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Bin Laden’s papers prove him and al-Qaeda a hands-down success

The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee says he wants the Obama administration to turn over the papers of Usama bin Laden to his Committee by 11 October 2016, or he will issue a subpoena for them. He believes they will make a lie of the Obama administration’s claim that al-Qaeda was all but destroyed […]
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Hillary Clinton’s pledge of “resolve” in the Islam war means the demise of America

The media yesterday, in wake of the Islamist attacks in New York, quoted Hillary Clinton as promising “resolve” (1) in the fight against Islamism. She did not promise U.S. victory, annihilation of the foe, an end to war-causing interventionism, an effective and reliable domestic defense, or an end to the waste of American military and […]
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Congress quietly slips nearly 38 billion U.S. taxpayer dollars to irrelevant foreigners

The 535 members of the U.S. Congress and Senate and President Obama’s administration have made clear what their collective priority is for spending taxpayer money. They had a pot of $38 billion to spend and, as always, there were numerous items contending for top-priority financial support, but only one could win. Let us start with […]
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9/11 commemorations are always exercises in delusion and deceit

I have written here on previous 9/11 anniversaries that the day ought to be called something like the “National Day of Delusion”. I thought this year I would refrain from marking the day, but driving home from Mass this morning and listening to the radio I again got a burr under my saddle about all […]
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To the Washington Post: Is there anyone there who knows anything about America?

Late in the afternoon of 7 September 2016, the Washington Post published a story that carried the following title, “Trump calls for higher defense spending after months of isolationist talk“. (1) The most germane part of this fundamentally uneducated and anti-Trump article is in the two following paragraphs. –“As soon as I take office, I […]
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