Anglo-American rebellions draw closer

Events during the past several weeks have left, at least with me, a growing sense that the need for armed rebellion in the United States and the UK is edging closer. The bipartisan political establishments in the United States and in Britain have left their citizenries in a brutal jungle where either the law is not enforced, or new laws are passed to limit fundamental rights – especially free speech – and/or to discriminate against the native-born in favor of preferred minorities or violent Muslim refugees and immigrants. Each native-born citizen is now approaching a break-point where the choice will come down to either passively obeying and truckling to his elite-run government’s discriminatory, humiliating, and increasingly lethal diktats, or to rebel and seek to destroy the central government that is now focused on destroying him, his family, and his nation and its history.

Of the many troubling events of the last fortnight, four seem particularly likely to move rebellion closer:

–Trump’s travel ban and judicial tyranny: In response to an appeal against a lower court’s unconstitutional blocking of the implementation of the president’s travel ban, the appellate judges voted 10 to 3 to sustain the lower court’s illegal and republic-endangering decision. As in all of the court decisions pertaining to the ban, the judges ignored the law and the Constitution, and instead chose to behave as mind-readers. This meant that they applied their partisan hatred of Trump rather than the law, and allied themselves with their personal political ideology and worthless foreigners to block clearly lawful measures needed to protect Americans, as well as the republic that was created by the Constitution and which these tyrannical jurists are sworn to defend. Having lifetime tenure, these judges leave the citizenry with only one way to negate their political partisanship, lawlessness, and preference for foreigners over U.S. citizens.

–Manchester and the madness of disarming: Nearly a hundred of what the Islamic State called “Crusader casualties” occurred in a Libyan Muslim’s suicide attack on young girls attending a concert by one of America’s elite-but-sluttish entertainers, a young woman who told the media soon after the attack that she wished all her fans “would f…ing die”. Swinging into action after the bombing, the Manchester government, Britain’s Tory government, and the British police and media moved quickly to silence any person who dared be critical of Muslims. This persecution extended to a female radio broadcaster who simply and truthfully asked if was not far past time for British men to stand up and defend their wives, sisters, and daughters against the Muslim slime – those two words are mine not hers – that Britain’s political elite has allowed to overrun the United Kingdom. The post-attack behavior of both governments and the West’s mainstream media – including America’s media – eloquently speaks the truth; namely, that native, white Britons, Germans, Americans, etc. exist only to work and pay for Muslim refugees who will never assimilate, but will merrily kill native citizens or hide those who do. After two decades  in which the use of the ballot box has been unable to halt the inflow of Muslim murderers, the British people – and soon the American people – are left with only one way to negate the lawlessness of their elite. Sadly, Britons have let themselves be disarmed by their own government. Perhaps it is time for Britons to recall the words of one of their greatest republican patriots, a man who also was a hero to America’s Founders. “[O]ur ancestors were willing,” John Milton wrote, “to put anything into the king’s power rather than their arms and the garrisons of their towns; conceiving that that would be as if they went about to hand over their liberty to the unrestrained cruelty of their kings.” The consistent “unrestrained cruelty” of post-Thatcher UK governments in ruining British society with unlimited Muslim immigration, and by forcibly imposed multiculturalism and diversity have left the citizenry unable to resist their nation’s destruction because it long ago accepted the madness Milton described as a decision that “the power of the sword must belong to the king alone.” Now, the unarmed British citizenry finds that it must acquiesce in whatever “unjust laws the king would have ordered imposed on them.” [1] Americans, praise God, still believe in and abide by Milton’s words.

