President Trump: Do you have any idea of what America First means?

Mr. President:

Your decision on Jerusalem, and the speech in which you announced it, are as far from any form of an America First foreign policy as it is possible to be. Your speech was a grab-bag of tired rhetoric, earnest platitudes, and wishful thinking, much like your earlier speech on Afghanistan. Your citing of the Congress’s near unanimous support for moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, moreover, suggests we elected the wrong man to go after and eliminate the corruption that has engulfed the national government. The near-unanimity of Congress, as you must know, is bought by the bribes disguised as campaign contributions paid to the so-called representatives of the citizenry by the disloyal political, social, and financial leaders of the Jewish-American community, and their enforcers in such propaganda outlets like Commentary, the Weekly Standard, Forward, and others.

When you were thinking through the decision, Mr. President, did you ask yourself the question, “What does the United States get from taking this action?” If so, what did you identify as the advantage accruing to the United States? In your statement, you specifically said that the decision to move the embassy was in the interest of the American people. Well, how will it benefit them? You seemed to indicate that moving the embassy would aid the peace process. Mr. President there is no peace process. The religious war between Israeli Jews and Muslims will continue until one or the other is wiped out. Happily, a quick look at the map will tell you that neither outcome would hurt U.S. interests nor degrade the nation’s security.

As always, Mr. President, you surely have at hand more information than any of your critics, and so your decision might be supported by what is often too loosely termed intelligence. What it is not informed by, Sir, is commonsense.

Mr. President, the United States has been involved in a “religious war” with Islam since Osama bin Laden declared war on the republic in 1996; that is, for more than 21 years. For all of those years, your predecessors and now you have railed against that reality, preaching nonsense about the war having “nothing to do with religion”, that the Islamists have bastardized Islam and it is really a “religion of peace”, and that the Islamists should not be considered anything but cowards, nihilists, bad guys, extremists, or some other term that would help hide from Americans the reality of the religious war in which the republic is mired.

This use of obfuscating terminology, Mr. President, might soothe the minds of the multiculturalists and politically correct, but they do not change the enemy’s mind about what he is fighting for, which was in 1996, and is today, to break the U.S. economy, to stop U.S. military, political, social, and economic interventionism — you know, the things that contradict any sane understanding of America First — in the Islamic world, to end the rule of Arab tyrants, to destroy Israel, and then to annihilate the Shia. If your senior advisers and generals have not explained this to you, and you believe that you are fighting pseudo-religious gangsters and winning, you are simply wrong on both counts.

Almost everything you have done in the Muslim world since your inauguration, Mr. President, has reinforced the Islamists’ motivation and helped strengthen and spread their message. Indeed, you have not been different than Obama, Bush, and Clinton, and like them you have opened the door for more war with the Islamists. In this religious war, Mr. President, your administration’s actions have

–Reinforced the hatred of the Islamists — and Muslims generally — for U.S. military intervention. From the cruise-missile strike in Syria, to the “mother-of-bombs” in Afghanistan, to sending additional troops to Iraq, Afghanistan, and — for the first time — Syria, to intensifying drone strikes in several locations in Africa, America’s reputation for having no regard “for Muslim Blood” has been amplified. The formula is simple, Mr. President, more intervention = confirmation of the mujahidin’s narrative = greater traction for the Islamists among Muslim youth = an unending religious war that is helping to break the U.S. economy.

–Reinforced the Muslim world’s belief that the U.S. national government wants them to be ruled by tyrants. Your cordial visit to and subsequent consistent praise and support for the current and future Saudi tyrants; your very public efforts to build a strong relationship with the Egyptian tyrant-president, installed by an Obama/Hillary Clinton supported military coup; and your well-publicized support for the Philippine President Duterte’s martial-law-backed war with Islamists associated with the Islamic State have all been pitch-perfect in harmonizing Bin Laden’s declaration of war and the stated positions of the Islamic State.

