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There is no ground for compromise, and Democrats say they will win a civil war … the poor, deluded dears

I had foolishly thought that all the syrupy calls for blessed bipartisanship in 2018 would peter out and return to storage closet labeled “nonsense”. That burnout has not occurred, and many pundits and journalists still demand bipartisanship, hands-across-the aisle, and … Continue reading

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Well done, Mr. President, but keep striking the bastards hard and often, and yell if you need help

Mr. President: Well done on releasing the Nunes memo, Sir. But for our republic, it is, sadly, only the first step, and multiple tougher ones are to come. The mainstream media are already saying that the memo is fraud, or … Continue reading

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Be a hard-ass, President Trump, and slay the republic’s domestic enemies now

The elected and appointed members of the United States national government seem to be incapable of recognizing that there is a radically and perhaps permanently disaffecting impact on the citizenry’s affection and loyalty for it when that government’s does nothing … Continue reading

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President Trump: Face facts, only non-intervention can make America great again

Mr. President: When I last wrote to you and asked whether you had any idea of what the term “America First” means, I focused on the single issue of moving the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. I chose … Continue reading

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President Trump: Do you have any idea of what America First means?

Mr. President: Your decision on Jerusalem, and the speech in which you announced it, are as far from any form of an America First foreign policy as it is possible to be. Your speech was a grab-bag of tired rhetoric, … Continue reading

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