–Seth Rich and his fellow corpses: Rich was the victim of a political assassination in Washington, DC, in July, 2016. Rich had worked as an IT Manager for the Democratic National Committee (DNC), and he increasingly looks like the source that leaked the Podesta e-mails to Julian Assange. While Rich’s assassin has not been identified, the DNC’s fingerprints appear to be all over the assassination. Someone, for example, stopped the DC police investigation into Rich’s death. As a result, the owner and patrons of the last bar he was in before being killed were not interviewed, and the film from multiple closed-circuit, security video-cameras in the area of the assassination were not collected and examined by the police. In addition, another young man was killed after serving legal papers to the DNC, and a Democratic congresswoman, the former head of the DNC, was taped threatening the chief of the Capitol Police with “consequences” if he did not return a computer from her office that appears to part of a so far undefined criminal investigation. Soon after this threat of “consequences”, a Federal prosecutor was found dead from a head wound on a beach in the congresswoman’s home district in Florida, which happens to be the district in which she and the DNC are being sued for manipulating the Democratic Party’s 2016 presidential primary elections to ensure no other candidate could defeat Hillary Clinton. In addition, the dead prosecutor’s body was found not far from the home of the judge that is overseeing the DNC lawsuit. These incidents, and law-enforcement’s studied and probably corrupt disinterest in finding Rich’s killers, appears to leave the citizenry with just one way to negate their lawlessness and provide at least a rough kind of justice for the deceased.

–Erasing history to placate swine: In the past two weeks, the New Orleans’ city government removed the statues of four leaders of the Southern Confederacy – including Jefferson Davis and General Robert E. Lee — to satisfy the hate-filled, baying of herds of uneducated millennial shitbirds. If this is the correct manner in which Americans are to treat their nation’s history, it is more than likely that city councils across the nation long ago would have been petitioned to remove the statues of any Black who fomented civil violence; those of any hero of sexual perversion or abortion, and, most of all, any honoring American Indians for their unparalleled craftsmanship in scalping men and women, kidnapping children, smashing babies’ heads against trees and rocks, and, their specialties, burning captives at the stake or burying them in ant hills, but only deep enough to ensure they were alive while being consumed.

But since no nation can proceed in this history-erasing manner and survive, let us hold our petitioning pens and take a look at General Lee’s enormous contributions to the republic, while never forgetting that he fought for – and nearly achieved — the Confederacy’s secession from it. During the U.S.-Mexican War, Lee repeatedly undertook life-risking reconnaissance operations for General Winfield Scott’s army, and without fail found the positions of Mexican forces and sketched routes by which they could be most effectively approached and attacked by the smaller American army. After that war, Scott described Lee as the best soldier he had ever served with; indeed, Scott and Lincoln offered Lee the command of the Union armies on the eve of the rebellion. Later, after the Civil War, Lee, while serving as the president of what is now Washington and Lee University, acted in a manner that reverberated loudly and tellingly across the society of the postwar south, when he walked up to the altar and knelt alongside a Black man to take communion, this when no one else in the congregation would do so.

But what all Americans should most remember and treasure about Robert E. Lee is what he did to ensure that the United States had a chance to survive and reconcile after the civil war. On the morning of 9 April 1865, near a small Virginia town called Appomattox, Confederate Brigadier Edward Porter Alexander sought to dissuade Lee from surrendering the Army of Northern Virginia to Grant. In this conversation, Alexander pleaded with Lee not to surrender the army to Grant, but rather to send his troops to their home states and have them continue the fight there in the fashion of guerrillas and partisans. Lee responded in the following manner.

[A]s Christian men, Gen. Alexander, you and I have no right to think for one moment of our personal feelings or affairs. We must consider only the effect which our action will have upon the country at large.

Suppose I should take your suggestion & order the army to disperse & and make their way to their homes. The men would have no rations & would be under no discipline. They are already demoralized by four years of war. They would have to plunder and rob to procure subsistence. The country would be full of lawless bands in every part, & a state of society would ensue from which it would take the country years to recover. Then the enemy’s cavalry would pursue in the hopes of catching the principal officers, & wherever they went there would be fresh rapine & destruction.

And as for myself, while you young men might afford to go to bushwhacking, the only proper and dignified course for me would be to surrender myself & take the consequences of my actions.

