President Trump: Wise up and learn what national government “meanness” really means

Mr. President,

Last week’s media reporting was filled with reports that you have described the House’s health care bill as “mean”. Now, if you think that bill is mean, you are not even close to being in the same ballpark as the bulk of your countrymen. There is so much meanness that has been directed toward Americans in congressional legislation and executive actions already on the books, that whatever you see in the House’s healthcare bill is no more a drop in the bucket of accumulated and deliberate national government meanness toward Americans.

In terms of healthcare, there is not much meanness in either bill — House or Senate — but rather a great deal of natural and unavoidable floundering because the national government has no business, competence, or money to be involved in any form of  universal medical care, save for some assistance through Social Security for senior citizens and the disabled. As always, anything the national government gives away in healthcare services will be inordinately expensive, bankrupting, and generally ineffective.

But, I am in the minority on this issue, and so must ultimately acquiesce in the madness that contends a national healthcare program is a “right”. There is, however, a way to find funding for some of the expense of the looming healthcare debacle by identifying some of the true meanness the national government has inflicted on the citizenry, eradicating it, and using the savings to help pay for healthcare.

Let me suggest, Mr. President, that you first take to the television and tell the American people the absolute truth; namely, that the whole healthcare debate is taking place in a framework of America’s complete bankruptcy, a situation in which there is no room for new expenditures, especially of the unpredictable kind involved in healthcare. If the Congress, the Senate, and you, Mr. President, are intent on saddling our posterity with monstrous additional expenditures, perhaps that debt can be partially paid for by cutting government meanness. Let me list a few of the mean — even cruel — policies and programs of the national government that merit annihilation.

–1.) Foreign Aid: Even as the nation now sits sinking in bankruptcy, the 535 members of the Congress, with your signature, continue to give tens of billions of taxpayer dollars to foreigners. There is not one cent that is given to foreigners in economic, healthcare, educational, or military aid that could not be far better spent at home. The unutterable meanness inherent in the sending hundreds of billions of dollars overseas to foreigners since 1945 has been an absolute disgrace, considering the assistance that money could have rendered to Americans who are hungry, sick, unemployed, and at risk from antiquated infrastructure. That is Mr. Trump, is truly a severe and utterly premeditated form of governmental meanness.

–2.) Charitable Deductions: As you and the Congress draft a tax-reform bill, there should be major changes made in regard to what kind of charitable donations are eligible for a tax deduction. Now, no one wishes to discourage charity or to put a roadblock in the path of those want to donate, but it is an insanity to give tax deductions to people who donate to charities and other organizations that spend all or part of their income overseas. All charity deductions deny revenue to the national government, and this loss of revenue ought to be fully welcomed when those funds are spent at home to help Americans. There is, however, a spectacular meanness in the depriving the bankrupt national government of additional, desperately needed revenue by giving tax deductions to U.S. citizens who donate to foreign charities, or to domestic charities that spend their money abroad, and thereby deprive the national government of tax revenue needed to assist the republic and its citizenry. When reforming the tax code, Mr. President, do not permit charitable deductions for donations by individuals and corporations that are intended for use outside the United States. The money donated to the Catholic Church, for example, should deductible only if it is spent in the United States. The Catholic Church — and similar Protestant, Jewish, and Muslim institutions — should be made to report their total annual income and where it was spent, and deductions for donors should only be allowed for that part of their income spent in America. The same rule should be applied to donations to the World Wildlife Fund, Médecins Sans Frontières Save the Children, and any other charity, NGO, foundation, or religious institution that is based in the United States and sends funds derived from tax-deductible donations overseas. Again, a charitable deduction should be allowed to a donor only if the donation is spent entirely in the United States. Ending the ability of Americans to earn tax deductions for donating to their favorite foreign projects, causes, religions, organizations, people, and governments, Mr. President, will erase another meanness that has been imposed on Americans by their national government.

