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For Egypt’s Islamists war is a legitimate option

Egyptian president Mohammad Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood were elected a year ago in what the so-called ‘International Community” judged a free and fair election. They and Egypt’s Salafist movement garnered nearly 65-percent of the vote. On Friday, Egypt’s military intervened in the political arena and overthrew and detained Morsi. Why? Because those who deservedly [...]
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On Syria: Can Americans’ luck hold? Probably not

It is hard to imagine. For almost a year Syria has been the scene of an increasingly intense civil war between Bashir al-Asaad’s regime and an assortment of its opponents — Islamists, foreign mujahedin, democrats, secularists, etc. Thousands on both sides have been killed, though the paragons of pro-interventionist “truth” like the BBC and CNN [...]
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Iowa’s Choice: Dr. Paul or U.S. bankruptcy, more wars, and many more dead soldiers and Marines

Two recent experiences underlined for me what Iowans will vote for next week in the field of foreign policy if they do not vote for Dr. Ron Paul. On Christmas day, I heard Chris Wallace’s program on FOX. He had a guest — Mr. Charles Lane — who made the false and scurrilous claim that [...]
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Roll on toward the cataract, Oh Ship of State!

How can the American governing elite be so consistently devoid of common sense and so utterly lacking in any recognition of reality? Most of these Grandees have gone to our best universities, are well traveled, and have access to enormous information banks, both unclassified and classified. And yet, in recent days, the following pearls of [...]
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On America’s horizon — A far larger war with the Muslim world

While Americans have been focused on the pending failure of the “Super Committee” to reduce the federal debt; the slow-motion, world-economy wrecking implosion of the European Union’s “Euro Zone”; and the theater of confusion, bickering, and few new ideas generated by the endless debates among Republican presidential candidates, the United States also has been inching [...]
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