Addendum: National Review adds luster to Trump’s candidacy

I believe this is the first time I have added an addendum to an already published article. But the National Review’s decision to devote an entire issue to attacking Mr. Trump underscores the point I was striving to make in my original article. That point was that the Republican establishment has nothing whatsoever to do with conservatism and is fully owned and operated by three groups of people: Interventionists, Neoconservatives, and Israel-Firsters. (NB: These three terms may well be synonyms.)

These three groups are all terrified that, if elected, Trump:

–Will root out the graft, corruption, and waste that they — with the Democratic establishment — have made an acceptable lifestyle for anyone who is in any way involved with the national government. Both establishments are terrified that if Trump is elected they will no longer be “above the law” and will be investigated for their financial dealings, as well as for their criminal negligence in failing to protect and defend the republic.

–Will be a non-interventionist and so will refuse to ask for a declaration of war unless the United States is attacked, or America’s genuine, life-or-death national interests are indisputably at immediate risk. If Trump is elected, they fear, there will be no more foreign-policy goals that are airy and always fatal abstractions; that is, there will be no more dead and maimed Marines and soldiers in foreign wars fought — and always lost — for freedom, democracy, human rights, women’s rights, gay rights, or any other abstract idea that should never have any place in the republic’s foreign policy.

–Will not tolerate the insane bromide that all nations have a “right to exist” as the basis for U.S. foreign policy. Trump, based on what he has said, knows that this idea is a nonsense. Indeed, Trump seems to be running for president because he recognizes the fact that no nation — including the United States — has a right to exist, and that the Republican and Democratic establishments have driven America to the verge of economic collapse, military exhaustion, the tyranny of one-man rule, demographic suicide, bloody civil unrest, and disunion. The National Review and the Republican and Democratic establishments seem not to care about these things, but they are ready to kill the United States so long as they can maintain the mad and ahistorical fiction that all nations have a “right to exist”, a lie which they really apply to only one nation, and then only so they can keep raking in massive financial and media contributions from disloyal U.S.-citizens and their organizations.

–Will begin to give working, blue-collar, law abiding, and tax-paying Americans and their families — those of all races, creeds, educational achievements, and political views — renewed confidence that their opinions, material ambitions, and religious liberty matter most in governing the republic and providing for its survival, and that the age of government by elitist, Ivy League-educated, pro-authoritarian, always wrong “experts” is going to be ended. They also fear that Trump will start to re-teach the citizenry the Founders’ key bequest to Americans, which is that ensuring the survival of so fragile a commodity as liberty at home is unending and full-time work for all Americans, and that unnecessary interventions and wars abroad in the name of that commodity will only yield lost wars, no new republics, U.S. bankruptcy, and less liberty in the United States.

Mr. Trump hopefully is correct that the National Review is a “dying” magazine, but, before it succumbs, he ought to send its editors a thank-you note for publishing their anti-Trump issue, which can do him nothing but good with the mass of Americans who are working — or want to work — and who passionately care about the future well-being of their families, country, and liberty. Trump might also say a prayer that more agents of foreign powers — like the National Review — get off the dime and publish anti-Trump issues. What are you waiting for Commentary, Weekly Standard, Foreign Affairs, New York Times, etc., etc., etc.?

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15 Responses to Addendum: National Review adds luster to Trump’s candidacy

  1. JACQUES says:


    • Mike Scheuer says:

      Thank you for writing. I cannot speak for Trump, but as Dad of four I cannot imagine trying to stop my Catholic-raised children from seeking to adopt another faith if they thought that God and their salvation were to be found there. I would surely grieve if that happened, but the Founders thought of religious freedom as the \”first freedom\” and I think they were right. People will find the faith that meets their needs, and must be left free to do so in this republic. Neither Dads nor national governments have any place in interfering in an American\’s religious views. When that happens you have the spectacle of scum like Obama and Holder attacking the Little Sisters of the Poor to force them to pay for killing unborn human beings. MFS

    • jeffneu2006 says:

      Jacqu;, there is no indication that Trump will be any more pro-Israeli than any of the other candidates, in fact his proposals favor disengagement with countries that serve no U.S. interest. Your argument of saying, Ivanka 'renounced Jesus' is almost anti-Semitic and is the exact fuel the left uses to equate Christians on the same level as Muslims. Perhaps the best thing about Trump is he values just government over religious instincts and is wholesomely pro-American.