–3.) End U.S. participation in the Afghan war: This war is irretrievably lost, Mr. President, only your generals are delusional enough to think they can win a war they, Bush, and Obama never intended to win. At this point, it cannot be won by 10,000 more U.S. troops, or 500,000 more troops, for that matter. Indeed, our presence in Afghanistan accelerates it complete destabilization, and causes increased Islamic militancy there and in the region. Withdraw all of our troops Mr. President, and end all varieties of aid to the Afghan government, pullout all U.S. civilian officials and contractors, and destroy all U.S.-built military facilities there so they cannot be used by the Islamists, or by the Russians or Chinese when they inevitably move military forces into Afghanistan. There is only one task that must be accomplished before this complete evacuation. As you know, Mr. President, there is a vast hue and cry across the United States about the “Opioid epidemic”, which is, as I understand it, fueled by synthetic drugs, opium products refined from poppies, or a combination of both.  Now, it is the loathsome, indefensible truth that the U.S. government and its military have occupied Afghanistan — the world’s largest producer of heroin — since late 2001 and have not permanently destroyed the Afghan heroin industry and as many of its workers, smugglers, abettors, and leaders as possible. There is no better example of the national government’s rampant and deliberate meanness towards its own citizens than to keep reinforcing — with dollars, lives, and limbs — a long-lost war, and to allow U.S. generals and diplomats to blithely refuse to, first, destroy the main producer of the heroin that is ravaging this republic, and, second, to make the ground in which the poppies are grown unusable for centuries for agriculture, just as the Romans did in Carthage.

–4.) Republic killing programs: Although the following examples of national government meanness are probably the smallest in terms of dollars spent, ending them would terminate what are perhaps the the greatest sources of deliberate meanness in the national government’s behavior — the for-profit murder of infants, lies portrayed as news, blatant ideological indoctrination, and the intentional destruction of the republic’s history, English-language primacy, culture, equal treatment under the law, and Christian faith. End this deliberate national-government meanness, Mr. President, by permanently defunding National Public Radio (NPR), the Public Broadcasting System (PBS), the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), the Department of Education, and Planned Parenthood. The allocations of taxpayer money to these organizations have largely destroyed American culture, reduced several generations of students to mindless, lazy, and leftist automatons, and murdered nearly 60,000,000 young Americans. NPR, PBS, and the Department of Education are nothing more than recruitment tools for the Democratic Party; the globalists and their fascist goals; the Nazi-like climate fanatics; the air-headed advocates of the delights and nobility of sexual perversion, and the anti-religion left and their echoes in the media. The NEA funds artists bent on attacking United States, the Christian religion, the republic’s history, the Constitution and the Union it created, and the primary importance of the rule-of-law and common decency. NEA has made a largely pornographic and racist shit-hole of depravity from what was once American art. Likewise, the NEH has help to produce an educational system that is seeking to destroy the republic and replace it with minority rule, the end of free speech and self-defense, and the absolute rule of the society-and-culture-eating maggots known as diversity and multiculturalism. Planned Parenthood, of course is nothing more then a Stalin-like butcher shop in which infants are murdered, and their parts sold for profit. The national government, Mr. President, should not be using tax revenue to fund these organizations. Their sole intent is to destroy the republic and all citizens that disagree with them. They are the very core of the national government’s meanness, and so cutting all of their funding will not only help fund healthcare, and perhaps provide our now-wounded republic with a chance to heal, it also will stop their enthusiastic breeding of uneducated, amoral, and violence-prone enemies of the republic.

Lord knows, Mr. President, that the foregoing cuts cannot fund the economically ruinous national healthcare program that is on the table. But the cuts could be used for some funding for the health program, while at the same time draining from the national government behavior some of the hallmarks of is meanness and outright cruelty toward the citizenry.

All we and you have is lemons, Mr. President, so you can only make the best of them. Go down the healthcare road if you must, but limit the debt it adds to the current $20 trillion bottomless pit. Take the funds from ending the foregoing “mean” programs and use them for healthcare. In doing so, you also will begin to cut back the immense meanness that has been inherent in the national government’s treatment of its citizens for the past half-century and more, and perhaps you might even begin to restore what the Founders argued was a key to maintaining the republic; that is, a strong sense of popular affection for the national government.



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No armed response to the Democrat’s rifleman — at least not yet

The Sanders’ Democrat who calmly shot Representative Scalise and others today is just the first installment of what the leading Democrats and their funders, George Soros and his ilk, intend to do this country until they can control all of it.

