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Mr. Obama: Do you and your colleagues know the severity of the historical fire you are rekindling?

Most decent people always feel some sympathy and perhaps even pity for those who make mistakes because they are not aware of their own ignorance of issues, people, and history and therefore cannot gauge the calamity their actions are courting. For those who consciously know the mistakes they are making, and so the fires of [...]
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Reacting to the Democrats’ plan for tyranny: A time to organize, to agitate, and, sadly, to arm

Walt Whitman believed, as Professor Kent Graham argues in his astoundingly insightful and truly luminous book, Gettysburg. A Meditation on War and Values, that “the material cause of the [U.S. Civil] War was the saturation of venality and incompetence throughout the American political leadership To support his argument, Professor Graham quotes Whitman’s following description of [...]
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Gates shares the murderous reality of President Obama and Mrs. Clinton

In 1799, George Washington wrote that the “views of men can only be known, or guessed at, by their words or actions.” Well, in recent weeks I have learned that to express a view that damns either a U.S. foreign policy that is defeating the United States or the makers of that policy is to [...]
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Obama and his party offer America’s young … death, misery, and slavery

The history of the Democratic Party can be concisely captured by referring to its steadfast allegiance to the four S’s — Slavery, Secession, Segregation, and Socialism. During the Obama presidency we have seen how hard old habits die, even for a Black man whose race was the long-time victim of Democratic Party‘s bone-deep authoritarianism. Under [...]
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Awash in hypocrisy and hubris, Obama and his party push toward despotism

Josef Stalin is reputed to have said something akin to “one death is a tragedy, 25,000 deaths are a statistic.” Surely, President Obama has proven that Uncle Joe was right almost every day since the shootings in Connecticut. Remember the president’s “touching“, tear-filled statement after the shootings? Weeping crocodile tears over the deaths of those [...]
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