U.S. thinking on arming the Kurds: Complex, intricate, nuanced, or just plain stupid?

We are halfway through May, 2017, and it seems to be a month that again highlights the dearth of commonsense in the minds of most of those who are responsible for conducting the republic’s foreign and domestic affairs. On this score, one event merits special notice, namely, the arming of the Kurds.

This decision will eventually have such a widespread and disastrous impact on the Middle East region that the interventionist diplomats, media, generals, and academics who advised President Trump to arm the Kurds will have to fall back on a paraphrase of that old Iraq-War, Bush lie, “We did our best and the calamity that resulted from our decision to arm the Kurds is a case of unintended consequences.” When the worst occurs, anyone with a bit of commonsense will recognize that the failure, destabilization, and additional war that has resulted from arming the Kurds was something that (a) was perfectly and easily predictable and (b) another long step into a fatal swamp in which America has nothing at stake save the feelings, sensitivities, and ardor for lucre of the already rich American governing elite. But first, take a quick look at the two maps that follow.

Map 1

Image result for http://mapsontheweb.zoom-maps.com/post/54252391599/areas-with-a-majority-ethnic-kurdish-population
Map 2


As can be seen, there are substantial Kurdish populations in Syria, Turkey, Iraq, and Iran, and, at least in Iraq, Kurdish territories sit upon enormous oil and natural gas reserves. Each of those four nations has long feared the Kurds’ strident demands for an independent Kurdish state, their fighting abilities, and their fiery nationalism. As fear always does, the nations’ fear of the Kurds has led to their economic, social, linguistic, and – at times — military oppression by each government. In short, Syria, Iraq, Turkey, and Iran have long seen their Kurdish populations as malcontents bent on independence and so a threat to their territorial integrity.

Now along comes Uncle Sam, having been assigned by the interventionists to again stick the republic’ already badly bloodied nose into other peoples’ wars. He brings in his pack, the media report, weapons that are probably superior to any the Kurds have had in their modern history, as well as top-of-the-line military vehicles. Uncle Sam also brings Special Forces trainers/advisers, and ongoing air support from the U.S.-led, anti-Islamic State (IS) coalition. Lastly, he brings the U.S. national government’s okay for the Kurds’ military forces to advance out of the areas that they have traditionally dominated and engage IS mujahedin in areas that have little or no Kurdish population. In other words, they have the okay of the United States to occupy territory that historically, ethnically, and/or religiously belongs to non-Kurds, and there is no indication that our genius diplomats and generals have given much thought to the problem of how to affect their eviction from those territories and get them to return home when/if the battle against IS is won.

Quite obviously, this is another case of mindless U.S. interventionism running amok. Of the four states coping with restive Kurdish populations, only the Turks have publicly denounced Washington’s policy of arming and training their Kurdish enemies. It is difficult to imagine, however, that the Syrian, Iraqi, and Iranian regimes are any more pleased than the Turks with the republic’s intervention in the Kurdish problem that it manifestly does not understand, and which will make a much more effective and battle-hardened military force of the separatist-minded Kurds. None of those states could possibly believe that the Kurds assistance in taking ar-Raqqaa is worth the future war it is breeding between them and the Kurds.

The question, as usual, is why do the national government’s supposedly world-class political, economic, and military brains continue to prove themselves so absolutely ignorant of the way the world works, how others live and govern, and of what genuine U.S. national interests look like. Since the start of the Arab Spring, U.S. involvement in Syria, under both parties, has been based on ignoring reality and disabling the Washington’s policy community’s commonsense function.

The unnecessary, arrogant mistake that over-arches the Syria issue was the Obama administration’s declaration – which was supported by most Republicans — that the so-called “Arab Spring” marked the success of U.S. policy in the Middle East, and the  launching of an unstoppable surge of secular democracy across the region. I recall being on a FOX News panel on the day Mubarak resigned and saying that the Arab Spring could only yield a telling victory for Osama bin Laden, al-Qaeda, and the international Islamist movement. I was virtually hooted of the set by the other panelists, and this for saying something that was crystal clear to anyone but an arrogant deluded interventionist. Simply put, calling the Arab Spring a huge victory for Islamism and the mujahedin was just about the most easy and rudimentary piece of accurate analysis that can be imagined. Why, after all, would tens of millions of North African and Levantine Muslims celebrate the fall of dictators – in which they surely saw God’s hand delivering the answer to their prayers — by turning their back on a deeply held faith in the God that sustained them during decades of dictatorial rule? The argument that secular democracy was at hand because of the Arab Spring could only come from a lying interventionist or someone educated in the U.S. university system and who never challenged the leftist, anti-religious, and pacifist nonsense imparted to him as historically accurate knowledge.

The Republican-media-academy supported Obama/Clinton lie about the Arab Spring, the policies it still informs, and the implementation of those policies have produced the following:

–The U.S.-Western coalition’s knowing consignment of more than a million Syrian Alawites to annihilation if its main goal of destroying Asaad’s government is attained.

