Madness abounding: The UK government’s pet Muslims attack, and it resents Trump’s noting the truth

On 15 September 2017, Islamist fighters again attacked a London subway car. There were close to two dozen casualties, but so far there have been no deaths. Britons and Prime Minister Theresa May’s government were fortunate, as the bomber’s explosive device only partially detonated.

President Trump responded to the attack with twitter messages supportive of May’s hapless government. His words, however, apparently angered Mrs. May and Scotland Yard. They interpreted Trump’s tweets as insulting to their performance as the lawful and only protectors of the native British population against the violence and other depredations of the Muslim immigrants — legal and illegal — the government so obviously prefers, champions, and kowtows to.

Can you imagine that? Do they think no one sees their abject dereliction of duty? British officialdom is angry because Trump hit the nerve, dead-on, that leads directly to their certain but never-spoken knowledge that they are completely responsible for enabling the Islamists’ Friday attack, as well as all other Islamist bombings, acid-throws, rapes, stabbings, frauds, kidnappings, and thefts over the past decade. Indeed, British prime ministers, Parliaments, and media have done everything possible during those years to make sure the attacks keep occurring. Most recently, they have defied the electorate by prolonging the UK’s exit from the EU, as well as by depending on costly deradicalization programs that are still proliferating even though they have manifestly failed in every country in the world, leaving no lessening of Islamism and its always attendant violence and cruelty, but enriching the crackpot university professors who peddle the programs.

It is, without question, the British government — under the Tories and Labor — that has put the United Kingdom on the precipice of internal war with its near-fascist implementation of the EU’s policies of unchecked internal movement and open-immigration laws; its savage implementation of multicultural and diversity laws that apply to and destroy only non-elite, native-born Brits; and its hounding and persecution of all persons who dare mention in public or on social media the irrefutable reality that the foregoing policies and laws are destroying British citizens, society, history, and culture. If Britons had not allowed themselves to be disarmed, all the prime ministers after Lady Thatcher would have found their rightful and thoroughly merited rewards by twisting in mid-air at the end of a rope.

The fact is that only elite Brits, educated at the country’s elite universities, could believe that the violent and lawless Muslim rabble they have welcomed willy nilly into the UK is ever going to assimilate and become law-abiding citizens. Some will, most will not, and those who will not will always abet the Islamist killers. Most of them will remain on the dole while native Britons pay for them until they are killed by the Muslims their government and police are pampering and supporting.

These marauding Muslims also will continue to assiduously “groom” — meaning sexually attack without fear of prosecution — young, white British girls and women, run narcotics, and establish armed, urban enclaves into which British police will not dare enter. It is a lucky thing, therefore, that the oh-so-sensitive British police can keep themselves busy — and avoid the risks involved in rooting out and killing the Islamists — by prosecuting the citizens who are manly enough to rhetorically attack May’s government, and the socialist, Islamophile clowns leading the Labor Party, for protecting, supporting, and favoring Muslim killers. It currently appears that the Tories and Labor are intent on doing so until the native Brits who speak their mind, work hard, and pay taxes are all killed by the violent, British-hating, on-the-dole Islamists their government and police coddle.

Watching these events in Britain, and knowing America might be only one presidential election away from a similar internal war, leads to the inevitable conclusion that armed civilian opposition to the government and its favored, out-for-blood Muslims probably is the only option for Britons. Brits and Americans come from a common heritage, one that has ever held that the first and most important duty of government is to protect and preserve the lives and property of the law-abiding citizenry. When a government deliberately refrains from performing that duty, its usefulness is at an end and it must be eliminated either by an election or — more likely — destroyed, along with its acolytes and favored groups, by armed citizens.

One prays that at least a few British men are quietly developing ways to surreptitiously bring weapons and ammunition into the UK to arm those being attacked by their government and its beloved Muslim rabble. If there are, I hope they will look to private Americans — who still have the right to bear arms we inherited from our English ancestors — for the financial, manpower, and ordnance help we can surely provide.



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Of 9/11 anniversaries, Jewish-American bigotry, and the return of the Papist scourge

I believe that I have written in this space on each of the last decade’s 9/11 anniversaries. This will be the last of my last 9/11-anniversary pieces, as the occasion has become meaningless for much of the citizenry; a cynical excuse for the bipartisan governing elite to prolong and start more unnecessary wars; and a day for the mainstream media to cover the only issue they can cover professionally; namely, the faux sentiment and grief of media-coverage seeking celebrities and politicians. I also have taken the chance here to briefly comment on two other troubling issues.

