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U.S. intervention kills Americans abroad and advances tyranny at home

The vitriol with which Democrats are denouncing the ongoing investigation of al-Qaeda’s lethal attack on U.S. facilities in Benghazi comes from a motivation much deeper than that single event. By pulling on the Benghazi string the Republicans will find an enormous foreign policy failure and a governmental lie of nearly epic proportions — both of [...]
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Russia annexing Crimea is the cost of U.S.-EU intervention in Ukraine

One wonders how deep a hole the United States and the EU are going to dig for themselves in Ukraine. It was, of course, U.S. and EU leaders — and their media acolytes — who caused the problem we face today by intervening on behalf of self-styled “democrats” in Kiev who without foreign intervention could [...]
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Obama and O’Reilly: The Factor’s no-spin zone spins toward deceit

In a talking points memo this week, FOX’s Bill O’Reilly assured his readers and listeners that President Obama does not intend to hurt America, and argued that Obama’s actions as president reflect his passion for social justice. “The far right,” Mr. O’Reilly wrote in reference to his fellow Harvard alum, “is making a huge mistake [...]
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The Union’s state: A wounded soldier, a defeated America, and a depraved governing class

Last week’s State of the Union event exposed the best and worst in America. On a night when President Obama had nothing to say, save to promise despotism — for which our self-emasculated federal legislature gave him eighty-plus standing ovations — Obama, his party, and the Republicans saluted the remarkable service, survival, and nascent recovery [...]
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Gates shares the murderous reality of President Obama and Mrs. Clinton

In 1799, George Washington wrote that the “views of men can only be known, or guessed at, by their words or actions.” Well, in recent weeks I have learned that to express a view that damns either a U.S. foreign policy that is defeating the United States or the makers of that policy is to [...]
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