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Benghazi is bad, but Obama’s Afghan surrender is much worse

The mujahedin’s tactical victory over the United States in Benghazi is significant, but its importance pales in comparison to the strategic victory Obama and his predecessors have handed to the mujahedin in Afghanistan. As justifiable furor continues over the Obama administration’s blatant negligence in Benghazi, the Washington Post, on 19 October 2012, helpfully published an [...]
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Roll on toward the cataract, Oh Ship of State!

How can the American governing elite be so consistently devoid of common sense and so utterly lacking in any recognition of reality? Most of these Grandees have gone to our best universities, are well traveled, and have access to enormous information banks, both unclassified and classified. And yet, in recent days, the following pearls of [...]
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Our educators doom America to overseas disasters

Cynicism and crankiness are, I suppose, sure signs of old age, and at 58 I surely qualify for elder-hood. But even accepting this reality, I continue to be bewildered by the men and women who are produced by our educational system and find their way into both political parties and then into foreign policy decision-making [...]
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Arab Spring to Jihadi Era: al-Zawahiri gets the whip hand from bin Laden and his key ally — the U.S. Government

As Ayman al-Zawahiri takes charge of al-Qaeda (AQ) he faces a situation more promising than any the group has encountered since its formation near the end of the Afghan-Soviet war. Of course having such an opportunity and exploiting it are two different things, but if al-Zawahiri controls his personal abrasiveness, limits his micro-managing tendencies, and [...]
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Here’s how Afghanistan ends — America loses, Islam wins, and a new Muslim generation joins the jihad

Two simple truisms seem appropriate these days when discussing the Afghan war: “If you don’t understand your enemy, you will lose to him” and “If you do not kill your enemies, they will surely kill you”. U.S. political, military, and civil service leaders have neither tried to understand what motivates the Taleban and its allies, [...]
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