–The utter meaninglessness of the 9/11 anniversary: If there is life after death, the 9/11 dead are able to see that the U. S. national government has done next to nothing to ensure that date and its casualties “will never be forgotten”. By now the 9/11 casualties know, through his own words, that President Clinton had the chance to kill Osama bin Laden on multiple occasions — and likely prevent 9/11 — but refused to do so because he feared that his elite friends at home and abroad would think he was no better than bin Laden. As I have said here before, Bill Clinton never has, in his life, drawn a single breath when he was a better man than bin Laden. All of those who were killed or wounded on 9/11 are a butcher’s bill that belongs solely to Bill Clinton. Those people are now forgotten and unavenged, and all of the U.S. military personnel who have been killed, wounded, or maimed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, and Yemen since 9/11 are the wasteful consequence of three things: (1) Bill Clinton’s narcissism and moral cowardice; (2) a war-loving, bipartisan governing elite that has used, and will use 9/11 as an excuse for unnecessary wars; and (3) a set of U.S. general officers who are too political and timid to achieve victory, and too historically ignorant to recognize irretrievable defeat when they see it. Again, the only remaining use of 9/11 anniversaries is the pernicious one of to keeping unnecessary wars going and finding new ones to wage  For that reason, the national government ‘s silence toward those it allowed to be killed on 9/11 is perhaps the only way to let them rest in peace.

–Why is it okay for Jewish-American Senators to claim an individual’s Christian beliefs disqualify them for federal posts?: We have now had the geriatric Senators Bernie Sanders and Diane Feinstein publicly and viciously attack two Christian-American nominees to national government posts because of their faith. Well, what’s good for the goose is always good for the gander. From this point forward it must be seen as fair game for members of Congress to assume that any Jewish-American nominee for a national government post is disqualified simply because of  his or her Jewish beliefs. If Jewish-American senators can now freely attack a Christian-American nominee’s 1st Amendment rights by seeking to deny him or her employment because of their religious beliefs, it is time for Christian-Americans to stop turning the other cheek and treat Jewish-Americans with the same kind of public contempt, denigration, and blatant violation of constitutional rights. The 1st Amendment, after all, says “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;” not  “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, except for Christian believers;”. If the 1st Amendment retains any meaning and force in this lawless age, the Senate must harshly censure Feinstein and Sanders for their public display of illegal religious bigotry and thereby begin to put the 1st  amendment back on an even keel. If the Senate does not take punitive action against those two white Jewish supremacists, Americans of all faiths will know that the powerful Jewish-American elite controls far more than just the republic’s foreign policy.

–Were the Protestants right about Papists? I have been a member of the Church of Rome for all of the 64 years since my baptism.  Trained as historian of the British Empire, I also know that for more than two hundred years Catholics in America and elsewhere in that empire were, because of their faith, severely discriminated against socially, politically, and in terms of employment. Such discrimination in America was based on several factors, but the central issue for non-Catholic citizens was whether Catholics — aka: Papists — were citizens who would obey the republic’s laws or who would instead truckle to the dictates of their Pope. (NB: This question remained an issue in the Kennedy-Nixon election in 1960.) Over the past two centuries, American Catholics slowly climbed a very steep ladder — some rungs of which lead to their murder — to social, economic, and political acceptance through hard manual-and-menial work, distinguished service in the U.S. military and America’s wars, educational achievement, and a vigorous, die-hard kind of patriotism. But regression now seems the order of the day. Pope Francis has condemned Americans for wanting to end illegal immigration; for electing President Trump — the only American president pledged to stop abortion; for defending its interests militarily; and for not paupering the republic by mindlessly agreeing to fund the European socialist elite’s climate-change scam. Pope Francis also has told Americans that they can save themselves politically only by abandoning the republic and joining the plans afoot for an authoritarian and murderous world government. This week, U.S. Catholic bishops joined the Pope in beginning to reinvigorate the idea that American Catholics may be more loyal to the Pope than to their country  Terming President Trump’s termination of Obama’s clearly unconstitutional DACA Executive Order “reprehensible”, the bishops wrote,

“Today, our nation has done the opposite of how Scripture calls us to respond. It is a step back from the progress that we need to make as a country … [it is a] heart-breaking moment in our history that shows the absence of mercy and goodwill, and a short-sighted vision of the future.” (3)

