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Abstention is the key to an America First foreign policy

“The external politics of the United States is eminently expectant; it consists much more in abstaining than in doing.” Alexis de Tocqueville (1) The U.S. abstention on the UN Security Council’s resolution condemning Israel’s building of settlements in the West … Continue reading

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Whoa Mr. Trump! Use your America-First instincts to pick a Secretary of State

    Because, Mr. Trump, you will set your own foreign policy, the main tasks for the next secretary of state will be to execute that policy and to purge the Department of State of those who have, for so … Continue reading

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Now is Mr. Trump’s time for silence and counting blessings

    Until inaugurated on 20 January 2017, Mr. Trump would be well advised to follow the pre-inaugural behavior of one of his predecessors, a fellow New Yorker named Franklin Delano Roosevelt. From November, 1932, until his inaugural on 4 … Continue reading

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The Clintons and Israel First: Jackals killing the republic, courting widespread civil unrest

The presidential campaign of 2016 has so far been a humdinger. With all of the republic’s most dangerous enemies gathered under the leadership of the Clintons, the race has become a kind of life-and-death match. A Trump win would see … Continue reading

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Mr. Trump: You have scared and pissed-off the war lovers. Well done, keep at it.

The bipartisan governing elite’s panic over Mr. Trump’s potential for destroying their cozy, elitist, bribe-filled, war-causing, and increasingly authoritarian culture is quite clear in the self-righteous, all-knowing, and citizenry-hating anti-Trump letter published on 8 August 2016. It was signed by … Continue reading

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