But it is still in the early spring, & if the men can be quietly & quickly returned to their homes there is time to plant crops & begin to repair the ravages of war. That is what I must now try to bring about. I expect to meet General Grant at ten this morning in the rear of the army and to surrender this army to him. [2]

Thus, Lee made a decision that likely saved the Union from a guerrilla war that might have dragged on for years, caused untold numbers of human deaths and much more property destruction, and certainly would have made national reconciliation a very distant and perhaps unattainable goal. In his memoirs, Alexander also recalls his immediate reaction to Lee’s republic-mending decision.

Then I thought I had never half known before what a big heart & brain our general had. I was so ashamed of having proposed to him such a foolish and wild cat scheme as my suggestion had been that I felt like begging him to forget that he had ever heard it. … It seemed now an inestimable privilege to serve under him to the very last moment & that no scene in the life of the Army of Northern Virginia would be more honorable than the one which was now to close its record. [3]

Watching the crane removing Lee’s statue in New Orleans, it seemed clear that the New Orleans city council that ordered its removal, the crane operator and crew that undertook the task, the media covering the process, and the rabid uneducated fools, and their Democratic enablers, who demanded the action, knew little or nothing about General Lee, the wars in which he fought, or the debt all Americans owe him. Particularly reprehensible was the ignorant rabble that expressed such hatred for Lee, and through him for all of the contemporary South, the republic’s history, and the honored Civil War dead on both sides. These people blithely lit yet another fuse that will earn them – when the patience of Americans runs out – the fury of their fellow countrymen, whom they take such great joy in wickedly and recklessly abusing.

In a post-bellum song called “I’m a Good Old Rebel”, a Confederate soldier laments that “300,000 Yankees lay dead in Southern dust. We got 300,000 before they conquered us. They died of Southern fever, and Southern steel and shot. I wish it was 3 million instead of what we got.” If necessary, and God willing, that rebel may yet get his wish.



–1.) John Milton, “Defence of the People of England,” 1651

–2.) Gary W. Gallagher, (Ed.). Fighting for the Confederacy. The Personal Recollections of General Edward Porter Alexander. Chapel Hill, NC: University of North Carolina Press, 1989, pp. 532-533

–3.) Ibid., p.533



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7 Responses to Anglo-American rebellions draw closer

  1. rose says:

    Great article Mr.Scheuer as an American Muslim what is happening now is a disgrace. The suppression of free speech and history has gone to far. I don't know what to do but the last election I did not vote for Hillary, and never will. keep up the articles you sure do have readers that read your work and talk about it with people.

    • mike says:

      Thank you for writing. I appreciate your kind words. I would like to think that there is a still a way out of this mess with debate, but I am starting to think there is not. The reaction to the president’s withdrawal from the Paris deal is, I think, another bad omen. I have paid pretty close attention to the climate debate and I think I have listed to enough Nobel laureates on both sides to say there is no accepted scientific consensus. I give the edge to the no climate change side because the yes side has been caught so often manipulating the data or using less than the best data. Whichever is right, however, the best reason to withdraw is because it is best for America. We are broke and cannot afford to send money to 3rd worlders, where it will end up in the Swiss bank accounts of the local elite. The reaction of the Democrats seems to be damn the republic, we must keep the treaty because every other country is on-board. It reminds me of being a kid, doing something wrong, and telling my Dad that I did the wrong thing because everyone else was doing it. My Dad would ask would you jump off a bridge if others were?, or firmly say he did not give a hot damn what others did, wrong is wrong. The president played my Dad’s part yesterday and did what was best for me and Americans. The opposition really doesn’t really have a logical or patriotic leg to stand on, but climate change, like sexually deviancy and minority rule, is there religion and so we edge close to civil war. Keep well. MFS

  2. Andzhelo says:

    So Mike what would be the final straw, the point to no return, to a civil political bloodshed conflict inside these 50 united states? Also if it happens what would the reaction around the world? Thanks Mike,

  3. Andzhelo says:

    One last thing, do you think it would look like a conflict seen in Spain between Franco's fascists/nationalists- Stalin's Marxists, hydra liberal, monster or like Italy in the 1920's commies vs fascists, or something new and different?

  4. Hunter S. says:

    Dr. Scheuer,

    Your insightful writing is as always a pleasure to read.

