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The national government gives no dignity, but plenty of preference, tyranny, and death

If there ever was a week in our Union’s history demonstrating that the national government must always be suspected of being the enemy of Americans, their liberty, and their social cohesion, this past week surely was the one. Barack Obama and his party redoubled the national government’s marked preference for Black Americans, and not only [...]
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Keep it flying – the Confederate battle flag is an American flag

Well, the Charleston killings appear to have unleashed those who lead the Democratic Party and most of the U.S. media — that may be a redundancy — to make every effort to not only make race relations worse in the United States but to strain them to the breaking point if at all possible. Why? [...]
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Yet again, Barack Obama exploits the dead for his political goals

Nine black people shot dead in their church in Charleston, South Carolina, apparently by a young and mentally disturbed white man. A tragedy. A time for sympathy and prayer. A time for empathetic silence. Enter Barack Obama. Hustling through some trite words of condolence, this man proceeds to demand the elimination of the 2nd Amendment, [...]
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Insanity’s definition is sending more U.S. ground troops to Iraq

There seems to be great Republican resistance to the idea that their interventions in Iraq and the Muslim world are the main cause of both the mess in Iraq and the growing and increasingly powerful worldwide Islamist movement. To the extent that Hillary Clinton and other Democratic senators and congressmen joined the Republicans in illegally [...]
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America has no enemy more dastardly and lethal than the Neoconservative

Those men who wrote our Constitution made it perfectly intelligible to anyone who cared to read it. They also left some flexibility in its articles to ensure that as time passed and circumstances changed the document would remain viable as the indispensable protector of the republic they created and of the liberty of citizens who [...]
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