–Reinforced the Muslim world’s accurate view that much of the U.S. national government, Congress, and media have been suborned by wealthy and influential Jewish-Americans working for Israel and against genuine U.S. national security interests, which do not include never-ending war with Islam and the need to ensure Israel’s survival. Your administration’s decision to permanently base U.S. troops in Israel and move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem — Islam’s third holiest site — is simply more proof for radical, militant, and nominal Muslims that Israel directs U.S. policy in the Muslim world and that there is no way to change this reality other than war.

–Reinforced the reality first established by George W. Bush and Barack Obama that the United States has sided with Shia Iran and other Shia Muslims to promote Shia expansionism in the Middle East; to subordinate Sunni Muslims in Iraq and Syria to Shia regimes; and to turn a blind eye to the murderous retributions being exacted against Sunnis by the Shia regimes, their police and military forces, and their militias.

Overall, Mr. President, instead of keeping the Sunni Islamists on their back foot after the temporary destruction of their Caliphate, the announcement of your decision to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem has given them a base from which to start to rebuild their fortunes, as well as an issue that will have broad and enduring traction across the Sunni Muslim, especially among military-age males.

None of the foregoing is to say that the U.S. war with Islam is America’s “fault”. Al-Qaeda attack us on 9/11, and so they needed to be annihilated. The military you command, Mr. President, has utterly failed to do that, and today is celebrating the defeat of the caliphate, which is, at best, a transient victory that returns the Islamic State to what it does best, which is insurgency.

What the forgoing is meant to say, Sir, is that your decision on Jerusalem and the other actions of your administration noted above are fully consistent with those of Obama, Bush, and Clinton, all of which tenaciously, if wrong headedly, worked to strengthen the motivation and media appeal of the Islamists, and to spread the international jihad to new areas of the world. Did any of your advisers, for example, tell you to expect an IS-associated Islamist organization in the Philippines to be strong enough to capture and hold the city of Marawi for more than a hundred days? I doubt it.

The time has come, Mr. President, to, as the saying goes, shit or get off the pot. America First means that foreign policy decisions — especially ones dealing with war — are made by answering the single question “Is this in the interests of the American people.” Taking America to war is always the correct choice if the republic’s survival is at risk, otherwise it is never the right choice. Today, Israel’s survival, the survival of Arab tyrants, the expansion of Shia territory and power, or the survival of European governments that have signed their own peoples’ death warrants by welcoming Muslim immigration and allowing the return of foreign fighters, are not life-or-death interests of the United States. None are worth American blood or dollars.

If you are truly dedicated or at least interested in America First foreign policies, Mr. President, please realize that they begin at home. Begin by (a) squaring with Americans by telling them that the United States is engaged in a religious war that was caused by the Islamists, but that much of the oxygen it needs to thrive is supplied by U.S. interventionism in the Muslim world, which has been the status quo U.S. policy since the presidency of the first Bush; (b) by building the southern border wall immediately as a national-security emergency; (c) by dumping the amnesty-wanting head of DHS that you just appointed and appointing Sheriff David Clark to the post; (d) by immediately designating AIPAC and other Jewish-American organizations as what they are, agents of a foreign power; (e) by beginning to apply the Logan act to all public officials — elected and appointed — who take money from or work on behalf of those organizations; (f) by withdrawing from NATO so as to avoid involvement in Europe’s approaching civil wars, as citizens seek to regain their natural rights from the authoritarian EU and its dedication to imposing Muslim privilege over the native born; (f) by halting all foreign economic and military aid and apply the savings to border control and the large-scale deportation of illegal aliens; and (g) by enforcing all the laws equally against all offending citizens.

This is important, republic-saving stuff, Mr. President, and you have gotten it all wrong so far. It is time for you to get on the stick and make America First a reality, rather than a vote-gathering throw away line.

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18 Responses to President Trump: Do you have any idea of what America First means?