All of the violence, from the start of the 2016 presidential campaign until this day, has been conducted by Democrats, and enabled by their national leaders’ and the mainstream media’s words, suggestions, and depictions of non-Democrats as non-humans, as well as by various Democratic mayors who have prevented their police forces from protecting peaceful opponents of the Democrat Party. The Christian-hating weasel Bernie Sanders is especially responsible for this widespread violence because, as an avowed socialist, he knows that socialism cannot possibly take control of a geographically immense nation without enormous and indiscriminate street violence, which becomes even greater and more lethal and indiscriminate after the socialists take power.

Whether or not today’s shooter was acting alone or at the Democrats’ direction, you can bet your lunch money that the next step is for the leading Democrats and Soros to quickly identify a high-profile Democrat who is, from their point of view, expendable, and then have him or her killed by a hired gun. Before this murder, of course, an electronic trail will be quickly but thoroughly manufactured and put online so that it will appear that the Democrat-paid killer is a Republican, conservative, or libertarian. The human scum that run Facebook, Amazon, Google, Twitter, and Apple can surely manage this task. Naturally, the Democrats will murder their hired killer, basing this action on the reliable Clintonian doctrine that dead men tell no tales.

As noted, today’s attack is just the start of proliferating Democrat-perpetrated violence. But it is not yet time for small “r” republicans to strike back. Indeed, there must be no armed response in the name of avenging those who were wounded today by the Democrat’s rifleman at the Alexandria ball field. The time may well come for an armed response, and, if it does, it should not be conducted in a womanish, tit-for-tat manner, but as a massive and merciless armed onslaught against the Democratic Party’s leaders, organizers, violent youthful slugs, media shills, and funders. But not yet.

For now, the very best way to stem what seems likely to be a gradual increase in the level of Democrat-sponsored violence across this country — which can only lead to civil war —  is for President Trump to order Attorney General Sessions to use the FBI and the Department of Justice to indict and arrest — without bail — every last Democrat for whom there is sufficient evidence of law-breaking. As noted  in the last piece published on this site, this kind of well-grounded and efficient law-enforcement activity would decapitate the Democratic Party.

Such action is the only way I can think of to reassure non-Democrats that they will not be censored, harassed, beaten, or killed because of their thoughts, words, faith, or political beliefs, and that the vicious forces that Democratic leaders and the mainstream media have aligned under their party’s banner are not above the law. Indictments, bail-less arrests, trials, convictions, if guilt is proven, and incarcerations are about the last tools with which to head off another civil war.

This law-enforcement campaign must get underway now. Another attack by a Sanders-inspired or Clinton-inspired operative on one or more non-Democrats may start the now-looming civil war. The same can be said about what George Soros and his kind are almost certainly planning; namely the above-mentioned murder of a prominent Democrat, after one or more of the high-tech giants have ensured that an internet trail is in place that will pin the murder on  on a non-Democrat.

So keep your powder dry, fingers off triggers, and pray and publicly demand that Trump and Sessions do their duty. If the fail to do so, there will be time, arms, and justification enough to destroy the internal enemy en masse.

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James Comey shows Americans that law does not apply to the elite

James Comey admits to taking official government documents home and then giving them to the NY Times; he directly contradicts his 3 May 2017, under-oath testimony; he publicly conspires with that stooge of a Special Counsel Robert Mueller to stage-manage his testimony; he refused to tell Americans that their president was not colluding with the Russians; he coordinated his public language with Attorney General Lynch to please Clinton, protect that criminal, and fix the 2016 election; and, just after the hearing, is reported to have been offered a $10 million advance/payoff from a New York publisher for a book on Trump.

The Senate committee, almost to a man and woman, tried to aid Comey’s lie-filled, anti-republic testimony against Trump. Only Senators Risch, Cornyn, and Rubio did the enormously easy job of demonstrating that Comey is nothing but a lying, two-bit Clinton-whore. A good high-school debater would have had no problem doing the same.

