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Today’s senior U.S. generals endanger the republic’s survival

Readers of this space will recall my criticisms of senior U.S. general officers who: –Are silent when getting their Marines and soldiers killed in wars they know the president has no intention of winning. –Are endlessly repeating the absolutely false statement “there is no military solution” to this, that, and every conflict, so as to […]
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Addendum: National Review adds luster to Trump’s candidacy

I believe this is the first time I have added an addendum to an already published article. But the National Review’s decision to devote an entire issue to attacking Mr. Trump underscores the point I was striving to make in my original article. That point was that the Republican establishment has nothing whatsoever to do […]
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Is there an America-First enemy of interventionism among the presidential candidates?

“All this seems to show that change of ministers amounts to nothing. One goes out, another comes in, and still the same measures, vices, and extravagance are pursued. It signifies not who is minister. The defect lies in the system. The foundation and the superstructure of the government is bad. Prop it as you please, […]
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On the Congress and Israel: The 4th Amendment does not shield near-treasonous behavior

In almost all cases, those who oppose the national government’s universal surveillance of U.S. citizens are correct. It is unconstitutional because it violates the 4th Amendment, undermines the 1st Amendment, and is only necessary because the national government has put the United States in a lose/lose situation. It will not stop the U.S.-led overseas military, […]
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Why is the American republic fighting to impose tyranny at Ramadi?

“The commonest error in politics is sticking to the carcasses of dead policies. When a mast falls overboard, you do not try to save a rope here and a spar there in memory of their former utility. You cut away the hamper altogether. It should be the same with policy, but it is not so. […]
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