–That coalition’s false claim that non-Islamic State, Islamist insurgent groups are less radical, less bloodthirsty, and more pro-western than IS, al-Qaeda, and other mujahedin groups.

–That coalition’s decision to fund, arm, and train these supposedly “moderate” groups, which – if Russia does not save the day and Asaad’ regime is eradicated — did nothing but ensure the ultimate Islamization of Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Egypt.

–The expansion of Iran’s influence throughout Iraq and across Syria via its own military and intelligence forces and Iraq’s Shia militia force, which are now also operating in much of Syria. The “Shia Arc” the Sunni world long feared is now complete. It ranges from Iran’s border with Afghanistan all the way to Shia Hizballah’s bastion on the Mediterranean’s waters, and all built by the U.S.-Western interventionist coalition.

–The same coalition is now expanding its military presence in the Syria-Iraq theater. It is focused on capturing cities – as if it was the drive from Normandy toward Berlin – which will do nothing but free all Islamist forces to wage insurgent warfare against all of their foes. The war that the coalition generals have always said “is like no other” has turned into World War II’s European Theater, but with no plausible expectation of crippling IS and the other Islamists, let alone final victory.

It would be hard to think of another measure that could worsen the situation which has been produced by the five actions above, but the interventionists’ blanket stupidity should never be underestimated. They have now come up with such a measure by rubbing the genie’s lamp and freeing – and arming — the lethal genie of Kurdish independence-seeking and territory-grabbing, a genie that Syria, Iran, Iraq, and Turkey have kept in check at great cost to each nation, and especially to the Turks.

Today, the U.S.-armed Kurds are advancing in several directions out of their traditional homelands and into new territory. If ar Raqqa is taken by the U.S.-led coalition, with the Kurds in the van, do our generals believe that they can simply say to the Kurdish leaders, “Thanks a lot. Now, bury your dead and go home”? That may happen, but the odds are that the only way the Kurdish genie can be put back into the lamp is if they are militarily forced into it and the lid is sealed permanently.

And if the U.S.-led coalition does not move to evict the Kurds from non-Kurd territory, and instead supports the creation of an independent Kurdish nation, do U.S. forces fight alongside the Kurds against the Syrian, Iranian, Turkish, Iraqi regimes, and most of the Islamists, none of whom will stand for an independent Kurdish state, let alone one that annexes pieces of Arab or Persian territory? If that is what our national government decides, it will also be signing on to help the Kurds conquer more territory.

Why? Take a second to again look at the maps above. Clearly an independent Kurdish nation limited to its historic territory would be landlocked. It would be sitting on huge reserves in oil and natural gas, but could never be sure that those resources would get to market because the pipelines needed to move them would be controlled by its enemies. The only possible answer to this problem would be to annex a territorial corridor – almost certainly through Syria — that would allow the Kurds to reliably move their energy resources to the Mediterranean for export.

Another war to kill U.S. Marines and soldiers for oil we do not need, anyone?



–Map 1 is located at: http://mapsontheweb.zoom-maps.com/post/54252391599/areas-with-a-majority-ethnic-kurdish-population

–Map 2 is located at: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/5b/6f/06/5b6f0682678955727e220c582ec0fd9a.jpg

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It is time, General Mattis, to leave NATO and Europe to the coroner

This morning’s news notes that Defense Secretary James Mattis was in Denmark and is on his way to other European capitals to talk about how to defeat “Islamic terrorism” with our NATO allies. Now, Mattis is – I hope – no one’s fool. But it would be interesting to know how he reconciles the expenditure of his time, the cost of transportation and security, and the continued misleading of Americans about the value of the NATO alliance to U.S. security, with the fact that only last Sunday the French elected yet another president who is eager to preside over, and even quicken, the suicide of the French nation as part of what is now a Europe-wide comic-opera called “Death by Muslim”.

In most NATO capitals, with the exceptions of Warsaw, Budapest, Belgrade, and, partially, London, national governments are unwilling to protect their own native-born people from Muslim immigrants, migrants, and refugees, people who neither want to, nor will be forced to assimilate. Educated with the professoriate’s recipe for creating nation-hating zombie-hood – a blend of multiculturalism, diversity, and feminism – these governments do everything they can to promote the Islamization of Europe, which, when it occurs, will find that the professors, multiculturalists, diversifiers, and feminists are the first to be executed. That will be the only, but still absolutely splendid upside of Islamization in Europe.

National suicide, of course, is a policy choice open to every nation. The French reaffirmed their devotion to the policy this past weekend, the Dutch previously, the Germans reaffirm it almost daily, and the British have withdrawn their decision for suicide, but they are likely too late. The correct response for the U.S. government to these decisions is to wish the suicidal Europeans all the best, that they rest in peace, and to simultaneously present NATO’s Secretary General with the required one-year notice that the republic is withdrawing from the alliance and closing its bases in Europe.