Mr. Trump, God love you for what have done and are trying to do to resuscitate the republic. We need more jobs, a better stock market, no unnecessary wars, the end of government-mandated multiculturalism and diversity, rebuilt infrastructure, elimination of illegal aliens and street gangs, a border wall, lower taxes, the repeal of hate-speech laws, fairer trade, a lengthy ban on all immigration, an end to abortion, and minimal federal regulations. All of these things are indispensable.

But more urgently important than all of these needs, Mr. Trump, is for Americans to see you and Attorney General Sessions vigorously use the now unenforced law to, figuratively, draw a vast effusion of blood from the utterly lawless American elite. Both of you already have in your possessions the basis for indictments of:

–James Comey for perjury, and he and all FBI officials who conspired with him to support the Clinton campaign

–All three Clintons, both Obamas, and Loretta Lynch

–The Clinton Foundation, its leadership team, some of its contributors, and all of the State Department and other national government officials who willing aided the Foundation while Clinton was Secretary of State

–John Podesta and his DNC leadership team,

–Eric Holder and all those DoJ officials involved in Fast&Furious

–Lois Learner and the IRS officials who persecuted conservatives

–All leakers of classified information, most especially serving and former senior U.S. Intelligence Community officials

–George Soros and all U.S.-citizen, billionaire big shots who fund the violence of Democratic demonstrators

–All the Democratic operatives who have rigged voter lists and otherwise assisted the dead and illegal aliens to vote

–All of the mayors, governors, judges, police chiefs, ministers, priests, NGOs, and university leaders who establish and maintain “sanctuary” domains

–The people who killed DNC employee Seth Rich, as well those responsible for the long list of murders of people who crossed the Clintons

You must, President Trump and Judge Sessions, move quickly on the issue of enforcing the law against the bipartisan U.S. political elite and incarcerating those who are convicted — no pardons, no plea bargains, no probation, no omissions.

All the other improvements for the republic aspired to by the Trump administration are important, even essential. But none is as important than beginning to enforce the law against the gangster-dominated American elite. Legally draw their blood, gentlemen, or they will reverse whatever advances you accomplish for the republic when they rig the next election and defeat you. That result will bring on civil war.

And recall, Mr. Trump and Judge Sessions, that you are defenders of the republic and that your oaths-of-office and the Constitution require you to make sure all of the laws are enforced. The citizenry demands no more than that you do your duty.

If you fail to do so, you leave Americans only one option. Their legitimate means of eliminating the gangster-elite, when the law fails or is not applied, is provided by our Founders and the 1st and 2nd Amendments they bequeathed to their posterity.

And after all is said and done, Mr. President and Judge Sessions, if you fail to do your constitutional duty, or are prevented from doing it, the gangster-elite will quickly come to understand why the Lord allowed men of ingenuity and skill to create the AR-15.

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Anglo-American rebellions draw closer

Events during the past several weeks have left, at least with me, a growing sense that the need for armed rebellion in the United States and the UK is edging closer. The bipartisan political establishments in the United States and in Britain have left their citizenries in a brutal jungle where either the law is not enforced, or new laws are passed to limit fundamental rights – especially free speech – and/or to discriminate against the native-born in favor of preferred minorities or violent Muslim refugees and immigrants. Each native-born citizen is now approaching a break-point where the choice will come down to either passively obeying and truckling to his elite-run government’s discriminatory, humiliating, and increasingly lethal diktats, or to rebel and seek to destroy the central government that is now focused on destroying him, his family, and his nation and its history.

Of the many troubling events of the last fortnight, four seem particularly likely to move rebellion closer:

–Trump’s travel ban and judicial tyranny: In response to an appeal against a lower court’s unconstitutional blocking of the implementation of the president’s travel ban, the appellate judges voted 10 to 3 to sustain the lower court’s illegal and republic-endangering decision. As in all of the court decisions pertaining to the ban, the judges ignored the law and the Constitution, and instead chose to behave as mind-readers. This meant that they applied their partisan hatred of Trump rather than the law, and allied themselves with their personal political ideology and worthless foreigners to block clearly lawful measures needed to protect Americans, as well as the republic that was created by the Constitution and which these tyrannical jurists are sworn to defend. Having lifetime tenure, these judges leave the citizenry with only one way to negate their political partisanship, lawlessness, and preference for foreigners over U.S. citizens.

