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Having ignored the Founders on war, U.S. forces will return to Afghanistan unless Americans begin to think for themselves

One of the few things all the Founders agreed on was that the conduct of America’s very few necessary wars would be the responsibility of the national government, with the assistance of state militias. (NB: By the way, has anyone found the Constitutional amendment negating the 2nd Amendment’s guarantee of state militias? Me neither.) And [...]
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Obama, McCain, Graham, Manning, Snowden, and the varieties of disloyalty

A major factor in what seems to be the terminal decline of the United States lies in the reality that most Americans appear to have little or no pride in their country or any understanding of its need for an independent, flexible, and largely neutral foreign policy. They elect, for example, presidents like George W, [...]
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Why are Limbaugh, Levin, and Hannity so eager to see more dead Americans?

Last week on FOX, I spoke about the reasons why America is losing the war with the mujahedin and it seems to have rattled and angered Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, and Sean Hannity. I know this not because I regularly tune into them, but because acquaintances of mine, who have a much higher tolerance than [...]
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Why does the Democratic Party so dislike Americans?

While both Democrats and Republicans deserve to be cursed by all Americans for their identical, war-causing, interventionist foreign policies, the duties of citizenship require informed citizens to vote. And though I loathe the fact that Romney has surrounded himself with Neoconservative war-mongers, I will vote Republican. Why? Because I have never been able to understand [...]
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Note to Tea Party: End interventionism first

With mid-term voting over it is difficult to know exactly how many reliable voices and votes Tea Party (TP) issues will command in the Republican caucus beginning in January, 2011. Indeed, a cynic might expect savvy, long-time Republicans to simply absorb the Tea Party’s position on economic issues, make the TP’s voice nothing more than [...]
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