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Obama, McCain, and the NATO/EU Gang: Better war than saying: “It’s our fault”?

Once again Americans are watching their government involve itself in an issue in which the United States has nothing at stake economically and no genuine national security interest at risk. Ukraine is a place that is worth neither a single American dollar nor more than a brief scan of the headlines by U.S. citizens. And [...]
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For America, perhaps now is the time for neutrality

Among the most striking aspects of the current debate over U.S. foreign policy is the almost complete lack of perception among Americans about their country’s actual economic and military capabilities and its international influence. Whether it is Ukraine and Russia, the intensifying Islamist offensive on several continents, or the blatantly Potemkin Middle East peace talks, [...]
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Benghazi is bad, but Obama’s Afghan surrender is much worse

The mujahedin’s tactical victory over the United States in Benghazi is significant, but its importance pales in comparison to the strategic victory Obama and his predecessors have handed to the mujahedin in Afghanistan. As justifiable furor continues over the Obama administration’s blatant negligence in Benghazi, the Washington Post, on 19 October 2012, helpfully published an [...]
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On Afghanistan, Mrs. Clinton owes an apology to Americans on behalf of Democrats and Republicans

It would have been interesting to see Mrs. Clinton swagger across her office to take the phone and apologize to the Pakistanis for last year’s mistaken U.S. attack on their soldiers. For a woman usually so full of war-speak and arrogance it must have been hard for her to put on sack cloth and ashes. [...]
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Who Should Apologize for Afghanistan?

Driving to Mass this morning I was listening to FOX on the issue of Afghanistan and the killing of U.S. and NATO soldiers by our supposed Afghan allies. FOX had its “terrorism expert” on and he was blathering about how President Obama’s apology for the recent Koran burning was causing more violence in Afghanistan and [...]
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