    I see elsewhere in this comment section you have stated rather optimistically in my view that "there is still a way out of this mess." Allow me to respectfully disagree. Having spent more than my fair share of work time purveying comments sections and subforums related to politics I can tell you that without a shadow of a doubt there is no bridging that gap, ever.

    I guess I could further expound on the reasons why I feel that way, but really you don't need to look any further than the Yahoo comments section of any political article to see it written as clear as day. Roughly one half of the nation is convinced beyond any attempt at reason that the other half of the nation is evil/racist/bigoted/n-phobic. "Punch a Nazi" and the various other calls for violence in the leftist milieu echo that mentality. Taken to its logical conclusion, when one group of people are absolutely convinced that another group of people are evil, literally any evil can be justified to remove or placate them. Given time – and driven to a frothing rage by a treasonous, hysterical media – these people WILL escalate. Whether at the ballot box (Bernie Sanders' campaign could be best summarized as "punitive measures for Anglo-America") or from the rooftops (as in Dallas, TX,) they WILL escalate. The propaganda is there, the hatred is there. The gorundwork has been laid for revolution. Just a matter of time.

    Let me also give you my most heartfelt and sincere thanks as someone who grew up under the Stars and Bars in the Old South for telling the truth about Robert E. Lee and our Nation's history. For some reason, I can stomach the NSA spying on Americans, I can even stomach the trillions of dollars and American lives lost in furtherance of Israeli foreign policy…but god damnit, when they tear down those statues, it awakens hatred I never knew I had. How far we have fallen as a nation, that we would make strawmen out of our venerated military heroes just so we can tear their likenesses down in anger. Especially Robert E. Lee. I have to wonder if Abraham Lincoln may have reconsidered his position, if he only knew what would become of his efforts and the Union he "saved."

    Dark times we live in.


    • mike says:

      Thank you for writing. I think you are more than probably right. You describe very accurately the depth of hatred for the republic that is obviously the set-in-cement mindset of so many Americans, especially the young. (NB: 10,000 dead teachers might point things back in the right direction, but I guess that is too much to hope for.) The taking down of Lee’s statue in New Orleans made me angrier than anything I can think of in the past decade. Not just because it was Lee — although I come pretty close to revering him — but because it showed how little our republic’s history means to the average American, or, more likely, how little most Americans know about their history.

      Fifty years ago, when I was 15, this kind of rabid, anti-Confederate hatred would have been universally condemned; indeed, a city council might well have refused to listen to those demanding the removal. Today, those who know our history are few (thanks to the sadly undead teachers and professors), and most of the young are ignorant, violent, and brimming-with-hatred; they believe they are in the ascendant; and the parents who raised them either agree with or are afraid of their young.

      And now we face, within a month, the chance of nationwide violence, stage-managed and funded by the Democratic Party and Soros, egged on by the cretinous media, and conducted in the name of a “summer of resistance” to the first patriot who has held the presidency since Reagan. Not coincidentally, I think, these activities are timed to occur simultaneously with Independence Day. Overall, I hope for the best, but it could well be that civil war sooner rather than later may be best. President Lincoln, in the spring of 1861, did not face an enemy nearly as dangerous, hateful, or irrational as the human refuse that today adheres like demented slugs to the Democratic Party, and he well knew that. Had President Davis not ordered the first shot to be fired at Charleston, there would have been some time left for talking, to which Lincoln was clearly inclined. As you say, no talk between everyday Americans and the Democrat-led rabble seems possible today, so perhaps it is best to fight and hope our domestic enemies enjoy the shock of seeing so many their friends and idols lying dead in the streets, paying for their America-hating ideology and actions. After all, those who would die on our enemy’s side would be of no loss to the republic, unlike those Confederate fellows who followed and loved Lee and never stopped loving their country. MFS

  5. KHarbaugh says:

    Mike, can you give references for the assertions contained in the paragraph "Seth Rich and his fellow corpses"?
    You evidently have been following this far more closely than I!
    Thank you, Keith

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