  2. Lobo says:

    What really bothers me is when war monger and super Zionist Sarah Palin endorsed the Trumpster.
    I think people are tired the Bush's and Clinton's and the DemoRats and RepubliScums in General.
    Trump may be our last hope of this country remaining a Republic if it is not lost already!

    • Mike Scheuer says:

      Thanks for writing. I could not agree with you more regarding Governor Palin\’s views on foreign policy. That said, Trump\’s task — in my mind — is to smash the bipartisan U.S. governing elite and, as you say, then do what he can to restore what may well be an already lost republic. I do wish Senator Paul had played the part Trump has assumed, but he did not; and if he had, you can bet that the Republican establishment would have tried to destroy him in the same way that they are trying to destroy Trump. I just believe that, while I cannot be sure of what Trump is going to do if he wins, I am absolutely sure that if any of the other candidates win the republic\’s end will be much closer. MFS

  3. George London says:

    All this just to inform your audience that the establishment wing of the Republican party is totally controlled by Jews (ahem.."neoconservatives"…cough cough…ahem, "Israel-firsters"…cough")?

    Welcome to political first grade, Mikey.

    • Mike Scheuer says:

      Thanks for writing. I have to say that I regret cannot find a way to be clearer on this issue. It is true that disloyal, Israel-First Jewish-Americans are an important problem, as well as the main driver of the derangement of U.S. foreign policy into one that results in our involvement in unending and almost always unnecessary wars. They are the engine of corruption on foreign policy issues in the United States. But though they will always be disloyal, they would be absolutely impotent — and, indeed, comical — if their campaign contributions, media power, and threats of political retribution, did not have a seemingly unending supply of prominent and avaricious U.S. citizens who will take their money and do their bidding. And the graft takers, as far as I can tell, are overwhelmingly non-Jewish. The core of the problem is not that there are rich Jewish-American corrupters but that there are many, many, many more prominent non-Jewish Americans who will take the corrupting money and betray their country and the electorate, and this latter group constitutes the core of the Republican and Democratic parties. MFS

  4. Lennart says:

    Are you aware that the Anti Defamation League is keeping a so called hate file on you since many years back due to what they call "U.S. Anti Israel-activity"?

    • Mike Scheuer says:

      Thank you for writing. I do not know that for a fact, but it would not surprise me. I have lost at least three lucrative jobs because of the money-and-media influence of disloyal Jewish-Americans and their organizations. I also have been banned from the major news networks and from testifying before the Congress. It seems that these poor little traitorous fellows are unhappy with me. Well so be it, I do indeed hate what these flagrantly disloyal people deliberately do to damage America\’s chances for survival. And I\’ll be damned if I will standby silently and watch disloyal U.S. citizens, their organizations, and the politicians they bribe involve the United States in a foreign country\’s endless religious war, which commonsense will tell you is America\’s war in large measure because of its support for and truckling to Israel and the Arab tyrannies. All told, I welcome their hate and their venom. MFS

      • KHarbaugh says:

        Mike, you assert that you
        " have been banned from the major news networks and from testifying before the Congress".
        This would not surprise me in the slightest.
        Compare, for example, the media's treatment of your fellow Catholic and non-interventionist Patrick J. Buchanan in retaliation for expressing BadThink in "Suicide of a Superpower".
        But often these bannings and blackballings are done without explicit acknowlgment.
        Do you, pray tell, have explicit confirmation of this that you can share?
        Or is it one of those back channel communications, not to be made public?

