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Senator Feinstein and the problem of adhering to America’s enemies

“Against the insidious wiles of foreign influence … the jealousy of a free people ought to be constantly awake; since history and experience prove that foreign influence is one of the baneful foes of republican government.” George Washington, 17 September 1796 Perhaps the most salient point in the whole debate over Senator Feinstein’s report is [...]
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Of lies, deceit, and the coming world war

“But there is nothing more hurtful in a State than that cunning men should pass for wise.” James Harrington, Oceana, 1656 Senator Finestein’s dastardly but cunning decision to release the lying, Democrat-only “study” of the rendition-and-interrogation program is less an attempt to wreck the CIA than a desperate gambit to protect the Democratic Party from [...]
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Obama, Holder, and their supporters want preference not equality

President Obama knowingly has taken America another step toward widespread racial violence. Between his implicit endorsement of what the looters, arsonists, and rioters have done in Missouri, and his plan to spend hundreds of millions on cameras for policemen so they can help Obama, Holder, and other Black bigots railroad them into prison, Obama has [...]
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To Barack Obama: Americans obey laws, never the whims of men

Having been taught by my parents and my faith never to pray for anything bad, or for anything bad to happen to another person, I have for more than 60 years obeyed that lesson. But I do admit that for the past few years I have stopped each morning before leaving for work to check [...]
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How long can Americans tolerate Obama’s administration?

What had been a steady but relatively quiet  process of the Executive Branch usurping powers belonging to the American people or their representatives, has in recent months become a noisy, arrogant, and voracious theft. War-making, immigration, healthcare, privacy invasions, property seizures, and industry-wrecking and other environmental matters have, it seems, become the sole prerogative of [...]
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