On natural rights, Saudi Arabia, and John McCain

The swirl of events continues, and so I thought I would comment on a couple of them

The first deals with some media coverage of Judge Roy Moore, but my focus has nothing to do with the sexual-misconduct allegations now being directed at him. What I noticed was a clip from MSNBC in which its correspondent Chuck Todd, after Moore had won the Republican primary, expressed astonishment that Judge Moore believed that each person’s rights — his natural rights — come from God and not from the government. Now, I have written before that most of the Americans I have heard speak in the public square are more or less ignorant of U.S. history, and especially of the period from the Puritans’ arrival in New England through the decades of the early republic. Mr. Todd, however, in his ruminations about Judge Moore and the concept of natural rights, drove home for me how thoroughly ignorant so many U.S. political and media personalities are of the republic’s history and character.

Where, I wonder, does Mr. Todd think his rights come from? From the national government, the UN, George Soros, or some combination thereof? No, that cannot be it, even a bulb as dim as Mr. Todd surely must see that all three of those entities have been laboring for decades to limit and ultimately remove the natural rights of Americans. But, then again, maybe he cannot see that fact as he is part of a media world that supports all three of those rights-removing entities. The Founders — say from John Winthrop’s arrival, through John Quincy Adams’ death — believed that the natural rights of man came from God, and that it was the citizenry’s duty to ensure that the political system they devised to govern themselves did not try to amend, abridge, or abolish those rights. Jefferson, widely but mistakenly said to be irreligious, wrote this into the Declaration of Independence, and John Adams, after studying the Constitution said that no people could be governed by it who were not religious, surely meaning that the Constitution would work only for Christians and Jews.

The role of government, then, is not to create rights — it cannot do so, as the Creator completed that task long ago — but to ensure that the rights with which Americans are born are fully protected by those who govern them. In turn, the role of citizens is to jealously guard their natural rights and, if they are found to be under attack by the national government, to destroy that government and form another that will respect and defend their natural rights.  In short, the founding generations believed that God gave man human rights, and governments — if not held to account by the citizenry — tended to gradually destroy them. Come, Mr. Todd, this is such an elementary piece of knowledge about American history. Have you forgotten what you learned in grammar and high school, or did you go to an Ivy League university, where the reality of natural rights is hated and mocked? No matter, sooner or later those politicians who seek to deny citizens their natural rights end up at the business end of a rifle or a rope and are accompanied there by their supporters and apologists.

Next comes Saudi Arabia and its sudden burst of turmoil fomented by the actions of Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman (MBS). A good deal of the media coverage of this event has portrayed the developments as the first breath of Western-style “progressive reform”. The clever al-Saud royals, of course, earlier set the stage for this sophomoric interpretation by issuing the earth-shaking order that women will be permitted to drive automobiles. Western governments and much of the media identified this order as the opening of a second “Arab Spring”, one in which Riyadh will eventually become Las Vegas east. The al-Sauds surely caught some heat from the Saudi religious establishment over this, but they will throw a couple of extra billions to the senior Islamic scholars and bit more control over education. The scholars will continue to publicly complain about the action, but this is not a break point between the al-Sauds and the religious establishment.

The key question is, I think, whether this will be a break point for Saudi Arabia? If past is prologue, the soon-to-be-king is not do-gooding for a future progressive, more secular kingdom, but rather is making a play to get rid of those — and there are many — whose oxes will be gored when he succeeds to the throne. MBS must get them out of the way, and permanently so, either via exiling them or something more definitive. All this said, the king-in-waiting will still be faced with a country that is terminally corrupt from top to bottom, a religious establishment that has not been tamed and still sees the late Osama bin Laden as a nearly perfect Islamic man, and a younger generation of Salafi and Wahhabi males that are more attuned to the Islamic State’s behavior than to al-Qaeda’s. A large number of the later, moreover, have been trained by one or the other group and have considerable combat experience.

The bottom line may well be that MBS finds that, even after he rounds-up and eliminates his foes, takes their money, and ascends to the throne, his only option to try to preserve the kingdom is to turn Saudi youths, as many IS and AQ fighters as can be enlisted, and as much as possible of the young Sunni Muslim world against Shia Iran. The ensuing war would tear up the region in a prolonged and bloody sectarian war to settle scores that are now more than a millennium old. It is hard to think of a better scenario for improving U.S. security as there is nothing that commonsense would permit us to do other than get out of the way watch. That is, if there is enough commonsense at hand at the time the events unfold.