–Manchester and the madness of disarming: Nearly a hundred of what the Islamic State called “Crusader casualties” occurred in a Libyan Muslim’s suicide attack on young girls attending a concert by one of America’s elite-but-sluttish entertainers, a young woman who told the media soon after the attack that she wished all her fans “would f…ing die”. Swinging into action after the bombing, the Manchester government, Britain’s Tory government, and the British police and media moved quickly to silence any person who dared be critical of Muslims. This persecution extended to a female radio broadcaster who simply and truthfully asked if was not far past time for British men to stand up and defend their wives, sisters, and daughters against the Muslim slime – those two words are mine not hers – that Britain’s political elite has allowed to overrun the United Kingdom. The post-attack behavior of both governments and the West’s mainstream media – including America’s media – eloquently speaks the truth; namely, that native, white Britons, Germans, Americans, etc. exist only to work and pay for Muslim refugees who will never assimilate, but will merrily kill native citizens or hide those who do. After two decades  in which the use of the ballot box has been unable to halt the inflow of Muslim murderers, the British people – and soon the American people – are left with only one way to negate the lawlessness of their elite. Sadly, Britons have let themselves be disarmed by their own government. Perhaps it is time for Britons to recall the words of one of their greatest republican patriots, a man who also was a hero to America’s Founders. “[O]ur ancestors were willing,” John Milton wrote, “to put anything into the king’s power rather than their arms and the garrisons of their towns; conceiving that that would be as if they went about to hand over their liberty to the unrestrained cruelty of their kings.” The consistent “unrestrained cruelty” of post-Thatcher UK governments in ruining British society with unlimited Muslim immigration, and by forcibly imposed multiculturalism and diversity have left the citizenry unable to resist their nation’s destruction because it long ago accepted the madness Milton described as a decision that “the power of the sword must belong to the king alone.” Now, the unarmed British citizenry finds that it must acquiesce in whatever “unjust laws the king would have ordered imposed on them.” [1] Americans, praise God, still believe in and abide by Milton’s words.

–Seth Rich and his fellow corpses: Rich was the victim of a political assassination in Washington, DC, in July, 2016. Rich had worked as an IT Manager for the Democratic National Committee (DNC), and he increasingly looks like the source that leaked the Podesta e-mails to Julian Assange. While Rich’s assassin has not been identified, the DNC’s fingerprints appear to be all over the assassination. Someone, for example, stopped the DC police investigation into Rich’s death. As a result, the owner and patrons of the last bar he was in before being killed were not interviewed, and the film from multiple closed-circuit, security video-cameras in the area of the assassination were not collected and examined by the police. In addition, another young man was killed after serving legal papers to the DNC, and a Democratic congresswoman, the former head of the DNC, was taped threatening the chief of the Capitol Police with “consequences” if he did not return a computer from her office that appears to part of a so far undefined criminal investigation. Soon after this threat of “consequences”, a Federal prosecutor was found dead from a head wound on a beach in the congresswoman’s home district in Florida, which happens to be the district in which she and the DNC are being sued for manipulating the Democratic Party’s 2016 presidential primary elections to ensure no other candidate could defeat Hillary Clinton. In addition, the dead prosecutor’s body was found not far from the home of the judge that is overseeing the DNC lawsuit. These incidents, and law-enforcement’s studied and probably corrupt disinterest in finding Rich’s killers, appears to leave the citizenry with just one way to negate their lawlessness and provide at least a rough kind of justice for the deceased.

–Erasing history to placate swine: In the past two weeks, the New Orleans’ city government removed the statues of four leaders of the Southern Confederacy – including Jefferson Davis and General Robert E. Lee — to satisfy the hate-filled, baying of herds of uneducated millennial shitbirds. If this is the correct manner in which Americans are to treat their nation’s history, it is more than likely that city councils across the nation long ago would have been petitioned to remove the statues of any Black who fomented civil violence; those of any hero of sexual perversion or abortion, and, most of all, any honoring American Indians for their unparalleled craftsmanship in scalping men and women, kidnapping children, smashing babies’ heads against trees and rocks, and, their specialties, burning captives at the stake or burying them in ant hills, but only deep enough to ensure they were alive while being consumed.

