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Mr. Trump, explain why America First requires eliminating the U.S. Department of Education

One of the more daunting problems Trump would face in implementing a comprehensive America First orientation in the national government is the Department of Education. Under both Democratic and Republican presidents, the leaders and personnel of that department have, for more than thirty years, developed and provided anti-American curricula to the nation’s schools and have […]
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Jewish-American Neocon demands collective punishment for Trump’s supporters

Well, if collective punishment for Palestinians, and Muslims generally, is acceptable, why not for pro-Trump Americans? America’s flagship voice of disloyalty, Israel-First, and Neoconservatism — Commentary Magazine — has unleashed one of its key staff Gauleiters, a man named Herr Garbriel Schoenfeld, to demand that all Americans supporting Donald Trump be held “accountable” for disagreeing […]
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After Brussels, Westerners face two deadly enemies — the Islamists and their governments

For twenty years now I have been arguing the obvious: namely, that as early as 1997, the Islamist problem was too big and too lethal for any U.S. intelligence service or law-enforcement agency to defeat. At that time, I suggested to my superiors at CIA that we either get permission to kill Osama bin Laden […]
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Of America’s enemies, domestic and foreign

There is no denying that the past few weeks of events at home and overseas have been mighty interesting. None of them, however, seem to bode well for the United States. –Democrats: In the 2016 presidential race, the extent of the destruction the Democratic Party has wrought on America’s intelligence, social cohesion, and respect for […]
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Today’s senior U.S. generals endanger the republic’s survival

Readers of this space will recall my criticisms of senior U.S. general officers who: –Are silent when getting their Marines and soldiers killed in wars they know the president has no intention of winning. –Are endlessly repeating the absolutely false statement “there is no military solution” to this, that, and every conflict, so as to […]
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