Finally, as worthless a human being as is the politician John McCain, he recently performed an unwitting but enormous service to his country. Addressing the Naval Academy’s Brigade of Midshipmen on 30 October 2017, McCain, in entirely predictable and self-righteous words, said that

the American example and American leadership are indispensable to securing a peaceful and prosperous future. Our failure to remain engaged in Europe and enforce the hard-won peace of 1918 had made that clear. There could be no more isolationism, no more tired resignation – no more ‘America First.’ … (1)

McCain is, of course, a historical ignoramus or a lair. The United States had no interest at stake in World War 1 and should never have entered a war that cost America about 100,000 lives. Indeed, save for the many billions of dollars U.S. banks had lent to France and Britain, the offended personal “ideals” of Woodrow Wilson, and Wilson’s pro-Allies propaganda ministry led by George Creel, the United States would not have entered the war. In regard to what McCain calls “[o]ur failure to remain engaged in Europe”, that must be deemed the U.S. government’s only wise decision after America entered the war in 1917. The marvelous “failure to remain engaged in Europe” was the result of the work of able and stubborn Republicans senators — Henry Cabot Lodge, George W. Norris, William Borah, Robert La Follette, Hiram Johnson, and a dozen others — who successfully blocked Wilson’s eagerness to sacrifice the republic’s sovereignty and independence by joining the League of Nations. The Republicans’ success also blocked Wilson’s willingness to abide by the League covenant’s Article X — which is like, but more much expansive than the NATO Treaty — which was unconstitutional in that it removed the decision to declare war from the Congress. (2)

Adding to the nonsensical nature of McCain’s assertion is the fact that the European allies — with Wilson’s help — imposed a Carthaginian peace settlement on Germany that played a major role in creating the political environment which allowed Hitler’s rise to power. As long as that settlement stood, a more active U.S. role in Europe would have meant nothing. (3)

Senator McCain then moved on to tell the Midshipmen that their first responsibility was  not to America, its citizens, and the commander-in-chief, but rather to the internationalists and interventionists who built a post-1945 world that has featured endless unnecessary wars and has bankrupted the U.S. Treasury. McCain warned his audience that today

the associations, rules, values and aspirations that comprise the international order we have superintended for three-quarters of a century are under gathering attack from regimes that desire a world less just and less free and more corrupt. And they are under attack from forces within liberal democracies themselves, parties that preach resentful nationalism rather than enlightened self-interest, nativism rather than equal justice.

It’s time to wake up.

I believe in Americans. We’re capable of better. I’ve seen it. We’re hopeful, compassionate people. And we still have leaders who will uphold the values that made America great, and a beacon to the oppressed.

But I don’t take that for granted. We have to fight. We have to fight against propaganda and crackpot conspiracy theories. We have to fight isolationism, protectionism, and nativism. We have to defeat those who would worsen our divisions. We have to remind our sons and daughters that we became the most powerful nation on earth by tearing down walls, not building them.

But that isn’t your job. Not directly. It belongs to those of us who hold office and are responsible for making sure you’re sent where you’re needed and equipped and ready for your missions.

You will be asked to defend America’s interests overseas, and thereby to defend the ideals that encompass and transcend those interests. You will protect the international order that American politics, with all its inefficiencies and human frailties, has done so much to create. (4)

McCain’s guidance may not be treason, but it is more of the pure, mindless, and nation-killing hooey that has and will continue to produce unnecessary interventionist wars, dead U.S. military personnel, and staggering national debt. No intelligent nation fights for its ideals anywhere but at home. What it fights for overseas is to protect its genuine national security interests. Those interests are always material or geographical in nature, and they always present the nation with a life-or-death choice. These interests are never, ever trumped by what McCain says are  “ideals that encompass and transcend those interests.” (5)

McCain is at the head of the bipartisan pack of interventionists who care nothing about the welfare of Americans, let alone the maintenance of their ideals, which are spelled out with indelible clarity in the U.S. Constitution, not in the UN Charter or any other internationalist document. That McCain and his like are a feral breed is shown by their refusal to put health-care on a sound-footing; reduce the national debt; lessen taxes; stop the ongoing destruction of the 1st and 4th Amendments; halt the production of laws that are moving the nation to minority rule; demand the arrest, trial, and incarceration of the leaders of what is a thoroughly lawless political elite; end illegal immigration; and stop seeking wars against those who threaten, not the United States, but the motley group of the breed’s paymasters, who are to be found in the banking and pharmaceutical industries, Israel, the Jewish-American community, and the Saudi and other Arab tyrannies.

