Well done, Mr. President, but keep striking the bastards hard and often, and yell if you need help

Mr. President:

Well done on releasing the Nunes memo, Sir. But for our republic, it is, sadly, only the first step, and multiple tougher ones are to come. The mainstream media are already saying that the memo is fraud, or that it there is nothing illegal in it. That mad sack of shit McCain has said the memo is irrelevant and has urged on the Mueller investigation. Your own CIA Director and FBI Director tried to stop the memo’s publication. (NB: Those two must go, Mr. President, they are disloyal, disgraces to their organizations, and liars when it comes to their oaths of office.) You have a big, arduous, and troubling task ahead, Mr. President, but  you must, as President Reagan — peace be upon him — once said stay the course, and be perfectly and enduringly bloody minded.

You are in a fix, Mr. President, but your not alone. Those who voted for you remain loyal, 2nd Amendment-equipped, and eager to help. And I must think that the last American institution with integrity, courage, unlimited talent in many fields, and loyalty to the U.S. Constitution — the U.S. Marine Corps — would be eager to help and could make itself felt.

You also should recall — and perhaps publicly thank — the alternative media outlets and their reporters, commentators, and analysts that have helped mightily to bring us to this happy day. Without them, only the Democrats and their paid media whore-jackals would have been heard, and you may already have been impeached.

In this vein, I think especially of Infowars, Lionel, The Still Report, Styxenhammer666, Mike Cernovich, Jerome Corsi, William Binney, Joe diGenova, Roger Stone, Jack Posobiec, Brandon Tatum, Alex Jones, Q-Anon, and H.A. Goodman. They have done the heavy, alternative-media lifting for you and for truth, Mr. President, and they have been rhetorically and physically attacked, censored, and economically damaged for doing so, There are also many other alternative-media outlets, commentators, and analysts who are publishing the truth, and I fail to mention them only because I cannot focus on many more than I am at the moment.

Press on, Mr. President. Without your cunning and courage, your voters, and your alternative-media advocates of the truth, the republic would be a dead letter.  But much remains to be revealed, Sir, and many miscreants remain to be punished.


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13 Responses to Well done, Mr. President, but keep striking the bastards hard and often, and yell if you need help

  1. the_chump says:

    Mike- I am astounded at what we are witnessing by the media and Democratic Party leadership in reacting to the Nunes Memo. Anyone in federal law enforcement and the intelligence community below the level of senior executive and political appointees knows that the individuals at DOJ and FBI who took part in the attempt to overthrow the Trump regime have committed a form of treason and have destroyed the confidence of the American people in their institutions. Trump did not do it, the Republican Congress did not do it. The senior level DOJ and FBI officials brought on this crisis by not excusing themselves from participation in the attempted coup. They knew what they were doing, and they participated- they are a disgrace to America. The lying by the Democrat leadership and media in the Nunes Memo matter is not fooling anybody. We have a real crisis on our hands.

    • Mike Scheuer says:

      Thank you for writing. I could not agree with you more, nor can I really believe that I have lived to see such a day in America. As you noted, actions with documents on my part that mirrored those of Clinton and Abedin would have earned me an espionage conviction and a cell for a long time. And what do you say about President Obama using a false name so he could communicate with Clinton in a non-secure manner. And we must assume that Biden, the FBI and CIA directors, the Secretary of Defense, and important senior civil servants did the same so as to be able to participate in a prolonged period of espionage.

      It is indeed a constitutional crisis, and I think the worst in the republic\’s history.

      And yet, all of the print-and-electronic corporate media, except for Dobbs, Hannity, and Carlson at FOX, are arguing that there is no constitutional crisis, only Republican partisan politics. Their audience, amazingly, seems to agree. Even when guests on MSNBC and CNN call for killing the president, their listeners seem to agree. On this point, I would argue that the ignorance of half of our population about their republic\’s history, about the rule of law and equality before the law, and about an effort to overthrow a legitimate government being nothing but an act of war against the United States, and so treasonous, bodes nothing but conflict. For me, the definition of the \”swamp\” must be expanded to clean out much of the country\’s teaching cadre at all levels of education, and the dismantling of the Department of Education. These people are not civil servants, they are the masters of sedition that prey on and poison young minds.

      This crisis, I think, may yet come to civil war. I pray it does not. But if such a war comes, so be it. MFS

  2. mike phillips says:

    Good to see you writing more often, I was worried you were having heath/family issues, Hope all is well!

    • Mike Scheuer says:

      Thank you for writing. All is well at this end. I have had a couple of out of town jobs since Christmas, and have been finishing a new book — one chapter to go. I appreciate your concern. MFS

  3. Bob Mitchell says:

    No doubt Trump will blame Hillary for the stock market collapse.

  4. SgtJUSMC says:


    You have forgotten Mike Church of the Mike Church Show. He called the election of Trump back in late summer if 2015 and was a huge supporter on his daily show on the Crusade Channel. (CrusadeChannel.com)

    • Mike Scheuer says:

      Thank you for writing. I did indeed forget Mike Church. I use to listen to him regularly, and once in a while he interview me. I always thought he was as smart as a whip. The address you send is not familiar to me. It could be that I forgot the address, but has he changed homes? MFS

  5. David says:

    Ah yes "Styxenhammer666", no one can tell the truth quite like a satanist living in his mom's basement. Think one day Donny may notice you Mr. Scheuer, or perhaps you write for all the Q-Anons out there?

  6. Drew says:

    Dr. Scheuer, what are your thoughts on the Q Anon phenomenon?

    • mike says:

      Thank you for writing. I must say that I do not know what to make what to make of Qanon. His messages are often correct, as are his predictions. But then again some are not. What interests me most is that he keeps his focus on the main issues — sedition and treason. He has a lot overcome because the mainstream outlets have said — as far as I know — very little about him or what he says. There also is the problem that I want to believe what he writes, so I set myself up to be fooled. Overall, though, I follow what he says and what people write in explanation thereof, especially Dr. Corsi, and hope that he is right. And, as always hope is a pretty weak reed to lean on. MFS

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