  1. Marellus says:

    30) And you, O desolate one, what will you do?
    Although you dress in scarlet,
    Although you decorate yourself with ornaments of gold,
    Although you enlarge your eyes with paint,
    In vain you make yourself beautiful.
    Your lovers despise you;
    They seek your life.

    31) For I heard a cry as of a woman in labor,
    The anguish as of one giving birth to her first child,
    The cry of the daughter of Zion gasping for breath,
    Stretching out her hands, saying,
    “Ah, woe is me, for I faint before murderers.”

    Jeremiah 4:30 – 31

    If I had to guess, it is that one of Israel's greatest haters is none other than Trump himself.

  2. osama says:

    what do you think will happen next in the middle east

    • mike says:

      Thank you for writing. For what it is worth, I think that the region is headed for a pretty widespread sectarian war. Iran, Lebanese Hizballah, and Yemen’s Huthuis have left there relatively safe spaces, and driven by what seems to be a fierce but immature and mistaken strategic vision — and protected by U.S. and Russian air power — the Shia have now made moves in the Sunni Arab heartland that could well lead to their destruction. Their over-reach has been staggering and could be staggeringly lethal. Even now, I would bet, that the Gulf Arabs are helping to refit ISIS, al-Qaeda, and other Sunni organizations and that they are being reinforced in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Yemen by Sunni Muslims from most other areas of the world. Western leaders have never taken the time to understand the importance of Islam in the Muslim world, and have had only has scorn for anyone contending that the Sunni-Shia rivalry was anything more serious than that between the various Protestant sects. Unless those leaders begin to listen to reality about Islam and its motivating power, the coming sectarian conflagration — which also will see bloody Sunni-Shia battles in places like India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and several parts of Africa — will come to them a pretty a much total surprise and they may make the lethal mistake of seeking to mediate or support one side or the other in the war, instead of running like the devil for home. MFS

      • osama says:

        thank you for responding to my you think any of this will effect israel and again thank you for your time

        • mike says:

          Thanks for writing. I do not think there is any basic difference, at least in the eyes of the enemies our interventionism has won for us. Whether right or wrong, I believe the Islamists oppose U.S. intervention of all kinds, but especially that which funds/protects Israel and keeps Arab tyrants in power. MFS

  3. Andzhelo says:

    100 % percent agree Dr. Scheuer! Trump needs to purge the agencies and civil servants too! I disagree in that America's only national interest in Israel is the ability for Americans to go to the holy sites in Jerusalem, and else where but that's it.
    I do need to ask what do you think of Americans going over as private volunteers in "Europe’s approaching civil"wars"?

  4. mike phillips says:

    Our good days as a country are behind us, I was hoping Trump would put America first also, but he’s the same ol same ol, nothings gonna change, its israel first! Disgraceful

    • AmericaFirster says:

      Mr Phillips,

      I wish more Americans were as knowledgeable on the JQ as you are. God speed the day. The groveling of America’s senators and congressman at Netanyahu s feet was a complete embarrassment. As long as the tribe controls the msm, nothing will change.

  5. A. says:

    What Trump and USA gain is morality by assuming outside the same needed policy in the USA, respect for what peoples and their nations are morally, in their collective consciousness of what they are, what make them together and what is stranger to them and their existence, how defend the right of the American people on their country against a mafia of false American but not with Israel and what make the heart of their moral existence.
    Moreover, the Israelis can not discuss an agreement that negate this so important part of themselves, this will be an agreement of war against their existence disguise as peace because legally enforce, a peace can only achieve if the right of Israelis are recognize even if it have to be forced on Arabs that have yet to admit Israel reality and that its the Arabs who are the colonizer for a millennia and it don’t make them owner of the land that they loose like they conquer it. decolonization doesn’t work only against White European christian for the Arab. Like the swindle of racism to hypocritically put culpability the race, origins, thus existence of the people of a country, to allow stranger to be over the exclusive rights and powers of the people by negating the difference and existence of that people (which is racist against the people).

