Madness abounding: The UK government’s pet Muslims attack, and it resents Trump’s noting the truth

On 15 September 2017, Islamist fighters again attacked a London subway car. There were close to two dozen casualties, but so far there have been no deaths. Britons and Prime Minister Theresa May’s government were fortunate, as the bomber’s explosive device only partially detonated.

President Trump responded to the attack with twitter messages supportive of May’s hapless government. His words, however, apparently angered Mrs. May and Scotland Yard. They interpreted Trump’s tweets as insulting to their performance as the lawful and only protectors of the native British population against the violence and other depredations of the Muslim immigrants — legal and illegal — the government so obviously prefers, champions, and kowtows to.

Can you imagine that? Do they think no one sees their abject dereliction of duty? British officialdom is angry because Trump hit the nerve, dead-on, that leads directly to their certain but never-spoken knowledge that they are completely responsible for enabling the Islamists’ Friday attack, as well as all other Islamist bombings, acid-throws, rapes, stabbings, frauds, kidnappings, and thefts over the past decade. Indeed, British prime ministers, Parliaments, and media have done everything possible during those years to make sure the attacks keep occurring. Most recently, they have defied the electorate by prolonging the UK’s exit from the EU, as well as by depending on costly deradicalization programs that are still proliferating even though they have manifestly failed in every country in the world, leaving no lessening of Islamism and its always attendant violence and cruelty, but enriching the crackpot university professors who peddle the programs.

It is, without question, the British government — under the Tories and Labor — that has put the United Kingdom on the precipice of internal war with its near-fascist implementation of the EU’s policies of unchecked internal movement and open-immigration laws; its savage implementation of multicultural and diversity laws that apply to and destroy only non-elite, native-born Brits; and its hounding and persecution of all persons who dare mention in public or on social media the irrefutable reality that the foregoing policies and laws are destroying British citizens, society, history, and culture. If Britons had not allowed themselves to be disarmed, all the prime ministers after Lady Thatcher would have found their rightful and thoroughly merited rewards by twisting in mid-air at the end of a rope.

The fact is that only elite Brits, educated at the country’s elite universities, could believe that the violent and lawless Muslim rabble they have welcomed willy nilly into the UK is ever going to assimilate and become law-abiding citizens. Some will, most will not, and those who will not will always abet the Islamist killers. Most of them will remain on the dole while native Britons pay for them until they are killed by the Muslims their government and police are pampering and supporting.

These marauding Muslims also will continue to assiduously “groom” — meaning sexually attack without fear of prosecution — young, white British girls and women, run narcotics, and establish armed, urban enclaves into which British police will not dare enter. It is a lucky thing, therefore, that the oh-so-sensitive British police can keep themselves busy — and avoid the risks involved in rooting out and killing the Islamists — by prosecuting the citizens who are manly enough to rhetorically attack May’s government, and the socialist, Islamophile clowns leading the Labor Party, for protecting, supporting, and favoring Muslim killers. It currently appears that the Tories and Labor are intent on doing so until the native Brits who speak their mind, work hard, and pay taxes are all killed by the violent, British-hating, on-the-dole Islamists their government and police coddle.

Watching these events in Britain, and knowing America might be only one presidential election away from a similar internal war, leads to the inevitable conclusion that armed civilian opposition to the government and its favored, out-for-blood Muslims probably is the only option for Britons. Brits and Americans come from a common heritage, one that has ever held that the first and most important duty of government is to protect and preserve the lives and property of the law-abiding citizenry. When a government deliberately refrains from performing that duty, its usefulness is at an end and it must be eliminated either by an election or — more likely — destroyed, along with its acolytes and favored groups, by armed citizens.

One prays that at least a few British men are quietly developing ways to surreptitiously bring weapons and ammunition into the UK to arm those being attacked by their government and its beloved Muslim rabble. If there are, I hope they will look to private Americans — who still have the right to bear arms we inherited from our English ancestors — for the financial, manpower, and ordnance help we can surely provide.



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7 Responses to Madness abounding: The UK government’s pet Muslims attack, and it resents Trump’s noting the truth

  1. Andzhelo says:

    Dr. Scheuer what do you think of the Burmese war with the Muslims and what do you think the U.S should do.

    • Mike Scheuer says:

      Thank you for writing. The Burmese regime is murderous and has long been that way. The Rohingyas are getting mercilessly shot up, burned down, and raped, and, I gather, emigration is is near a flood. Clearly all the hoo-ha about the female poet had nothing to with the welfare of Burmese people as a whole, but rather it was Hillary\’s determination to get a woman into power because she is a woman. She has shown little concern about the Rohingyas. The regime took her in and thereafter it has been business as usual. What should the U.S. do? Nothing militarily. None of our interests are at risk and the presence of the U.S. military somewhere on the ground in Burma or in the nearby nations would do nothing but accelerate what appears to now be the slow but steady Islamization of parts of the Rohingya diaspora. The best we can do is support the relief efforts of Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand for Rohingya refugees with food and medicine, delivered by effective NGOs with as little mention of \”U.S. generosity\” as possible. MFS

  2. AmericaFirster says:

    Sorry Mr. Scheuer. If the third link is bad, just do a search of “crack of the whip by Emanuel Winston.”

    • Mike Scheuer says:

      Thank you for writing. I honestly do not understand your comment. Can you expand a bit, and I will certainly will respond. MFS

  3. Vlad Putin Trumps pal! says:

    Still trying to talk to your god Trumptard Michael? Trump is known for doing what the last person told him “not” to do. Michael your start to loose it! You start to sound like some sort out of the Klux , some sort of white supremacy crap Michael?

    Lots o crap on you Mr Sheuer!

    Qoute: Among many CIA veterans he is viewed with dislike. “He’s a complete fucking nut,” said one.

    • mike says:

      Thanks for writing. So often this is the case, commonsense is viewed as evidence of being “nuts”. MFS

    • Eric Morris says:

      “Truth is treason in the empire of lies.” Ron Paul was describing the courage of whistleblowing truth tellers like Mike. The CIA is nuts, except its “failures” give it reason for longer existence and bigger budgets, to “fail” even more into more responsibility …

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