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Bin Laden predicted Obama’s war on the 4th Amendment

More than a decade ago, Osama bin Laden appeared in a brief video to speak about several issues. One of them was to advise the Islamic world that they should expect the U.S. military to be defeated by Islam, the Taleban, and its allies in Afghanistan. The other was to suggest that Muslims should be […]

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Of Muslim Brothers, bin Laden’s papers, Bloombergian tyranny, and Libya

All told, this week has produced a surplus of bad news on several fronts. Here are just a few items. –Muslim Brotherhood: Mrs. Clinton’s decision this week to talk to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood because it is committed to the “democratic process” again moves us into the fantasy world of our governing elite. There is no […]

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Always ready for death: Leadership succession in al-Qaeda

In the wake of Osama bin Laden’s death, it is of first importance to confront the reality that al-Qaeda is an insurgent organization, not a terrorist group. This is not a mere semantic difference. –Al-Qaeda remains a formidable foe, even after bin Laden’s death, because it is a large, veteran, well-organized, and resilient insurgent group […]

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Bin Laden dead, the USG in disarray, and empty Congressional threats toward Pakistan

I regret being quiet for so long. (I have the nerve to presume here, perhaps wrongly, that my silence was not welcomed.) Anyway, I have posted almost all of the comments in the que and will get to the rest this weekend. So much has happened since I last wrote that I thought I would […]

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Egypt, Osama, and George Washington

The piece below the broken line appeared today on the National Interest’s foreign affairs blog. It is a reflection on the costs Americans pay for their elite’s relentless interventionism, as well as for the failure of the U.S. educational system. I suggest at the end of the piece that we all could stand to closely […]

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