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President Trump: The only America First Afghan policy is to get out of Afghanistan

Just when you think that you have heard all of the asinine ideas possible about U.S. involvement in Afghanistan, out comes one that is so hideously ridiculous that you must assume the authors are demented and writing from a well-secured … Continue reading

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Is HULU joining the fake, corrupting, and leftist media to mislead Americans about 9/11?

On 19 December 2015, I wrote in this space that I had been asked by the author Lawrence Wright to help him prepare a television docudrama about the years leading up to Al-Qaeda’s 9/11 attacks for a company called HULU. … Continue reading

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Pour it on, Mr. Trump, tweet the lying bastards and bitches straight to hell

I have to admit that on most occasions President Trump’s tweets make my day. Aside from the fact that the tweets are absolutely necessary for him to keep in touch with the voters who elected him, the tweets demonstrate that … Continue reading

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After Brussels, Westerners face two deadly enemies — the Islamists and their governments

For twenty years now I have been arguing the obvious: namely, that as early as 1997, the Islamist problem was too big and too lethal for any U.S. intelligence service or law-enforcement agency to defeat. At that time, I suggested … Continue reading

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More 9/11-related, cover-up lies, these from an ex-CIA Director and a “journalist”

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