The bishops and their hapless, Marxist Pope apparently believe that Americans will be safer, happier, and more prosperous in a country that is overwhelmed with illegal aliens, ruled by would-be tyrants like Obama, devoid of the rule of law, and governed under a Constitution no longer worth the paper is written on. Instead of this reprehensible intervention in American affairs, the Catholic bishops and their Pope ought to try to repair the wreckage of their ethically and morally crippled church, and let Americans decide by what means their republic is to survive. If the Pope and his bishops decide to hoe their own row, they would do well — at long last — to start by annihilating the plague of pedophilia that seems to infest the Church of Rome at all levels, makes mock of Christ’s message, and destroys the lives of children. Failure to do so, as the bishops might say, will “show the absence of mercy and goodwill, and a short-sighted vision of the future.” It also will alarmingly suggest that perhaps the Protestants have been correct all along in fearing that a despicable and dangerous scourge lay in the heart of Catholicism.




–3.) Arlington [VA] Catholic Herald, 7-13 September, p. 3


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White Democrat elites are still slavers, secessionists, segregationists, and violent socialists

One must wonder if  there is a depth-limit to how far the Democrat-owned American teaching profession at all levels can sink into idiocy, ignorance, racism, and inciting insurrection. It seems apparent, at least to me, that these teachers — especially those who teach U.S. history and other of what used to called the liberal arts — have no interest in truth, but every interest in leftist/socialist political indoctrination, the most powerful agent of which is projecting the present upon the past.

In the United States, the prime and most damaging example of the teaching method of indoctrination is found on subject of slavery. Our children’s understanding of the past seems to be based not on understanding things as they were in a particular historical period, but rather on what today’s teachers, media personalities, bipartisan political elite, and racists believe they should have been. Not only is this an ahistorical approach to teaching and learning, but it is narcissistic in the extreme. In its determination to damn all earlier humans for the strongest beliefs and commonplace practices of their times, today’s teachers and their allies are certain that they know more about every conceivable subject than any previous generation, and that it is their duty to rewrite the human record to fit their contemporary beliefs and ideologies and then damn all who disagree with the fantasies they have promulgated.

American slavery was built not only on economic necessity — slaves were needed for growing profitable agricultural products in semi-tropical climates — but also on the tenets of widely accepted science, religion, history, international law, and some political, philosophical, and sociological theories, all of which supported the idea that blacks were inferior human beings. This belief was reinforced by the fact that those who became black slaves invariably had been enslaved in Africa by other blacks before they were sold to the slave traders who bought them, sailed westward, and sold them to buyers in North and — mostly — South America and the Caribbean.

In other words, most Americans in the period of legal slavery in the United States behaved precisely as the best available objective data, philosophies, and theories advised. To damn them for this behavior is unintelligent, unfair, and absurd. Even more, to feel guilt, anger, or a barbaric thirst for monetary recompense for their behavior is the reaction of deeply and deliberately mis-educated individuals. To find the legal slavery system repugnant is every contemporary citizen’s absolute right, but only because of the vast changes and revisions that have occurred in the objective data and philosophies vis-a-vis blacks and slavery that Americans of the legal-slavery period relied on.

But it also should be deemed the absolute right of every U.S. citizen to understand — or at least to be afforded the opportunity to understand — that the phenomenon of American slavery took place in a far different age and context than their own, and that the body of knowledge that was available to shape the thoughts and actions of the people alive at that time, and had to deal with slavery, fully supported their behavior. Today we may regret that behavior, but there is no basis on which to condemn our ancestors for acting according to their best lights, let alone to try to exact some kind of revenge or reparations from their descendants. Any American who feels the slightest bit of guilt and/or responsibility for the existence of slavery in the United States 152 years ago can only be the victim of brainwashing by the Democrats’ teachers, a maudlin sob sister, or simply a damned fool.

Today’s Americans, however, are taught by their teachers-in-name-only that because their ancestors did not think as they do, they must be judged evil, must be maligned, and must have their lives erased from history. In addition, their descendants must be made to pay both via the Nazi-like practice known as “white shaming” and the government’s theft of some portion of their property to be turned over to the descendants of black slaves. (NB: I must say, as an aside, that if the day comes where the national government demands monetary reparations from me for the descendants of slaves, I will be delighted to pay the collectors … in lead.)