        In any case, I have the greatest sorrow that you have been so muzzled.
        American would be a far better place if your views received the publication that they deserve,
        in both the print and video media.
        Would that you and Pat Lang shared a monthly op-ed column in the Washington Post,
        writing on alternate months,
        giving your views as people with deep expertise in matters affecting relations between America and the Muslim world.

        • Mike Scheuer says:

          Thank you for writing and for your kind words. When I was fired by the Jamestown Foundation, I was told by its head that it was because of my views on Israel-U.S. relations as expressed briefly at a Jamestown conference. When CBS let me go as their television analyst, I asked why, but they refused to respond. When Georgetown let me go, as they told the media this week, they claimed the university no longer needed a class on al-Qaeda and the worldwide Islamist movement. I was told, though, by my department head that the decision was made to let me go in late October, 2013, which was just a few days after I had testified, in part, on U.S.-Israel relations, before the House Homeland Security Committee. What has become an effective de facto ban from testifying before Congress on our war with Islam came in the following 18 October 2013 public statement by Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY):

          –“Dr. Michael Scheuer’s extreme views toward Israel are well known. The fact that the Republican majority invited such a blatantly outspoken anti-Israel activist is inexcusable. Dr. Scheuer’s testimony before the Homeland Security Committee recommending that America ‘dump the Israelis tomorrow’ couldn’t be more wrong. A strong U.S.-Israel relationship is absolutely vital to the national security interests of the United States. I’m not sure why the Republican-controlled Homeland Security Committee would want to be amplifying Dr. Scheuer’s harmful message.”

          I like to think that I may be the only American ever publicly barred from speaking and telling the truth to the Congress that works for me and all citizens. What is interesting to me is that only I and a British gentleman told the Committee honestly and factually why young Western Muslims were joining the Islamist forces — that is, unrelenting U.S. and European military, political, and cultural interventionism in the Islamic world, and Western support for Israel and Arab tyrants — and if that policy was not moderated or abandoned it would ensure endless war with Islam. It has continued, and the war has worsened. MFS

  5. Charles Byrd says:

    If you are a "conservative" who isn't concerned about Donald Trump's involvement with eminent domain abuse, then you should start calling yourself something else. REAL conservatives protect property rights, they don't use local governments as hired thugs to run people off their property.

    • Mike Scheuer says:

      Thank you for writing. Trumped used eminent domain because the national or state government or both wrote laws allowing that process to proceed. The politicians made the rules and they ought to be made to change them. Trump, however, would have to be a lousy businessman not to do what it takes to make a buck for his company, employees, and himself. A \”real\” conservative — whatever that is these days — would work to change those laws and thus give no opening to Trump or anyone to use that scurvy, government-provided tool. I would say, in response to your main point, that anyone who considers any of the other Republican candidates — save Senator Rand Paul — a conservative, ought to think again. Cruz is the man from Goldman Sachs, Bush is owned by the party\’s Eastern establishment and the Saudis, and the rest are all Neocons and/or Israel-Firsters. I have never thought disregard and even contempt for American sovereignty, social cohesion, independence, and national security were the attributes of a conservative. I still do not think they are. MFS

  6. Mark Santorini says:


    The only thing that make me happy about your rank anti-semitism, is that you published it on the web. Since the “internet never forgets’, I hope this follows you to the end of your miserable days.


    • Mike Scheuer says:

      Thanks for writing. I too hope that I am remembered in some small way for condemning those disloyal Jewish-Americans and their organizations who far prefer Israel to the American republic, who have corrupted the U.S. political system, who have bought at least two presidential candidates in this election season, who have suborned Americans to spy against their own country, and who relentlessly seek to keep America bleeding and spending in Israel\’s endless war with Islam. You have never read a single anti-Semitic word on this site. What ant-Semitic identifies in America today is any person who puts America First, and the word is hurled constantly by Israel-Firsters who tremble and wet their collective pants or panties at the thought of the United States ever beginning to look out for itself. MFS

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