Near the speech’s end, McCain’s told the Midshipmen that it will be their job “to protect the international order that American politics, with all its inefficiencies and human frailties, has done so much to create.”(6)  The truth is, however, that if the U.S. military is commanded by those who agree with McCain, the American republic and its Constitution will find themselves murdered by a stab in the back from internationalists, interventionists, and New-World-Order authoritarians. Abiding by McCain’s advice can only mean a last-ditch effort to save the republic by civil war will have to occur.



–1.) The full text of McCain’s speech can be found at, http://time.com/5003525/john-mccain-naval-academy-speech/

–2.) The text of Article X of the League’s covenant reads as follows: “The Members of the League undertake to respect and preserve as against external aggression the territorial integrity and existing political independence of all Members of the League. In case of any such aggression or in case of any threat or danger of such aggression the Council shall advise upon the means by which this obligation shall be fulfilled.” See, http://avalon.law.yale.edu/imt/parti.asp

–3.) World War I is the first 20th century example of the disasters that befall those who wage wars that are left unwon. The German army was not defeated when the Armistice was declared in November, 1918, and yet the allies imposed a peace settlement that treated Germany as if it had been defeated in the manner Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan found themselves beaten in 1945; that is, utterly destroyed militarily. The Allies’ failure to win decisively would later allow Hitler and others to claim that Germany had been defeated by domestic forces — communists and Jews — that stabbed the nation in the back. In the long run, the lack of a decisive win led to World War II and the Holocaust.

4.) http://time.com/5003525/john-mccain-naval-academy-speech/

5.) Ibid.

6.) Ibid.

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16 Responses to On natural rights, Saudi Arabia, and John McCain

  1. Peter says:

    Hi Michael. I will comment on the article when I can, but I need to ask you why my comments haven't been showing up on your articles? Is there a different way I can contact you?


  2. Dave Viscuso says:

    Thomas Aquinas really has the most influence on Western philosophy. The theory of Natural Law is intriguing and it’s the govement’s job to enforce it.

    • mike says:

      Thank you for writing. I remember struggling through Aquinas’s Summa in the early 1970s under the tutelage of an elderly Jesuit who has as sharp as a razor. I must admit that I did not appreciate Aquinas to the extent I should have for about a decade, but then it hit me with some force. The English republicans and dissenters and our Founders are also advocates of natural law/rights and, if not as brilliant as Aquinas, are perhaps a bit more accessible. MFS

  3. John Kitover says:

    Michael, you are such an expert on everything, such a keen observer, we need a man like you at the helm, leading the ship, taking America First on a new voyage, and you seem to think that the voyage is Civil War. How about Civil Disobediance before civil war. Mike, you sound like a PTSD sufferer, perhaps you should take some medication, like smoke a joint once in a while, jerk off, go lift weights and run and stretch, stop looking at your cell phone. Take your kids and your wife on a vacation, go to the park, stop being such a willy nilly civil war provacateur, perhaps someone will do something terrible in your name. Violence is never the answer, anger is never the answer, where are your Christian ideals sir? You love the constitution of the US, yes? You love the framers of our constitution yes? Washington? Adams? Jefferson? All the signer of that magnum opus of a document, a legal document, one that can and should be altered as the times progress. Michael, since you know so much of American history, why stop there sir? Michael, let's go all the way back to the Garden of Eden, where God's laws were in place, what are those natural rights? Michael, you are an idiot. You actually think there is a God, and he created man and woman out of the dust? You fool, we are monkey type animals, we came out of the trees, we are pure animal Michael, Evolution is real, DNA, Elements, Mutations, Time, A Genetic Soup of the Universe. Michael, there is no such thing as history, or the past, and there is no such thing, as the future, for those are all concepts, contained, conceived, formulated, understood, and constructed in your brain cells, in your synapses, the 1000 Trillion Synapses that your brain, a super computer is composed of. Now, Michael, I say this to you, before you continue suggesting civil war, which is indeed treason, I want you to know, look in the mirror, and continually ask yourself, who are you? You are not a product of God, there is no God you idiot.

    • Mike Scheuer says:

      Thank you for writing. Your note seems rather harsh. It is, I believe, too late for civil disobedience, which would take too long to run its course and would likely have no impact on those who merit removal. Trump may work a peaceful miracle, but I think the odds of that are less than 50/50. The only solution if Trump fails is the one the Founders and their teachers — the Ancients, Machiavelli, the Bible, the English republicans, the dissenting Protestant clergy, and the Scottish common-sense philosophers — advocated, the removal of a liberty denying government by whatever level of force is necessary.