Why, you may ask? Well, for three pretty strong reasons. First, because NATO no longer serves U.S. national interests; it serves only the interests of weapons-makers and the war-lovers, like McCain, Graham, the Neocons, and others of that unsavory ilk. Even during the Cold War, the Alliance was mostly a military mirage, made up of countries that would not pay what they pledged for their own defense, increasingly hated the United States, and whose only defense against the USSR were the U.S., British, and French nuclear deterrents.

Since the Cold War’s end, NATO governments have spent even less on their own defense, and, militarily speaking, now stand as the hollowed-out shell of a former military cripple. So abjectly unprepared are the military forces of the alliance’s European members that they cower about a supposed threat from Vladimir Putin, a man who runs a country that does not have a pot to piss in, has far too few military-age men, and is being demographically demolished. Putin does have, however, what none of the European leaders do; namely, a willingness to defend genuine Russian national interests, sovereignty, culture, and independence, whatever the cost. The Europeans best think twice before the act as they did in the Ukraine where they arrogantly assumed that Putin would not defend a key Russian interest by retaking Crimea.

But all of this is a problem the sophisticated, well-educated, and oh-so-superior European elite can handle themselves. The duty of the United States is to avoid the fatal, double-snare posed by its continued membership in NATO. Notwithstanding recent pledges by NATO members to raise their annual defense expenditures to 2-percent of GDP, this increase is from a longstanding and chronically underfunded base that has yielded political-generals, small militaries, obsolescent weaponry, and aged technology. This negligence also reflects broadly popular sentiments of anti-militarism and anti-Americanism, which have been deliberately bred by the European media, EU leaders, and the EU bureaucracy’s educational policies and guidelines. The unavoidable consequence of this probably unfixable military disaster is that, as always since 1949, the United States is left holding the only military forces and checkbook that can defend Europe, this time against a supposed Putin-led, Russian threat which is the creation of the elder Bush’s New World Order nightmare – especially its potentially war-causing expansion of NATO — and the work in Ukraine of the EU and Obama/Clinton/McCain/Graham democracy-mongers.

Terminating the expenditure of the U.S. citizenry’s taxes on Europe’s defense, however, is not most important reason for the U.S. national government to give notice of its withdrawal from NATO. The second reason – and this one is unfixable – is that there is no reason to believe that the overwhelming majority of Europeans have any intention of defending themselves against an external enemy. The record of NATO members’ “help” in the Afghan and Iraq wars is pathetic and indicative of cowardice and a determination to let others do their fighting and dying. Just recall the Germans and Dutch sitting in their well protected Afghan compounds, drinking beer and venturing out once in a while to do some “police training”; the French hightailing it out of Afghanistan after suffering a few casualties; and the Spanish and Italians going home even faster from Iraq for the same reason. The only reason that the unnecessary and now-lost wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were not lost sooner was because U.S., British, Canadian, and Australian forces did the fighting, with superb help – I am told – from the Poles, Romanians, and several other East European militaries.

This is a hard reality when it pertains to foreign wars, but after recent elections in The Netherlands and France it is clear that the Europeans are not even prepared to defend themselves at home. Indeed, both elections produced results that will enhance the EU’s welcome for massive inflows of Muslim refugees – mostly military-age men of the Salafi persuasion – until it becomes a death-dealing flood deeper than any seen since Noah was a bone-dry pup. Next year’s German and Swedish elections will seal the deal and drive the EU elite’s deliberate campaign to destroy and Islamicize Europe past the point of no return.

The Islamists, in Ayman al-Zawahiri’s words, originally intended to wait and conquer Europe via the always crowded Muslim cradle. No point to that now, however, and a loud and heart-felt mujahedin “Allahu Akbar!” surely must be going out to Allah for giving Islam such perfect and self-hating enemies as the multiculturalists, diversifiers, and – God love ‘em – those ignorant, moronic feminists who prance about displaying bare boobs, heads topped with vagina-shaped hats, adorned with burqas, and obviously thirsting for a new, Harridan-and-Virago-dominated world, but who actually are, praise God, blindly running toward a future of sexual use by Islamist fighters and then decapitation. But, look on the bright side, sometimes people get precisely what they deserve.

Surely – are you listening General Mattis? – the United States needs no allies who refuse to defend themselves overseas or at home. We carried the NATO Alliance – with our brother British-origin, English-speaking states – on our backs and through our purse in multiple overseas wars since 9/11. The idea of U.S. Marines and soldiers bleeding, losing limps, and dying in an urban war to clear the tens of thousands of Islamist fighters our NATO allies invited to inhabit and criminalize their cities and towns, live on the dole, and murder Europe’s identities and cultures is intolerable. Who would they shoot at? The EU and NATO’s national governments would side with Muslims and shoot the native-born. Would we join them to shoot at people who simply want their country back and the criminal and non-assimilable seized and deported? Or, in the name of diversity and multiculturalism, would our forces join the EU and NATO governments and their beloved Muslims and mow down the native-born patriots? No, America wants no part of the madness that the Europeans have knowingly unleashed upon themselves; let them wallow in the bloodshed they have so richly earned.

