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Pity poor America: Obama, Romney, and Foreign Policy

This Tuesday’s Romney-Obama foreign-policy debate will again show Americans that both political parties mean to maintain the lie that has kept the United States losing the war al-Qaeda and its allies declared on us in 1996. There will seem to be debate during the debate, but at day’s end there will be no difference between […]

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More interventionism = More defense spending

With all eyes focused on the Republicans and Democrats trying to out-incompetent each other on the federal budget, I thought it best to keep quiet until that exercise is complete. But I think the unreality of the whole budget mess is so pervasive that I decided to throw in my two cents in the area […]

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Not even Wikileaks can help: Obama’s inexplicable diplomacy in South Asia

Below is an essay that I wrote this week for the electronic journal The Diplomat. The title above is my original title. The journal changed it in a way that made it look like I endorsed Wikileaks’ illegal activities. The editor agreed to change that title and it is now called “When Wikileaks meets U.S. […]

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A smaller Afghan role for al-Qaeda is very bad news for the West

Because public discussion about Afghanistan is heated in the wake of another corrupt Afghan parliamentary election, as well as because of rising U.S.-NATO casualties and the start of General Petreaus’s long-delayed Kandahar “offensive,” I have posted below a talk that I recently delivered. The talk deals with how al-Qaeda’s role in the Taleban’s war against […]

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In the “Obama-vs-History” contest, Obama and America are sure losers

I started out to write a piece about the whole of President Obama’s predictable and deceitful speech last night about Iraq. On reflecting a bit more, however, I came to focus on the president’s phrase: “It is time to turn the page on Iraq,” a phrase which underscores how woefully ignorant Obama and his colleagues […]

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