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Pity poor America: Obama, Romney, and Foreign Policy

This Tuesday’s Romney-Obama foreign-policy debate will again show Americans that both political parties mean to maintain the lie that has kept the United States losing the war al-Qaeda and its allies declared on us in 1996. There will seem to be debate during the debate, but at day’s end there will be no difference between […]

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Galloping toward the abyss: The price of U.S. interventionism in Syria and Israel

While the presidential election campaign is focused on the economy and Barack Obama’s transparent desire for class war in the United States, Americans ought to take a quick look at the outside world to examine the approaching wave of interventionist-wrought disaster, a wave for which both parties are equally culpable. Secretary of State Clinton’s drive […]

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Of Muslim Brothers, bin Laden’s papers, Bloombergian tyranny, and Libya

All told, this week has produced a surplus of bad news on several fronts. Here are just a few items. –Muslim Brotherhood: Mrs. Clinton’s decision this week to talk to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood because it is committed to the “democratic process” again moves us into the fantasy world of our governing elite. There is no […]

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