But since no nation can proceed in this history-erasing manner and survive, let us hold our petitioning pens and take a look at General Lee’s enormous contributions to the republic, while never forgetting that he fought for – and nearly achieved — the Confederacy’s secession from it. During the U.S.-Mexican War, Lee repeatedly undertook life-risking reconnaissance operations for General Winfield Scott’s army, and without fail found the positions of Mexican forces and sketched routes by which they could be most effectively approached and attacked by the smaller American army. After that war, Scott described Lee as the best soldier he had ever served with; indeed, Scott and Lincoln offered Lee the command of the Union armies on the eve of the rebellion. Later, after the Civil War, Lee, while serving as the president of what is now Washington and Lee University, acted in a manner that reverberated loudly and tellingly across the society of the postwar south, when he walked up to the altar and knelt alongside a Black man to take communion, this when no one else in the congregation would do so.

But what all Americans should most remember and treasure about Robert E. Lee is what he did to ensure that the United States had a chance to survive and reconcile after the civil war. On the morning of 9 April 1865, near a small Virginia town called Appomattox, Confederate Brigadier Edward Porter Alexander sought to dissuade Lee from surrendering the Army of Northern Virginia to Grant. In this conversation, Alexander pleaded with Lee not to surrender the army to Grant, but rather to send his troops to their home states and have them continue the fight there in the fashion of guerrillas and partisans. Lee responded in the following manner.

[A]s Christian men, Gen. Alexander, you and I have no right to think for one moment of our personal feelings or affairs. We must consider only the effect which our action will have upon the country at large.

Suppose I should take your suggestion & order the army to disperse & and make their way to their homes. The men would have no rations & would be under no discipline. They are already demoralized by four years of war. They would have to plunder and rob to procure subsistence. The country would be full of lawless bands in every part, & a state of society would ensue from which it would take the country years to recover. Then the enemy’s cavalry would pursue in the hopes of catching the principal officers, & wherever they went there would be fresh rapine & destruction.

And as for myself, while you young men might afford to go to bushwhacking, the only proper and dignified course for me would be to surrender myself & take the consequences of my actions.

But it is still in the early spring, & if the men can be quietly & quickly returned to their homes there is time to plant crops & begin to repair the ravages of war. That is what I must now try to bring about. I expect to meet General Grant at ten this morning in the rear of the army and to surrender this army to him. [2]

Thus, Lee made a decision that likely saved the Union from a guerrilla war that might have dragged on for years, caused untold numbers of human deaths and much more property destruction, and certainly would have made national reconciliation a very distant and perhaps unattainable goal. In his memoirs, Alexander also recalls his immediate reaction to Lee’s republic-mending decision.

Then I thought I had never half known before what a big heart & brain our general had. I was so ashamed of having proposed to him such a foolish and wild cat scheme as my suggestion had been that I felt like begging him to forget that he had ever heard it. … It seemed now an inestimable privilege to serve under him to the very last moment & that no scene in the life of the Army of Northern Virginia would be more honorable than the one which was now to close its record. [3]

Watching the crane removing Lee’s statue in New Orleans, it seemed clear that the New Orleans city council that ordered its removal, the crane operator and crew that undertook the task, the media covering the process, and the rabid uneducated fools, and their Democratic enablers, who demanded the action, knew little or nothing about General Lee, the wars in which he fought, or the debt all Americans owe him. Particularly reprehensible was the ignorant rabble that expressed such hatred for Lee, and through him for all of the contemporary South, the republic’s history, and the honored Civil War dead on both sides. These people blithely lit yet another fuse that will earn them – when the patience of Americans runs out – the fury of their fellow countrymen, whom they take such great joy in wickedly and recklessly abusing.

In a post-bellum song called “I’m a Good Old Rebel”, a Confederate soldier laments that “300,000 Yankees lay dead in Southern dust. We got 300,000 before they conquered us. They died of Southern fever, and Southern steel and shot. I wish it was 3 million instead of what we got.” If necessary, and God willing, that rebel may yet get his wish.



