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Russia annexing Crimea is the cost of U.S.-EU intervention in Ukraine

One wonders how deep a hole the United States and the EU are going to dig for themselves in Ukraine. It was, of course, U.S. and EU leaders — and their media acolytes — who caused the problem we face today by intervening on behalf of self-styled “democrats” in Kiev who without foreign intervention could [...]
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Barack Obama and John Brennan: A new American-killing “Murder Inc”?

“The views of men can only be known, or guessed at, by their words or actions.” George Washington, 1799 Before the Obama administration, I would have dismissed outright the idea that the Rolling Stone-journalist Michael Hastings might have been executed by the federal government because he was about to publish an expose about CIA chief [...]
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Obama, McCain, Graham, Manning, Snowden, and the varieties of disloyalty

A major factor in what seems to be the terminal decline of the United States lies in the reality that most Americans appear to have little or no pride in their country or any understanding of its need for an independent, flexible, and largely neutral foreign policy. They elect, for example, presidents like George W, [...]
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Obama, Rice, Kerry, McCain, and Graham: Intervening for more war

While the frequent, dastardly lies of President Obama, CIA Chief John Brennan, and their media acolytes about the demise of al-Qaeda and its allies unravel, Obama, Susan Rice, John Kerry, John McCain, and Lindsay Graham also are knowingly stoking the flames of Islam’s religious war against the United States by intervening in the Palestine-Israel war [...]
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For Egypt’s Islamists war is a legitimate option

Egyptian president Mohammad Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood were elected a year ago in what the so-called ‘International Community” judged a free and fair election. They and Egypt’s Salafist movement garnered nearly 65-percent of the vote. On Friday, Egypt’s military intervened in the political arena and overthrew and detained Morsi. Why? Because those who deservedly [...]
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