The third reason for getting out of NATO, if another is needed, is that Europe has yet to experience either the full impact of veteran mujahedin returning from fighting abroad, or the trained fighters that will be blending into Western Europe from the Islamists’ enclaves – helpfully created by the EU and Bill Clinton – in Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, and elsewhere in the Balkans. Thanks to Mrs. Merkel, the Islamists’ main force already is in Europe in the form of tens of thousands of military-age male refugees. The latter have made their presence felt by staging, or helping to stage, attacks in, at least, France, Belgium, Germany, and Sweden. But, for the most part, these supporters of al-Qaeda and the Islamic State are not well-trained, thus the limited number of casualties caused in many of the attacks. Once the combat-experienced, Europe-origin mujahedin return home in higher numbers, and more veteran Islamist fighters arrive from the Balkans, and begin imparting military and explosives training to the refugees, Europe’s domestic security services — which have long lacked the manpower to effectively surveil the untrained Islamists — will be unable to cope with the resulting frequency and level violence.

At this stage in its history, the bankrupt American republic and its citizens require fewer not additional overseas political and military obligations. This is especially true in Europe, where the enormous, continent-wide hatred for Trump – and so for nationalism, sovereignty, hard-work, independence, faith, and self-reliance – makes it clear that, like Hillary Clinton, they consider half of Americans to be “deplorables”. It would be the act of a true American cur to continue to commit U.S. military personnel – most of whom are from what Hillary called “deplorable” families, locales, and blue-collar backgrounds – to wage war on behalf of the Europeans who hate them, their way of life, and their faith.

Save for some of the British, moreover, most Americans have little in common with Europeans. The result of recent elections, for example, makes it clear that most Europeans want to be ruled by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels; to be led by men and women intent on destroying the last vestiges of Europe’s nationalisms, unique cultures, and history; and to grovel before laws that empower new, unwanted, and Europe-hating immigrant minorities to dominate native Europeans and impose on them their alien and often-criminal cultures.

General Mattis, then, ought to come back from NATO-land and advise the president that the republic is tied to Europe by a treaty that is severely and perhaps fatally detrimental to U.S. national security. He should tell the president that today Europe is a continent that will not defend itself at home or abroad, and is led by people who are transforming Europe into a borderless, peasant-filled, violent, crime-ridden, and third-world non-civilization, just as Obama tried to do to America. It is a place, General Mattis can tell the president, where the scum of the earth – the EU’s globalist elite and their violent, dole-loving immigrants, refugees, and migrants – dictate every aspect of personal conduct and thought to men and women who are the descendants of ancestors who created one of the greatest, most accomplished, and freest civilizations ever known to man. NATO has, General Mattis can conclude, fatally overdosed on diversity, multiculturalism, feminism, love of ease, and anti-Americanism, and so the United States must end every obligation it has under the NATO Treaty that would oblige it to send the republic’s Marines and soldiers to Europe to risk life and limb in a hopeless attempt to save the servile and self-hating Europeans from themselves.


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How to deal with the “Resistance”? – Not necessarily civil war, but civil war if necessary

‘If anyone likes to play rough, we can play rough too.” W.S. Churchill, Speech to Canada’s Parliament, 31 December 1941

Six months after Mr. Trump’s election, the Republican and Democratic establishments, most of the media, the academy, the bipartisan elite, the climate charlatans, the Neocons, the Israel-Firsters, and the near-zombies all of them have produced in the country’s student bodies and minority groups continue to think, behave (at times violently), and “resist” as if the election was illegitimate and President Trump will be removed from office.

Until the inauguration, this phenomenon seemed simply a combination of absurd whining about the defeat of the left’s favorite criminal, Hillary Clinton, and a chance for students to miss classes and the minorities and women to skip work. Since 20 January 2017, and Trump’s magnificent speech on that overcast day, however, the child-like behavior of the pre-inauguration weeks has turned into more or less criminality, and a pervasive belief in the anti-Trump ranks that holds neither Trump nor his supporters – and the ideas and aspirations of each – can possibly be held by genuine human beings and respectable U.S. citizens, and that only the anti-Trumpers are human beings and respectable citizens. There is, moreover, no sign, or even a hint, that this literally murderous attitude among that anti-American multitude is going to do anything but harden.