In the contemporary U.S. educational system, however, there apparently is no effort being made to teach students that American slavery existed because of what was known economically, scientifically, religiously, legally, and often philosophically at the time. What is taught to students is that their ancestors were not smart or moral enough to base their actions on the knowledge that is available in the second decade of the 21st century and so live and act as many of the people alive today would want them to.

Black slavery, of course, ended in 1865 with the Union army’s military victories across the Confederacy, the great moral courage of Robert E. Lee’s decision to prevent what would have been an endless insurgency, and the adoption of multiple amendments to the U.S. Constitution. There was, however, no way to quickly and magically end the preponderance of knowledge that held that blacks to be inferior to whites. This accomplishment needed time to occur, as well as the knowledge that was gradually brought to bear by new scientific discoveries, and altered philosophical, legal, and biblical interpretations. Perhaps as important, it depended on blacks and whites learning to live and work together as fellow fallen human beings and fellow citizens. Even with favorable advances on each of these fronts, a good deal of time and patience also were needed.

And there were favorable — if often incremental — advances made on most of these fronts, but on the front of amiable and tolerant human interaction that alone could produce enduring racial amity, internal peace, and national unity, those who were the champions of slavery since 1787 relentlessly sought to deny the republic a chance to fully attain any of those goals from that day to this.

Concentrated almost entirely in the Democratic party, these former-slave owners and white supremacists built the Ku Klux Klan; established Jim Crow laws; specialized in castrations and lynchings; happily lit matches to ignite cross, church, and synagogue burnings; used physical intimidation on election days; imposed poll taxes; legalized segregation; and, in 1912, elected a president who was more of a racist than any of the Founders, a man named Woodrow Wilson. Thereafter, the Democrats fiercely fought against ending these racist institutions, still finding the Democrat-founded Klan useful in 2017 when they pitted rented Klan members against the party’s other well-paid terrorist arm, Antifa, in Charlottesville, Virginia. If American history was taught accurately, the story of the eternally racist Democratic Party, from its inception to today, would be simply and understandably taught by identifying it as the party of the four S’s — slavery, secession, segregation, and, today, socialism.

Given this reality, it is no wonder that the Democratic Party has supported every effort by teachers, professors, and media pundits to blacken, rewrite, distort, and destroy American history, as well as to paint the contemporary American South and its history, traditions, and statues as the source of the racial problems that the white Democrat elites have deliberately created. In turn, it is no wonder that the teachers’ unions are the prized pets of the Democratic Party. It is the teachers, after all, who are best positioned to prevent students  from learning the truth, which is that American slavery and the post-Civil War travails of Black Americans were caused by, and are still overwhelmingly the responsibility of, the Democratic Party and its white supremacist elite.

To show that the leopard never changes its spots, it is worth noting that it is the current white Democratic elites:

–Who are are supporting the secession of California in order to make it a socialist political system

–Who are reestablishing segregation by putting many campuses and other public venues off limits to whites, as well as to conservatives of all colors.

–Who have again become slavemasters by allowing unlimited numbers of Third Worlders into the country. These people are unschooled in living under a republican system of government, and can be enticed into serving in permanent slavery on the Democrats’ s plantations, as long as they mindlessly vote for today’s Democratic Simon Legrees. This they will do in return for welfare payments, food stamps, job quotas, and legal preferences that are funded by the taxes of those on whom the Democratic Party intends to impose segregation, secession, and socialism.

–Who are demonstrating their devotion to socialism by seeking to overthrow the result of a legitimate presidential election; by using a lying and omitting mainstream media that is as loyal to Democrats as the Soviet press was to Stalin; and by training and paying Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and By Any Means Necessary terrorists to attack those Americans who refused to vote for deranged gangster/traitor the Democrats ran for president in 2016. (NB: So uneducated and just plain stupid are these faux warriors for racial equality that they do not see they are the expendable pawns of the American party of slavery and a guy who once made his living by helping to round up Jews for Hitler’s ovens.)

White Democratic elitists have historically been America’s most devoted and ardent slavers, and they remain so today. The main difference between the legal-slavery era and today lies in the fact that the current Democrats are seeking to make slaves of all those who oppose them, not just blacks. These white Democrat slavers must be made to stop what they are doing; leave the country, as they so often have pledged to do; or accept that their days are numbered and that their actions — combined with the refusal of DOJ, the FBI, and many police organizations to protect the people Democrat terrorists attack — will yield an enraged, patriotic, and well-armed force that will eliminate, root and branch, the target-rich environment of violent expendables that the Democratic slavers have created. Sadly, very few of the expendables are worth the cost of a round ammunition, but the time is nearing when it will be joy to overpay.


