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Mr. Trump: Re-intervention in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan kills the chance to revive America

Mr. President: I was driving home Friday afternoon (10 March 2017) and listening to Oliver North doing an interview on FOX. North was delighted that we now had 5,000 troops in Iraq and 1,000 in Syria and — he said … Continue reading

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Mr. President, tell the media that Putin is infinitely less murderous than U.S. democracy crusaders

In an interview with FOX’s Bill O’Reilly on 5 February 2017, President Trump botched an exemplary opportunity to strike a major blow in favor of a durable America First foreign policy. But more such chances are sure to appear, and … Continue reading

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Abstention is the key to an America First foreign policy

“The external politics of the United States is eminently expectant; it consists much more in abstaining than in doing.” Alexis de Tocqueville (1) The U.S. abstention on the UN Security Council’s resolution condemning Israel’s building of settlements in the West … Continue reading

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Mr. Trump, stop being an ass. America First and support for Israel are polar opposites

Mr. Trump, stop being played as a dumb ass by Jewish-Americans. Every American soldier, Marine, and U.S. civilian who has died or been wounded or maimed since Osama bin Laden declared war on the United States in 1996 has been … Continue reading

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Whoa Mr. Trump! Use your America-First instincts to pick a Secretary of State

    Because, Mr. Trump, you will set your own foreign policy, the main tasks for the next secretary of state will be to execute that policy and to purge the Department of State of those who have, for so … Continue reading

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