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John Brennan as CIA chief would serve his own interests, not America’s

France’s recent interventions in Mali and Somalia underscore the accelerating ability of Al-Qaeda-in-the-Islamic-Mahgreb (AQIM) and its Africa-based allies to threaten the continent’s nation-states, as well as access to natural resources—oil, strategic minerals, and uranium—that are essential to the French, U.S., and other Western economies. The growing power and geographical reach of AQIM mirrors the growth […]

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No matter who wins, the next president will — without question– be an interventionist war president

Having listened to a campaign in which Governor Romney explained how he would fix the U.S. economy and carry a big stick around the world, and President Obama continually blame George W. Bush for all our economic problems and try to depict Romney as the evil-millionaire Mr. Potter from Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life, […]

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Roll on toward the cataract, Oh Ship of State!

How can the American governing elite be so consistently devoid of common sense and so utterly lacking in any recognition of reality? Most of these Grandees have gone to our best universities, are well traveled, and have access to enormous information banks, both unclassified and classified. And yet, in recent days, the following pearls of […]

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Of Muslim Brothers, bin Laden’s papers, Bloombergian tyranny, and Libya

All told, this week has produced a surplus of bad news on several fronts. Here are just a few items. –Muslim Brotherhood: Mrs. Clinton’s decision this week to talk to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood because it is committed to the “democratic process” again moves us into the fantasy world of our governing elite. There is no […]

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Always ready for death: Leadership succession in al-Qaeda

In the wake of Osama bin Laden’s death, it is of first importance to confront the reality that al-Qaeda is an insurgent organization, not a terrorist group. This is not a mere semantic difference. –Al-Qaeda remains a formidable foe, even after bin Laden’s death, because it is a large, veteran, well-organized, and resilient insurgent group […]

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