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On Afghanistan, Mr. Trump, trust your instincts, not advice from Generals Groucho, Chico, and Harpo

Mr. President, your ghastly Afghanistan address on 21 August 2017 contained the same old nonsense of your predecessors, such as the mujahedin are thugs and losers who have nothing to with Islam, and Pakistan is the key to Afghanistan. It also contained a death sentence for more of our soldiers and Marines, and the utter double crossing of those non-interventionists who voted for you.

You obviously talked to no American who knows something about Afghanistan, and listened to generals who have lost the Iraq and Afghan wars, and are members of a brotherhood of general officers that has not won a single one of America’s wars — almost all unnecessary — since 1945. You also displayed unwarranted respect for these also-rans by making sure that the word “Islam” never once appeared in a speech specifically discussing the republic’s war with Islam. This is not an “America First” position, Mr. President, it is the position of a man who ignored his reliable instincts, and allowed himself to be seduced by the siren song of be-starred bureaucrats masquerading as component general officers.

Good God, man, where were your wits? Did you even bother to ask the generals why, in nearly seventeen years, they have not been able to secure the Afghan capital of Kabul? Or why, in nearly seventeen years, they have not been able to train an Afghan military capable of protecting anything without U.S. advisers and air power? Did you ask them how they were going to win with 12,000 or 15,000 troops against an enemy stronger and more numerous than it was in 2001, when they shamefully failed to do so earlier with 120,000 troops? Did you ask them how they expect to win now by slapping around Pakistan, when they failed to win when Pakistan’s Musharraf was doing more to help us than any of our other allies, even bringing his country to the edge of civil war? Did you ask them if it is sound military doctrine to reinforce their nearly seventeen-year record of failure and defeat in Afghanistan with more lives, limbs, dollars, and, without doubt, more defeat?

And what, pray tell, Mr. President, did these generals tell you? Did they tell you that the combination of kicking around Pakistan and buddying-up with India greatly increases the risk of nuclear war in South Asia, especially since tensions between those nations are already rising over the Kashmir dispute? Did they tell you that Hindus, because they are polytheists, are despised by  Sunni Muslims, and that if we work with them against  the mujahedin we will — after already helping the heretical Shia to hold Iraq and Syria — re-validate for the world’s Sunni Muslims the belief that America is seeking to destroy Sunni Islam and will ally with anyone who has the same intent?

Did they tell you that China is building a road and railway system from its western border, across Central Asia and parts of Afghanistan, to Turkey, as well as similar facilities from its western border, southward through Pakistan, to the Pakistani port of Gwadar on the Indian Ocean, which Beijing built and controls. Did they tell you that this project — called One Belt, One Road — will be a magnet for the mujahedin, and so China will have to fight, first, to get it built and, second, to protect and enable the system’s economic viability against an Islamic insurgency? Did they tell you that if the United States simply gets out of the way in Afghanistan, the Chinese will soon be tied down there, wasting lives and money until they realize that they are defeated?

Did they tell you that Russia is working successfully to reestablish its military presence across the USSR’s former Central Asian republics because it fears the growing numbers of mujahedin — Taleban, al-Qaeda, ISIS, and other Islamist groups — that are basing in northern Afghanistan along the Russian Federation’s border, an Islamist presence which is sure to expand northward? Did they tell you that if we get out of Afghanistan, the Russians would eventually have to fight the Taleban, al-Qaeda, ISIS, and other Islamist groups along the Afghanistan-Central Asia border, and surely in northern Afghanistan as well? Did they tell you that , if the United States leaves Afghanistan, there is every chance that China and Russia will, before long, contain themselves by becoming militarily tied down in an intractable Islamist insurgency in Central Asia and Afghanistan, thereby steadily wasting lives and money, limiting their ability to cause trouble elsewhere in the world, and increasing the already existing Islamist unrest in Central Asia and western China?

If you did not ask the questions mentioned above, shame on you? If your generals did not explain the above-noted factors to you, fire them and send them off to the heaven they crave, be it to the board of  Raytheon,, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, or some other lethal enemy of the American taxpayer.  Then get yourself some combat-experienced Lieutenant-Colonels, Colonels, and Brigadiers to take their place, as well as the Marine Corps’ senior Gunnery Sergeant to keep an eye on them and to always tell you the truth.

