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For America, perhaps now is the time for neutrality

Among the most striking aspects of the current debate over U.S. foreign policy is the almost complete lack of perception among Americans about their country’s actual economic and military capabilities and its international influence. Whether it is Ukraine and Russia, the intensifying Islamist offensive on several continents, or the blatantly Potemkin Middle East peace talks, [...]
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The Union’s state: A wounded soldier, a defeated America, and a depraved governing class

Last week’s State of the Union event exposed the best and worst in America. On a night when President Obama had nothing to say, save to promise despotism — for which our self-emasculated federal legislature gave him eighty-plus standing ovations — Obama, his party, and the Republicans saluted the remarkable service, survival, and nascent recovery [...]
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Gates shares the murderous reality of President Obama and Mrs. Clinton

In 1799, George Washington wrote that the “views of men can only be known, or guessed at, by their words or actions.” Well, in recent weeks I have learned that to express a view that damns either a U.S. foreign policy that is defeating the United States or the makers of that policy is to [...]
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A Look at the Brilliant Advocates of Obama’s Tyranny and Israel

Two recent pieces I published on the advance of tyranny under President Obama have earned replies from several of Obama’s brilliant, willing, and forelock-tugging subjects, as well as from the omnipresent Israel-Firsters. Regarding the latter, see item C below for ridicule of the University of Manitoba, where I went to school. The Fifth Column of [...]
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The Congress’s “womanish attachment” to Foreigners is bringing the Islamists’ war to North America

The material below the dotted line is the written version of my part in a six-member panel’s presentation to the House’s Homeland Security Committee on 9 October 2013. I ran late on 8 October 2013 and so failed to provide the committee’s members with a typed-up version of my opening statement before the hearing. I [...]
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