Now, as readers of this space will suspect, I have a strong case of heart-burn over Trump’s military intervention in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. The result of these delusional exercises in reinforcing defeat will be the well-established norm: dead, maimed, and PTSD-ed Marines and soldiers; billions of wasted dollars; and more defeats. Honestly, the worth of U.S. military academies seems non-existent in terms of teaching their students how to fight wars and secure victory. How could General McMaster and his fellow generals, for example, believe that the retaking of cities in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan is a game that is worth the candle? Those knuckleheads seem not to realize that cities are an enormous burden to Islamist insurgent forces, and while the Islamists wanted to hold them, they will be a far more effective and deadly force when they return to their forte, guerrilla warfare. I know it is a lot to ask, but do you not think that these generals would recall that we held all the major cities in South Viet Nam and still lost that war, or that we won all the major Afghan cities in 2001-2002 and still have lost Bush’s war there, the renewal and loss of Obama’s war there, and – soon – the renewal and loss of Trump’s war there. The actor John Wayne is reputed to have said that “Life is tough, but it’s tougher if you are stupid.” U.S. generals have thoroughly validated Mr. Wayne’s words, and their pensions and post-military, corporate-director salaries ought to be confiscated to help pay for the enormous costs U.S. taxpayers are going to pay for having their military mired in demolished cities and responsible for administering, feeding, and rebuilding them as the trophy for the feckless campaign that captures them, but leaves an unbeaten, stronger, and more elusive Islamist insurgent enemy in the field.

Back to the so-called anti-Trump “resistance”, which, of course, will soon field the wholly-owned, Democratic Party-subsidiary known as the “American Peace Movement,” which I noticed was utterly silent during gangster-Obama’s rule, though that cold-blooded thug murdered far more civilians than all of the covert operations undertaken in the decade prior to his election, probably by a factor of 50-to-1 or more. This group, in addition, to those mentioned earlier, want nothing except to remove Trump; silence his supporters, by bloody coercion if necessary; and to then undo the exceptional number of positive achievements Trump has already scored for the rehabilitation of the republic’s economy. Those who have flocked to the many insane banners that fly over this cesspool of “resistance” are not going to give up. They have not only completely divorced themselves from America, they have made themselves utterly and literally expendable.

What to do? Two courses of action are in order.

–A.) The first is for President Trump and his team to accelerate their campaign to make good on the goals set and promises made by Trump during the election, to ensure his base expands and remains enthusiastic so his party can retain control of both houses of congress in 2018 and win the 2020 election. There are several tasks remaining to be completed – some difficult, some easy – if this trick is to be turned, and they must be accomplished.

–1.) Restore Americans’ faith in the rule of law; the equality of all before the law; and the republic’s constitutional viability by indicting and trying – under the espionage laws — Hillary Clinton and all those in Obama’s administration who knowingly conspired to use her deliberately hidden, unclassified, non-government server to conduct the republic’s national security affairs. Ditto, under the appropriate laws, for those who knowingly participated in the Clinton Foundation’s patently illegal activities – including selling foreigners the power of the Secretary of State’s office — and those who used the U.S. intelligence community and the Internal Revenue Service to persecute, surveil/expose, and defeat Obama’s political opponents. Also, indict George Soros for funding violence by the brain-dead students and minorities the Democrats use as cannon fodder.

–2.) Complete the annihilation of Obama care, and replace it with health plans and premiums that are set by corporate competition, and allow the citizenry to purchase what they want and can afford.

–3.) Reduce tax rates to the lowest possible point in all categories, eliminate the death tax, and allocate a large part of the resulting increase in government revenue to reducing Obama’s debt.

–4.) Build the southern border wall as quickly as possible, no more dithering.

–5.) Remove all illegal aliens – they are all criminals — from the United States, forcibly if necessary.

–6.) Forget trying to withhold funds from sanctuary cities, towns, states, and campuses, and begin arresting any elected politician, “resistance” activist, judge, priest, mayor, journalist, professor, or celebrity who refuses to obey the law or seeks to obstruct it. Elected officials who defy the law are in a state of rebellion against the law, the Constitution, and the continued existence of the Union. These illegal and obstructive actions would justify the use of the U.S. military if local, state, and federal law-enforcement agencies prove unable to compel the lawless to act legally.

–7.) Permanently stop all taxpayer-funding for Planned Parenthood, and, when the time comes, appoint nothing but pro-life justices to the Supreme Court.

–8.) Make NAFTA, and other trade agreements, America friendly or abandon or abrogate them.

–9.) Make all policy decisions, personnel appointments, and spending plans on education into crystal-clear and effective preliminaries to terminating the existence of the U.S. Department of Education.

–10.) Fix the Veterans’ Administration with rapid and ruthless efficiency.

–11.) End more than a century of republic-killing overseas interventionism, all foreign aid, and all immigration for three-years.