–1.) John Milton, “Defence of the People of England,” 1651

–2.) Gary W. Gallagher, (Ed.). Fighting for the Confederacy. The Personal Recollections of General Edward Porter Alexander. Chapel Hill, NC: University of North Carolina Press, 1989, pp. 532-533

–3.) Ibid., p.533



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U.S. thinking on arming the Kurds: Complex, intricate, nuanced, or just plain stupid?

We are halfway through May, 2017, and it seems to be a month that again highlights the dearth of commonsense in the minds of most of those who are responsible for conducting the republic’s foreign and domestic affairs. On this score, one event merits special notice, namely, the arming of the Kurds.

This decision will eventually have such a widespread and disastrous impact on the Middle East region that the interventionist diplomats, media, generals, and academics who advised President Trump to arm the Kurds will have to fall back on a paraphrase of that old Iraq-War, Bush lie, “We did our best and the calamity that resulted from our decision to arm the Kurds is a case of unintended consequences.” When the worst occurs, anyone with a bit of commonsense will recognize that the failure, destabilization, and additional war that has resulted from arming the Kurds was something that (a) was perfectly and easily predictable and (b) another long step into a fatal swamp in which America has nothing at stake save the feelings, sensitivities, and ardor for lucre of the already rich American governing elite. But first, take a quick look at the two maps that follow.

Map 1

Image result for
Map 2

As can be seen, there are substantial Kurdish populations in Syria, Turkey, Iraq, and Iran, and, at least in Iraq, Kurdish territories sit upon enormous oil and natural gas reserves. Each of those four nations has long feared the Kurds’ strident demands for an independent Kurdish state, their fighting abilities, and their fiery nationalism. As fear always does, the nations’ fear of the Kurds has led to their economic, social, linguistic, and – at times — military oppression by each government. In short, Syria, Iraq, Turkey, and Iran have long seen their Kurdish populations as malcontents bent on independence and so a threat to their territorial integrity.

Now along comes Uncle Sam, having been assigned by the interventionists to again stick the republic’ already badly bloodied nose into other peoples’ wars. He brings in his pack, the media report, weapons that are probably superior to any the Kurds have had in their modern history, as well as top-of-the-line military vehicles. Uncle Sam also brings Special Forces trainers/advisers, and ongoing air support from the U.S.-led, anti-Islamic State (IS) coalition. Lastly, he brings the U.S. national government’s okay for the Kurds’ military forces to advance out of the areas that they have traditionally dominated and engage IS mujahedin in areas that have little or no Kurdish population. In other words, they have the okay of the United States to occupy territory that historically, ethnically, and/or religiously belongs to non-Kurds, and there is no indication that our genius diplomats and generals have given much thought to the problem of how to affect their eviction from those territories and get them to return home when/if the battle against IS is won.

Quite obviously, this is another case of mindless U.S. interventionism running amok. Of the four states coping with restive Kurdish populations, only the Turks have publicly denounced Washington’s policy of arming and training their Kurdish enemies. It is difficult to imagine, however, that the Syrian, Iraqi, and Iranian regimes are any more pleased than the Turks with the republic’s intervention in the Kurdish problem that it manifestly does not understand, and which will make a much more effective and battle-hardened military force of the separatist-minded Kurds. None of those states could possibly believe that the Kurds assistance in taking ar-Raqqaa is worth the future war it is breeding between them and the Kurds.

The question, as usual, is why do the national government’s supposedly world-class political, economic, and military brains continue to prove themselves so absolutely ignorant of the way the world works, how others live and govern, and of what genuine U.S. national interests look like. Since the start of the Arab Spring, U.S. involvement in Syria, under both parties, has been based on ignoring reality and disabling the Washington’s policy community’s commonsense function.

