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War kills people … as do lies by U.S. and Western Interventionists

The death of nearly 100 people — reportedly mostly women and children — over the weekend is a salutary reminder of an eternal truth which Western leaders seem unfamiliar: PEOPLE GET KILLED IN WARS. In the present Syrian case, both sides in the ongoing Syrian civil war appear to share responsibility for the deaths. And […]

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Slavery in America? You bet — listen to Obama and Romney

Even in the Internet Age, some news seems to travel slowly. Take, for example, the recent activities and words of President Obama and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in regard to the coming war with Iran. Neither seems aware that the U.S. Constitution was long ago amended to outlaw slavery. Last weekend, Barack Obama dutifully […]

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Arab Spring to Jihadi Era: al-Zawahiri gets the whip hand from bin Laden and his key ally — the U.S. Government

As Ayman al-Zawahiri takes charge of al-Qaeda (AQ) he faces a situation more promising than any the group has encountered since its formation near the end of the Afghan-Soviet war. Of course having such an opportunity and exploiting it are two different things, but if al-Zawahiri controls his personal abrasiveness, limits his micro-managing tendencies, and […]

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Barack Obama: Neoconservative crusader

While some in the media swoon over President Obama’s “plan” for the Middle East — note the Washington Post’s piece by David Ignatius — and the Israel-First fifth column prepares to teach the Democrats a lesson in 2012, the rest of us common folk can see how irrelevant we are to the foreign-policy plans of […]

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You Think Republicans Favor U.S. Independence?!!

There still seem to be Americans who believe that one of the two major parties is dedicated to restoring U.S. sovereignty and independence. I tend to believe that idea is wrong. If America is to be restored and preserved intact for our posterity — shaped and governed as the Founders intended — other political vehicles […]

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