      Regarding your comments re God. I am now an old man and believe much more in God and much less in the Catholic church than I did 40 years ago. I also believe — both as a matter of faith and of commonsense — that no republic can survive without the assistance of a religious citizenry. Such a citizenry, I think, policies itself in terms of obeying the civil law, taking care of the less well-off, behaving decently and with respect for others both in public and at home, and in thousand other matters that facilitate amity and fellowship in society. If the impact of God-centered religiosity is not present in society, liberty is always replaced by licentiousness and crime, creating a situation where government at all levels will constrict liberty in the name of protecting law-and-order and preventing anarchy. In other words government will install tyranny to cope with the problems produced by the citizens\’ lack of religiosity. We are pretty far down that trail at the moment.

      Two more things: (a) I do not know if you are an atheist, and I do not care. That said, the influence of atheism is always to assist in the creation of tyranny; and (b) It has always seemed to me that Darwin has been misrepresented by his advocates. He presented a theory that works only if events, at every point in his schematic, go exactly according to what is needed. Now, I think it is quite mad to believe that every break is going to go your way; if, as you say, Darwin is right, it would amount to a ball player going 600 for 600 and batting one thousand in a baseball season. That, of course, has never and will never happened. If Darwin believed that sort of perfect progression of events was possible, he was either an ass, or an atheist who — like all atheists — need some kind of pseudo-religion to believe in, be it evolution, climate change, free trade, democracy mongering, or human rights. MFS

    • Andzhelo says:

      To John Kitover
      Since your an atheist answer this: How can man be an animal when he is at the same time the only creature that can understand or ask questions on the concept of metaphysics? animals can not do that!
      Violence is never the answer: Nonsense violence is always an option and works perfectly.
      take some medication, like smoke a joint once in a while,- Degenerate validated
      there is no God you idiot.- then why do you have a concept of god in your consince in the first place?

  4. Dec says:

    I know McCain’s comments are consistent with his past intellectual performance, but let’s not forget he recently had an orbitofrontal glioma resected, so though his speech may be coherent, the ideas behind it increasingly will not be. The interested reader may wish to review the twilight of Mo Mowlam’s career, Northern Ireland minister in Tony Blair’s government whose increasingly disturbed behaviour caused by a large prefrontal glioma was judged no bar to office or public life until remarkably late in her illness.

    • mike says:

      Thank you for writing. I would concur with your cautionary note, but the thrust of the speech from McCain that I focused on is merely a synopsis of the public statements he has been making for 20 years and more. The have become sharper since Trump became president and — not being in the pay of the Israeli Firsters — has had the nerve to say America ought always to come first. Whether because of his longtime mindset on this issue or his illness, McCain is a war-lover that America would be better off without. MFS

  5. Bilal says:

    ‘No matter, sooner or later those politicians who seek to deny citizens their natural rights end up at the business end of a rifle or a rope and are accompanied there by their supporters and apologists.’

    Imagine an obese Boomer trying to stick his stiff, diabetic finger through a trigger guard.

    The Millennials will keep to their dildoes.

    • mike says:

      Thank for writing. To an extent you are correct. I have always thought that America would be very lucky to survive my generation. That said, I tend to think there are more than enough people of all generations who have about reached the end of the line with the wretched lawlessness, privileged/violent minorities, pedophiles, the taxes and debt, the unnecessary wars, and many other absurd things, and who believe that killing the designers, advocates, and protectors of these thing — if the government dos not act to cleanse the republic of them — is really about the only choice left. And how many of these predators would have to be eliminated to send the rest of this human refuse heading for the hills. Even an elderly lad like myself has improved the accuracy of his shooting over the past several years. MFS

  6. AmericaFirster says:


    I think you are right on so many things, but on perpetual conflict between the Shia and Sunni I think you are way off base.

    I think this would only benefit the Israel firsters and Israel, the military industrial complex, scum ball rats like John McCain, and leftist politicians in the west.

    Let me explain. Israel has their Yinon Plan which is a plan to destabilize the Middle East so no large powerful neighbor can ever be a threat to Israel. This plan and your apparent admiration of it will lead to tens of millions of refugees flooding into Europe and the west. This is precisely what Israel and leftist politicians in the west want. The J media in the west and the J left in the west will undoubtedly demand that Europe and the anglosphere take in more and more of these so called refugees or else!!