You are the last shot for America First, Mr. President; that is an enormous responsibility but one you sought. Your performance is likely to determine the fate of the republic, and you were elected because the citizenry sensed that and trusted your rhetoric and your instincts. Now get to work and depend on your commonsense, not the advice of generals who never have and never will win anything.

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“Keep ’em dying!” – The West’s puerile reaction to the Barcelona attacks is sad but hilarious

While there is nothing funny about the number of casualties in and nearby Barcelona — currently 14 dead and 100 wounded — the public and governmental reactions to the Islamists’ attacks induce spasms of nearly uncontrollable laughter in anyone who has even minimal commonsense.

First, of course, we see the mandatory appearance of heaping mounds of handwritten sympathy notes from publicity-seeking strangers, dying flowers, guttering candles, and meaningless photographs accumulating near the attack sites. Second, we have the EU, the United States, and numerous other governments expressing their “condemnation” of the attacks; declaring their determination to stand “shoulder-to-shoulder” with Spain against the Islamists; and reciting the now tiresome and quite obviously untrue mantra about eventually defeating the Islamists —  as in, “bringing them to justice” — who are said, as always, to have nothing to do with Islam.

In that set of activities, most Western citizens and their governments have done all they intend to do about this week’s attacks. That is, they intend to do nothing effective in preventing future attacks, nothing that will halt inflow of the Muslim immigrants who are destroying Europe, and — most important, — nothing rhetorical that might offend the highly sensitive and terrorist-enabling Muslims already living in Spain and Europe.

The foregoing is the well-established pattern of post Islamist-attack actions in Europe that was first used after the July, 2007, Islamist attacks in London. The actions are now nauseatingly familiar and serve no useful purpose except to dispense cheap sympathy and meaningless bravado. They amount to a sick sort of joke that for some reason Europeans seem to find pleasing and comforting after each time they are run-over, shot-up, knifed, raped, kidnapped, or blown-up by the Islamists they regard as illiterate, primitive, irreligious, and inferior human beings, especially in comparison to their superior, sophisticated, and well-educated selves.

You must, I think, see the hilarity engendered in those with a bit commonsense by these feckless “death festival” reactions to Europe’s numerous military defeats, and the casualties inflicted therein, by the clearly tougher, militarily superior, more devote, and not-so-illiterate Islamists.

If the real humor here is not readily apparent to all, perhaps the following two points may help:

–Almost all of the Barcelona dead and wounded surely voted for one or another of the multiple Spanish governments that have failed to protect Spain’s citizens and their children since Osama bin Laden declared the Islamists’ war against the U.S. and Europe 21 years ago this month.

–Most of these casualties probably also supported the Spanish and EU governments’ mindless ideological adherence to open borders, their admission of unlimited numbers of unvetted Muslim refugees, their Hitlerian application of multiculturalism and diversity policies, and their constriction of free speech to protect the sensitivities of Spain’s — and those of the rest of the EU — Islamist-aiding Muslim population.

Simply put, then, the reality of the Barcelona attacks is that, while the Islamists did the killing and wounding, they were able did so because multiple Spanish governments preferred both ideological purity to the murderously moronic theories of multiculturalism and diversity, and to playing the obsequious lick-spittle to Muslims, instead of providing security, controlled borders, and rule-of-law to Spain and its native citizenry. In the parlance of the FBI, the past twenty-plus years of Spanish governments are — as are all of the EU’s so-called governments — clearly guilty of “material support to terrorism.”

The above-referenced hilarity, I suppose, may still be not apparent to all, so stop and think about the reality that Barcelona’s dead, wounded, and maimed supported, voted for, and obeyed the mad societal theories of both their cowardly government and their EU enslavers. They also long ago let their government take away their weapons, so they cannot defend themselves, kill their attackers, or kill all of their much-in-need-of-killing, Islamist-abetting politicians. Spaniards and Europeans are, in essence, sitting ducks who have voted for governments who will not defend them and protect their children. They would be better off being governed by the Marx Brothers.

To be fair, though, those in the EU — and the U.S. — who constantly vote for their own demise, and allow themselves to be disarmed by authoritarian regimes, surely are entitled to die in the manner their votes endorsed. Sometimes you do get what you deserve.


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