    Last, Trump will win allies for his policy against the deep mafia in the state.

    • mike says:

      Thank you for writing. My position on this issue has never changed. I do not care what city the Israelis want for their capital; that issue is theirs alone to decide. I also, as I have stated many times,do not care what actions they feel impelled to take against Arabs or any other foe in order to defend themselves. Israel, like all sovereign states, has the absolute right to defend itself with whatever means, force, and arms it deems necessary to accomplish that goal. But Israel, like all sovereign states, has no right to exist. This mantra was invented by the Israelis and their American and European supporters to award a nonexistent right to Israel and to justify the terrifying number of dollars and lives that have been spent — especially by the United States — to defend Israel’s non-existent right to exist. Nations exist so long as they are socially cohesive, economically viable, capable of self-defense without external help, and have a least a modicum of good-neighborliness with contiguous nations and peoples. In this context,Trump’s decision to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem makes it more difficult for Israel to execute its absolute right defend itself — by increasing the number of its enemies in the Islamic world and much of the rest of the world’s hatred for Israel — and lodges the United States ever more tightly on the Neocon/Israel-First hook that ensures the U.S. national government will expend lives and treasure to defend Israel’s non-existent right to exist. Trump’s decision in essence a lose-lose: Israel gets more enemies, and the U.S. gets a greater commitment to a nation whose existence is absolutely unimportant to U.S. national security and is used by disloyal Jewish-American U.S. citizens and the Congress they have purchased as a lever to get their fellow countrymen killed in wars to defend a nation that should not even be an after thought in U.S. strategic thinking. MFS

  6. osama says:

    after this do you believe there is any difference between trump and Hillary

    • Mike Scheuer says:

      Thanks for writing. I do indeed believe there is vast difference. Do you really think that if there was lawlessness of any significance in Trump\’s past — not just the Russian stuff — that it would not have been found and spread publicly by now? Hillary is a felon, a thief, a traitor, a murderer, an influence peddler, a man-hating virago, and apparently a pedophile; ditto for her husband and their inner circle. If she had won, you would already have had war with North Korea, more use of DOJ and the FBI as a political persecutors, and — as I wrote here at length in summer 2016 — a Putin-puppet named Hillary in the White House. If Trump was an utter failure — which has not at all been the case in terms of the economy, illegal aliens, MS-13, and jobs — America would still be better off than if Hillary had won. My bias here lies in my refusal to vote for a known felon/traitor and perhaps a misplaced hope/trust in Trump\’s intentions/talents. MFS

  7. John Kitover says:

    Well, since you don't like to post comments that people spend time writing on your stupid propaganda blog, well, just so u know, im watching u now, I know what you are up to. Not posting my comments huh? Something to hide…..Michael, something to hide……..

    • Mike Scheuer says:

      Thanks for writing. Glad you are watching, as I am rather a prescient lad. Some incoming comments never get answered because of time constraints caused by things like making a living. I do not recall your name, but resend the comments and I\’ll respond. And cut the Sherlock shit. MFS

      • John Kitover says:

        LOL! Thanks Mike! Ok, you have yourself a reader again, just one though, but do know this, I do share your writing as far and as wide as I can on all my social media. God bless and Merry Xmas! – John

  8. Brian says:

    Michael, are you ready to admit that you were duped by this imposter in the oval office, this buffoon who was a known con man?

    • Mike Scheuer says:

      Thank you for writing. Frankly, not yet. I would need to know if Jerusalem was the price Trump was forced to pay for Senators McCain and Graham to support the tax bill. (If so, I have a hunch there are other foreign-policy concessions Trump made for those votes.) Getting dumber as I age, this did not occur to me until I read about Senator Flake cutting a deal with McConnell for his vote; the reports say he voted yes on the tax bill in return for action on DACA in January, 2018. I imagine that the crone from Maine also got something for her vote, but I do not know what. MFS

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