–B.) With what Trump already has accomplished, moderate, visible, and tangible advances on the issues above ought to be enough to enlarge his majorities in Congress, and to reelect him in 20102. But, given the mindset of the “resistance”, this kind of success for Trump and the republic is likely to breed ever more violent and lethal demonstrations and attacks by the Soros-funded resistance. The loyal citizenry will then be faced with a decision as to whether they will tolerate the violence, economic destruction, and hatred being directed at them by the resistance. My answer would be to declare a “no-tolerance policy” for the expendables who fill the ranks of the resistance. Once Soros’s well-paid but addled boys and girls kill pro-republic citizens or nearby innocents a anvil should be dropped to obliterate them. For now,

–1.) The targets of the fascist “resistance” – that is, anyone who disagrees with them — ought to bide their time and support Trump. They also should continue to arm with the best weaponry they can afford. Pray God none of those willing to bide time are rewarded for their patience with death.

–2.) If Soros’s personal SS cross the line and kill those they hate, Trump supporters should hold tight, and see if the Trump administration will rid the republic of these wicked and expendable humans.

–3.) If Trump’s administration fails to act, or acts as if the expendables are misguided kids rather than vicious ideologues, there would be no more reason for those who are loyal to the American republic to hold back from defending their country, thereby making clear that they will never be servile enough to go back to the anti-republic, globalist, lawless, and anti-Constitution era of the Bushes, Clintons, and Obamas. But what to do? Well, on most issues I am not a great admirer of Winston Churchill, too much unnecessary war-making for me. But the American republic was formed to restore to Americans the English liberties that had been taken by the British Crown, and which are today again in dire need of restoration in the republic. And on the defense of these liberties, Churchill is without peer. If Soros’s fascist “resistance” kills those they hate, let the loyal citizenry’s response be the one called for by Churchill. “We have not journeyed all this way across the centuries,” he declared in the early 1940s,

across the oceans, across the mountains, across the prairies, because we are made of sugar candy. The enemies ranged against us, coalesced and combined against us, have asked for total war. Let us make sure they get it. … Tyranny is our foe, whatever trappings or disguise it wears, whatever language it speaks, be it external or internal, we must forever be on our guard, ever mobilized, ever vigilant, always ready to spring at its throat.

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As always, U.S. interventionism yields a dunghill of daft and expensive fecklessness

Historically, U.S. political and military interventionism reliably produces three negative results: (a) motion without movement that fools Americans into thinking they are more secure; (b) dead and maimed Americans; and (c) a larger national debt. Let us, for a moment, look at the immediate results of the U.S. military interventionism that has occurred during the past two week:

–We bombed the Syrian military airfield from which a poison gas attack may have been launched against Asaad’s enemies. We destroyed none of Asaad’s gas arsenal, and did not destroy the base’s runways. This is a zero achievement for U.S. national interests, but a reason to celebrate for all of America’s most lethal enemies: Israel, the Neocons, Saudi Arabia, the media, the Republican and Democratic establishments, and the disloyal Israeli-First Americans, all of whom share the priority goal of keeping the republic perpetually involved in unnecessary wars with those they deem their enemies.

–We praised and pledged eternal fealty to NATO, as we have to even such less relevant entities as Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. In essence we have signed blank checks for NATO’s spendthrift leaders, men and women who will never defend themselves as long they can extort our financial help by stroking the enormous egos of official Washington and its self-serving general-officer corps with meaningless words like “America’s world leadership is back.”

–We dropped what we called “Mother of all Bombs” in Afghanistan and managed to killed less than 100 IS fighters. Probably not a cost effective use of the bomb; a good lesson to IS to stay out of easily identifiable cave systems; and a really craven replacement for the personal courage and massive killing that even now may be too late to defeat the Islamists.

–We and the Chinese have claimed a victory over North Korea because The Dear Leader backed down, except he did not back down, fired a missile that failed, and and earned no Chinese or U.S. military response for doing exactly what he was warned not to do. (NB: If the Dear One’s missile failed because it was hacked by U.S. war-makers, why has that method not been used previously to ensure no progress was made on North Korea’s nuclear program? And, if dearie’s missile was killed by a U.S. hack, do we not have yet another reason to thank Ronald Reagan — peace be upon him — for funding SDI?)

These four items all fall under the category of: “Using Military Power to Send a Message”. In none of the forgoing cases did the message sent mean any substantive improvement in the situation in so far as genuine U.S. national interests are concerned. Things may be quiet for a week or two, but the messages sent merely popped loudly, killed few, changed little, and will send the targets of the messages scurrying to find work-arounds that will allow them to proceed and then confront us with our failure.

There are two bottom lines here. The first is that the only clear and effective message that can ever be sent with military power is the utter destruction of all the facilities that allow the enemy to wage war, and the production of extraordinary numbers of dead enemies, their civilian supporters, and those who need to learn they cannot live happily and safely among the enemy.