    It is also very predictable Mike. Why haven’t you thought this through a little better? Your views are completely in line with the Israel firster Yinon plan goals for the Middle East. Not only will this create suffering and Misery for tens of millions of people in the middle east, it will also likely spell the ultimate destruction of the west via continued Third World replacement level immigration to the west.

    If you want to preserve the west, you should be hoping the muzzies bury the traditional destroyers of the west (((the feminist, multiculti pushing, anti white, anti Christian, Frankfurt School types like Freud, Boas, Adorno, Horkheimer, Marx, Trotsky, Gloria Steinem, Gloria Allred, Rachel Maddow, Bill Maher. Betty Friedan, and Susan “whites are the cancer of human history “ Sontag))).

    After that, we can eliminate the Muslims and other antiwhite sponger-invaders from our traditional lands. If the shlomos continue to predominate in hollyweird and the media in the west, whites have no chance.

    I highly recommend you start listening the “Fash the nation” weekly podcast on therightstuff.biz. Great analysis from a pro white, identitarian perspective.

    If everyone is playing identity politics we should too, or else we will be steamrolled.

    Rethink that one about Shia/Sunni mike. Know that whatever is good for the tribe tends to be a nightmare for us.

  7. John Kitover says:

    Mike, I'm not being harsh with you, I'm trying to be practical, you are not sir. You continually are calling in your writings for a violent insurrection, a violent revolution, in the same manner as the 1700's. You really are out of touch, just go to Amazon dot com, and you will see how far off you really are. Trust me, the government is not hte problem, the criminals who have operated within it, and sent us $20 trillion plus in debt, and there are a lot of these financial criminals involved in this bankruptcy which Trump is now presiding over. Bullets can't save the soul of this nation, only the destruction of fake news, of the fake mental conciousness of our nations peoples. We are all in need of an awakening, but mass killings, that will not bring it.

    • mike says:

      Thank you for responding. I have tried here to raise the idea here that although civil war, insurrection, or war of any sort is and must be a last-resort option, those actions are nonetheless always on the table per our Founders, their teachers, the Bible, and commonsense. My sense is that we are at or near something of a break-point. While I could not agree more with your definition of where the lethal problems lie, I would add the education system as a key target. My own sense of urgency on this matter lies in the lawlessness that seems rampant in our society. No one was indicted for the 2008 economic disaster; Obama seems pretty clearly not to have been born in the U.S. and that still issue has not been thoroughly investigated; and then there is the IRS persecution of Conservatives, the fast-and-furious business; Obama’s illegal financial raping of several government agencies to pay for his health care plan; his personal and unconstitutional amendment of congressional legislation; 40 years of bipartisan-backed illegal immigration; the courts’ condoning of viscous and effective attacks on the 1st, 2nd, and 4th amendments; the Congress’s cowardly and unconstitutional delegation of the war-making power to the president’s whim; Bush’s unconstitutional “signing statements” to avoid executing the law; the 535 members of Congress who are agents of Israel at the expense of their countrymen; and the lethal persecution of veterans by VA leaders who do not seem to give a hoot either about them or adequately supervising their employees. This list could certainly be substantially extended, but what is most important for me is that those responsible in the national government for executing the laws are not doing so and, on this last day of November, betray nothing more than hints that they may do so sometime in the future. Our republic has been stripped of most of the things that made the Union cohesive and flexible. Our common language is gone, our highly diverse regions are treated as if they are all identical to New York City, California, and Massachusetts, our history is being joyously denigrated and distorted and its symbols are being demolished, our children can neither read nor apply logic and are being indoctrinated not educated, our media — as you noted — is an arm of tyranny, and our national debt is nearly insurmountable. The rigorous execution of the law is, as I see things, the republic’s last chance to save itself. If we stand in 2020 where we stand today, with lawlessness being the only enforced law of the land, I can see no choice but to take the law into our own hands and reapply it with vigor and, if necessary arms. I do not, of course, dare to refute your contention that I am out of touch. MFS

  8. sicklist says:

    I enjoyed reading this blog for such a long time. Your article on anti-war on Obama's visit to Cairo from 8 years ago is the most eloquent piece of writing I have read in the English language and I mean this literally. Now I am more convinced then ever that such eloquence only comes when one is representing a viewpoint passionately, as you have done all your life.

