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James Comey shows Americans that law does not apply to the elite

James Comey admits to taking official government documents home and then giving them to the NY Times; he directly contradicts his 3 May 2017, under-oath testimony; he publicly conspires with that stooge of a Special Counsel Robert Mueller to stage-manage … Continue reading

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General Hayden on why the Constitution is optional and America always loses wars

General Michael Hayden is a man I respect and admire, but one with whom I disagree on several issues. Some are ephemera, but two that do matter are defending and abiding by the Constitution and answering the question “Why does … Continue reading

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Addendum: National Review adds luster to Trump’s candidacy

I believe this is the first time I have added an addendum to an already published article. But the National Review’s decision to devote an entire issue to attacking Mr. Trump underscores the point I was striving to make in … Continue reading

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Mr. Putin and Hillary Clinton’s e-mails

When an encrypted U.S. government communication system is tapped into by hackers or a foreign intelligence service, U.S. counter-intelligence officers must assume the worst-case scenario; that is, anything which might be useful to the attacker was taken. When an unencrypted … Continue reading

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Mr. Obama: Do you and your colleagues know the severity of the historical fire you are rekindling?

Most decent people always feel some sympathy and perhaps even pity for those who make mistakes because they are not aware of their own ignorance of issues, people, and history and therefore cannot gauge the calamity their actions are courting. … Continue reading

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