If we do not have the moxie to wage war in the only way it has ever delivered definitive success, we are merely sending loud but strategically meaningless messages via military force. Those messages may convince the delusional and multi-starred braggarts who do the shooting, and then falsely trumpet the attacks as world-changing successes on Sunday news shows. Those who received the messages, however, will simply get on with their wars, having again been reminded that the U.S. and Western militaries and their political masters have no contact points with the nature of the religious war they are fighting, and remain steadily, and very effeminately striding along the path that leads to calamity. The Islamists will exclaim, “Allahu Akhbar!” and thank the Almighty for sending Islam enemies who send messages but have no clue about how men fight if they mean to win and are willing to die in the effort.

The second bottom line is that the President Trump and his foreign-policy and defense advisers ought to call a timeout for a week or ten days and read about the conflicts in which they recently reintervened and so get a grasp on genuine U.S. national interests.  (NB: They could do no better than to start their reading with Walter A. McDougall’s The Tragedy of U.S. Foreign Policy. How America’s Civil Religion Betrayed the National Interest, (Yale, 2016)). With a bit of knowledge under their belts, they can then reflect on the clear fact that all of the conflicts of the past fortnight are the result of past U.S. national governments unconstitutionally intervening in other peoples’ wars, and, in doing so, jettisoning genuine U.S. national interests — keeping the republic at peace, its military kids alive, and not expanding the debt, for example — for the irrelevant interests of greedy and/or effete foreigners.

–Syria: The Syrian missile raid was only necessary because George W. Bush started an unnecessary war he did not intend to win in Iraq — removing Saddam, the West’s best ally against the Islamists — and because the thug-racist Obama intervened to an extent sufficient to get what he wanted; namely a war that would produce an unmanageable mass migrant problem for the United States and the West that would, over time, end the role of white people, republicanism, nationalism, and Christianity in the governance of Europe and North America. Lesson: When the unnecessary, not-intended-to-be-won wars caused by unconstitutional U.S. military and political interventions go wrong, they can never be turned around and won by more unconstitutional, unnecessary, and not-intended-to-win U.S. military and political interventionism.

–NATO: Question: Why does NATO need defending? Answer: Because (a) it will not pay to defend itself but can extort protection from U.S. leaders who are always eager to intervene and pay the bill for foreigners, especially if, when doing so, the irrelevant, weakling foreign nations praise the president of the day and “America’s world leadership”; (b) because George H.W. Bush intervened in post-Cold War European affairs to expand NATO up to the border of Russia, a potentially war-causing interventionism now being carried forth by Senators McCain and Graham; and (c) because the Obama administration, the EU, the UN, and the Western media politically, financially, and media-wise intervened in Ukraine and led and funded the overthrow of a pro-Russia regime and replaced it with a pro-EU regime on territory that historically has been Russia’s, and which is a strategic threat thereto if held by Russia’s enemies, or those friendly to Russia’s enemies. Lesson: When the unnecessary, not-intended-to-be-won wars caused by unconstitutional U.S. military and political interventions go wrong, they can never be turned around and won by more unconstitutional, unnecessary, not-intended-to-win U.S. military and political interventionism.

–Afghanistan: The thinking behind the decision to drop a huge bomb in Afghanistan could only have been hatched in an asylum for either the mentally deranged or haters of America. In a country where there is never any national unity unless their is a common, non-Muslim foe to fight, the dropping of the bomb can only be understood as a means by which the asylum’s denizens sought to further unite Afghans and their Arab allies against the United States and NATO, and to get the former to kill its soldier-children and deepen its debt by deepening its intervention there and, thus, reenforce its earlier and irreversible Afghan defeat. Lesson: When the unnecessary, not-intended-to-be-won wars caused by unconstitutional U.S. military and political interventions go wrong, they can never be turned around and won by more unconstitutional, unnecessary, not-intended-to-win U.S. military and political interventionism.

–Korea: The seemingly endless U.S. war in Korea began when President Truman behaved as a dictator and unconstitutionally invaded Korea without the approval of Congress, but — like Obama in Libya — claimed to be armed with the irrelevant authority of the UN. Nearly seventy years later, the republic’s unconstitutional and unnecessary intervention in Korea — combined with several nations speeding the Dear Leader’s nuclear development — leaves the United States with a problem that has progressed from cavity, to root-canal, to a mouth full of gums. This week’s naval interventionism and hollow threats have done nothing to remedy the problem, but probably have made the Dear Leader’s trigger finger more itchy.  Lesson: When the unnecessary, not-intended-to-be-won wars caused by unconstitutional U.S. military and political interventions go wrong, they can never be turned around and won by more unconstitutional, unnecessary, not-intended- to-win U.S. military and political interventionism.

