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After-Paris tasks: Remove Hollande, Obama, and Cameron, take the Islamists seriously

Alexis de Tocqueville wrote in the 1830s that the education systems in Europe and the United States had stopped teaching children how to command when they became adults, and were teaching them only how to obey. Mr. de Tocqueville had that judgment right nearly two hundred years ago, and President Hollande, President Obama, and Prime […]
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Ex-CIA’er to Ex-KGB’er: Defeat, Mr. Putin, lies in ignoring the Islamists’ words and waging less than total war

From this distance, Mr. Putin, it appears that when you unleashed the Russian air force on 30 September 2015 you expected to save Bashir al-Assad’s regime and bring order to Syria and Iraq in a relatively short period of time. Well, the application of Russian air power is continuing, but only a month after its […]
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Mr. Putin and Hillary Clinton’s e-mails

When an encrypted U.S. government communication system is tapped into by hackers or a foreign intelligence service, U.S. counter-intelligence officers must assume the worst-case scenario; that is, anything which might be useful to the attacker was taken. When an unencrypted system is tapped, no assumption is needed because there is not a single credible reason […]
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U.S. general officers seem clearly unacquainted with truth and reality

Last Wednesday (28 October 2015), FOX’s Neil Cavuto interviewed a Congresswoman who argued that the United States had to stop trying to destroy Bashir al-Assad’s regime in Syria and concentrate on decisively defeating the Islamic State (IS), al-Qaeda, etc. How can that be done, Mr. Cavuto asked? The Congresswoman — who is a U.S. military […]
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Rescue America by leaving Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria to Mr. Putin

So why is the U.S. military staying longer in Afghanistan to keep bleeding in a war that was lost long ago? Why is President Obama leaving behind a force whose story may turn out to be a reprise of an old western movie in which a valiant but tiny cavalry unit mans a fort surrounded […]
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