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Of Britain’s commonsense, and the madness of the Bushes’ retainers

Britain: Waking on Friday to see that the British had voted to unchain themselves from their socialist EU masters in Brussels was a marvelous experience. In so doing, they decided to return to adulthood, and to running their own nation, … Continue reading

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U.S.-vs-Islamic State: As IS-held cities fall, America must come home, avoid the next, far harder war

We are likely to hear much crowing about the martial prowess of the U.S.-Europe trained, Iranian-led, and Shia-dominated Iraqi Army as IS withdraws – if only temporarily – from Ramadi and Fallujah. Cities, however, do not equal power in an … Continue reading

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After Brussels, Westerners face two deadly enemies — the Islamists and their governments

For twenty years now I have been arguing the obvious: namely, that as early as 1997, the Islamist problem was too big and too lethal for any U.S. intelligence service or law-enforcement agency to defeat. At that time, I suggested … Continue reading

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What Mr. Trump knows is a mystery to the U.S. bipartisan elite

The current clouds of hot and noxious gas being huffed and puffed about by the U.S. governing elite, media, academy, and the immigrant-worshiping Christian churches regarding Donald Trump’s suggestion that the national government temporarily ban the entry of non-U.S.-citizen Muslims … Continue reading

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After-Paris tasks: Remove Hollande, Obama, and Cameron, take the Islamists seriously

Alexis de Tocqueville wrote in the 1830s that the education systems in Europe and the United States had stopped teaching children how to command when they became adults, and were teaching them only how to obey. Mr. de Tocqueville had … Continue reading

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