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Of America’s enemies, domestic and foreign

There is no denying that the past few weeks of events at home and overseas have been mighty interesting. None of them, however, seem to bode well for the United States. –Democrats: In the 2016 presidential race, the extent of the destruction the Democratic Party has wrought on America’s intelligence, social cohesion, and respect for […]
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The national government gives no dignity, but plenty of preference, tyranny, and death

If there ever was a week in our Union’s history demonstrating that the national government must always be suspected of being the enemy of Americans, their liberty, and their social cohesion, this past week surely was the one. Barack Obama and his party redoubled the national government’s marked preference for Black Americans, and not only […]
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After the Obama-Vatican Follies, U.S. security is worse off, and Cuba Libre is still only a cocktail

We now have another reason to be thankful for the presidency of Barack Obama. Not only has he taught us the danger to the republic of electing a violence-provoking racist and tyrant to the presidency, but, on Cuba, Obama – with his similarly hapless and delusional sidekick Pope Francis — has ensured the survival of […]
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Mr. Obama: Do you and your colleagues know the severity of the historical fire you are rekindling?

Most decent people always feel some sympathy and perhaps even pity for those who make mistakes because they are not aware of their own ignorance of issues, people, and history and therefore cannot gauge the calamity their actions are courting. For those who consciously know the mistakes they are making, and so the fires of […]
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Reacting to the Democrats’ plan for tyranny: A time to organize, to agitate, and, sadly, to arm

Walt Whitman believed, as Professor Kent Graham argues in his astoundingly insightful and truly luminous book, Gettysburg. A Meditation on War and Values, that “the material cause of the [U.S. Civil] War was the saturation of venality and incompetence throughout the American political leadership To support his argument, Professor Graham quotes Whitman’s following description of […]
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