    Sadly, though, I agree with the growing tide of your readers who keep saying that you are going out of touch. But I don't say so because of your calls for revolution or embrace of conservative or religious ideas. It's because you support Trump even after he has proven that he is more of a disaster than Hillary would have been.

    He has called for the invasion of Venezuela, did not even try to solve NK diplomatically, is dismantling net neutrality, has appointed even more Wall Street whores than Obama, has ensured the US will stay in Afghanistan indefinitely, and the list goes on and on. I could give you a much longer list and you would not find many reasons on it that Clintonites quote for why Trump is a disaster, only pricks in the eye of Republicans during a Democratic president that are now endorsed when a Republican does it (and vice versa of course).

    Then there is the common sense part. You seemed to be the only person in the United States who was able to utter two words of sense on America's failed foreign policy. And that, I believe, is where most of your readership came from. Now you are talking such non-sense like "Israel-Firsters hate Trump because he is putting America first". He is going to move the embassy, get rid of Iran deal, is supporting Arab tyranny more than anyone, will likely increase foreign aid to Israel, and the list goes on and on. Why not accept that at least in his actions, Trump is doing far more of all the things which you were criticizing American presidents on your blog for all these years?

    • Mike Scheuer says:

      Thank you for writing. The idea that Trump is no better than Hillary would have been strikes me as incorrect. Indeed, the idea that so many Americans would vote for a felon and the attack dog for a rapist, still leaves me wordless.

      On the other hand, I share some of your disappointment with Trump. The missile attack on Syria, the introduction of more troops into Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, the creation of trip wire by permanently basing U.S. troops to die in Israel, and his willingness to remain in the NATO alliance are all, in my view, despicable and unconstitutional, as I think are the liberal-flunky Kushners in the White House. He talked about Venezuela, but so far that has gone by the boards, along with moving the embassy in Israel.

      On North Korea, as I have written here, I think that it is hard to say that diplomacy has not been given a chance, and, unless Kim suddenly changes his approach, can the United States tolerate nuclear-tipped ICBMs in his hands? That is quite a risk to run, as I think Kim would launch a missile or missiles at us and at the same time attack South Korea, leaving us to ask who’s on first. Again, North Korea is a problem because Truman unconstitutionally intervened without ever asking “Who cares who rules the Korean Peninsula?”, and then Congress acquiesced in this aggrandizement of power, and we are still there. Trump, I think, is simply the president when the can may not be able to be kicked any farther down the road. For what it’s worth, President Hillary would have went to war against Kim before this as she is a Neocon and would have had bipartisan support for war.

      On the Israel-Firsters hating Trump, I do not see that there is any room for doubt. I wrote several pieces during the 2016 campaign that, I believe, fully documented that many of the political and, especially, journalistic leaders of the U.S. Jewish-American community worked harder against Trump than did Hillary’s callow 20-something staffers. Also, it is worth recognizing that Manafort and Flynn are being looked on as “agents of a foreign power”, but not the at least 500 members of the Congress who are the campaign-contribution-paid agents of Israel’s interests. For what it’s worth, keep your eye on the developing story about Jeffrey Epstein, his pedophile island and aircraft, his short child-abuse sentence, and the sexual deviants from our governing class who are going to be identified as participants there in the months ahead. The whole business screams of a very professional, long-term, well-done, and fully filmed entrapment operation by an intelligence service. The resulting film product would, for example,certainly help to account for most members of Congress approving the donation of $38 billion taxpayer dollars to Israel, when a quarter of American kids go to be hungry.

      As to the Wall Streeters, we can go nowhere without a better economy. If they can help bring that, I do not know what other choice Trump could have made for expertise. I think it’s case somewhat approximate to FDR sending Joe Kennedy to the SEC. When he was asked why, FDR explained “Send a thief, to catch a thief.” Maybe this time we have, over the long-term sent a rogue to catch the thieves.

      I could go on, but will not. I appreciate your thoughts and accept your criticism. I have in the last 20 months or so taken most of my news from the so called alternate media, mostly on Youtube and some blogs. I can honestly say that I am astounded by the number of what I see as important issues being covered in those venues, and very accurately and with some degree of equally accurate prediction. Most of these independent journalists have no journalism degree, but a good deal of commonsense, a strong dose of nationalism, an eagerness to cover stores the mainstream media ignore for ideological reasons, and a ready willingness to admit when they were wrong. It probably is true that I am be out of step with some readers — perhaps a tide of them. But I have learned that I can still learn something about the power of commonsense and the need for its consistent application.If that drives readers away, so be it. As always, all I can say is what I think. MFS

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