The unnecessary, arrogant mistake that over-arches the Syria issue was the Obama administration’s declaration – which was supported by most Republicans — that the so-called “Arab Spring” marked the success of U.S. policy in the Middle East, and the  launching of an unstoppable surge of secular democracy across the region. I recall being on a FOX News panel on the day Mubarak resigned and saying that the Arab Spring could only yield a telling victory for Osama bin Laden, al-Qaeda, and the international Islamist movement. I was virtually hooted of the set by the other panelists, and this for saying something that was crystal clear to anyone but an arrogant deluded interventionist. Simply put, calling the Arab Spring a huge victory for Islamism and the mujahedin was just about the most easy and rudimentary piece of accurate analysis that can be imagined. Why, after all, would tens of millions of North African and Levantine Muslims celebrate the fall of dictators – in which they surely saw God’s hand delivering the answer to their prayers — by turning their back on a deeply held faith in the God that sustained them during decades of dictatorial rule? The argument that secular democracy was at hand because of the Arab Spring could only come from a lying interventionist or someone educated in the U.S. university system and who never challenged the leftist, anti-religious, and pacifist nonsense imparted to him as historically accurate knowledge.

The Republican-media-academy supported Obama/Clinton lie about the Arab Spring, the policies it still informs, and the implementation of those policies have produced the following:

–The U.S.-Western coalition’s knowing consignment of more than a million Syrian Alawites to annihilation if its main goal of destroying Asaad’s government is attained.

–That coalition’s false claim that non-Islamic State, Islamist insurgent groups are less radical, less bloodthirsty, and more pro-western than IS, al-Qaeda, and other mujahedin groups.

–That coalition’s decision to fund, arm, and train these supposedly “moderate” groups, which – if Russia does not save the day and Asaad’ regime is eradicated — did nothing but ensure the ultimate Islamization of Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Egypt.

–The expansion of Iran’s influence throughout Iraq and across Syria via its own military and intelligence forces and Iraq’s Shia militia force, which are now also operating in much of Syria. The “Shia Arc” the Sunni world long feared is now complete. It ranges from Iran’s border with Afghanistan all the way to Shia Hizballah’s bastion on the Mediterranean’s waters, and all built by the U.S.-Western interventionist coalition.

–The same coalition is now expanding its military presence in the Syria-Iraq theater. It is focused on capturing cities – as if it was the drive from Normandy toward Berlin – which will do nothing but free all Islamist forces to wage insurgent warfare against all of their foes. The war that the coalition generals have always said “is like no other” has turned into World War II’s European Theater, but with no plausible expectation of crippling IS and the other Islamists, let alone final victory.

It would be hard to think of another measure that could worsen the situation which has been produced by the five actions above, but the interventionists’ blanket stupidity should never be underestimated. They have now come up with such a measure by rubbing the genie’s lamp and freeing – and arming — the lethal genie of Kurdish independence-seeking and territory-grabbing, a genie that Syria, Iran, Iraq, and Turkey have kept in check at great cost to each nation, and especially to the Turks.

Today, the U.S.-armed Kurds are advancing in several directions out of their traditional homelands and into new territory. If ar Raqqa is taken by the U.S.-led coalition, with the Kurds in the van, do our generals believe that they can simply say to the Kurdish leaders, “Thanks a lot. Now, bury your dead and go home”? That may happen, but the odds are that the only way the Kurdish genie can be put back into the lamp is if they are militarily forced into it and the lid is sealed permanently.

And if the U.S.-led coalition does not move to evict the Kurds from non-Kurd territory, and instead supports the creation of an independent Kurdish nation, do U.S. forces fight alongside the Kurds against the Syrian, Iranian, Turkish, Iraqi regimes, and most of the Islamists, none of whom will stand for an independent Kurdish state, let alone one that annexes pieces of Arab or Persian territory? If that is what our national government decides, it will also be signing on to help the Kurds conquer more territory.

Why? Take a second to again look at the maps above. Clearly an independent Kurdish nation limited to its historic territory would be landlocked. It would be sitting on huge reserves in oil and natural gas, but could never be sure that those resources would get to market because the pipelines needed to move them would be controlled by its enemies. The only possible answer to this problem would be to annex a territorial corridor – almost certainly through Syria — that would allow the Kurds to reliably move their energy resources to the Mediterranean for export.

Another war to kill U.S. Marines and soldiers for oil we do not need, anyone?



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