeners that President Obama does not intend to hurt America, and argued that Obama’s actions as president reflect his passion for social justice. “The far right,” Mr. O’Reilly wrote in reference to his fellow Harvard alum, “is making a huge mistake [...]
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