The answer to this set of self-made problems for the republic is to retreat to the safety of the Constitution (as it was written), American nationalism, a clear and commonsense definition of genuine U.S. national interests, and a recognition that an always strong U.S. military is the indispensable tool needed to ensure that America’s only survival-ensuring foreign policy — neutrality and non-intervention — is resolutely maintained unless the nation is attacked by foreign miscreants. Spreading democracy, women’s rights, and human rights; protecting favored nations from the consequences of their own actions; and the governing elite’s passion to be praised by foreigners, even at the cost of America’s demise, are all sure-fire war starters. The term America First means exactly that. It does not mean NATO, Israel, and Egypt first, and then, if any money left, Americans. And it certainly does not mean that the national government should be moved to military interventions because mounds of dead Syrians, Israelis, Ukrainians, Afghans, or most any other foreigners are piling up.

The only foreign-policy reason that the always evil presence of a central government is allowed in the United States is to defend Americans and the republic’s life-and-death national interests, even with the use war, as a last resort. The national government created by the Constitution has no plausible legal, moral, or ethical responsibility to ensure the survival of any foreign entity or population. In short, foreigners are always expendable.

The Trump administration is reaping the whirlwind created by U.S. foreign policies that — between 1945 and 2017 — have served the interests of foreigners far more than those of Americans, have bankrupted their republic in the process, and have given the president the powers of a tyrant. The people who elected President Trump thought that his words meant he understood this simple reality, and that he would reestablish the binding principle of putting America First. Perhaps he does, and he is off to a slow start.

But if Trump maintains or strengthens the interventionist status quo, there is no longer a reason to maintain what has become a national government that, in foreign policy, can only wage unnecessary, unconstitutional and always losing wars, at the cost of constricting liberty at home. With the national government also having proven long ago it is incapable of  conducting a domestic policy that is not bankrupting, liberty-eroding, and society dividing, moreover, the citizenry  would be left  staring at the fact that there is no plausible reason why the national government — as currently configured, empowered, and staffed — should be permitted to continue to exist.

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Jack Keane – the biggest, most arrogant jackass of a retired general money can buy

It was almost as if a retired U.S. general wanted to sharpen and buttress the point made in this space on 11 April 2017, the one that argued that President Trump ought to purge scores of serving U.S. generals if he intends to put America First and thereby abandon endless, unnecessary war. Today, 12 April 2017, retired U.S. Army General Jack Keane appeared twice on FOX News and did exactly that.

Keane has been a staple interviewee on FOX for as long as I can remember. He has been treated as great military god by every FOX host, and he has advocated unnecessary U.S. military interventionism as the solution to nearly every foreign-policy problem the republic encounters. And when the military interventionism that he and his fellow generals — retired and serving — have advocated becomes an obvious and murderous quagmire that kills our Marines and soldiers, deepens the nation’s bankruptcy, and returns thousands of maimed, mentally troubled, and suicide-prone veterans to the United States, the loud demand from Keane and his far-from-the-front general buddies is always the same; namely, increase the size of the failed military intervention and reinforce defeat. Some military god, eh?

In two appearances on FOX today, General Keane was at his smug, arrogant, and relentlessly interventionist best. On Fox&Friends this morning, Keane crowed with smarmy self-satisfaction:

–He rejoiced that America was now a “player in the Syrian civil war”

–He advocated the creation of safe zones, which, he let on, the Trump administration has disguised from Americans with the blander term “zones of stabilization”.

–He drooled with a keen, near-orgasmic eagerness at the possibility of Asaad using gas-or-barrel bombs on civilians so that Trump could destroy the other five operational Syrian airfields.

Following this war-loving warm-up, General Keane swaggered over and parked his god-like butt on the set of Trish Regan’s Intelligence Report. There he said:

–He never really knew where the Trump administration “would move in terms of America’s global leadership” and the republic’s “historic traditional role to help stabilize the world”. He feared, explained this military deity, that Trump might “pull back and be more isolationist.”

–He then said “but that’s over” and during the last week the Trump administration showed that it is “reassuming the protection of U.S. interests and the interests of our allies.

–He went on to express his regret over the time that had been wasted by “lot of debate” about that non-interventionism stuff. That debate, the almighty military god then declared, is ended, adding “that is a fact”, and that non-interventionism is “no longer a debatable subject.”

Well, guess again arrogant and aging god-boy. Your oracular arguments, divine assertions, and omnipotent declarations can be picked apart and killed just as Royal Marine Major John Pitcairn’s redcoats were by America’s citizen-soldiers — fortunately no West Pointers among them — as they retreated headlong from Lexington to Boston. But, for now, the important thing for you and your stinking band of general-officer brothers to know is that, unless you can use Obama’s law allowing national-government censorship of the internet, your non-interventionist enemies will make absolutely sure that the Founder’s argument against American interventionism is continued and continuously spread and strengthened.

And if  — may the real God forbid — worse ever comes to worst, you will find that there are far more non-interventionists locked-and-loaded than you and your war-loving, but always losing band of brothers have ever imagined.

And, oh yes, did I mention that General Keane sits on the Board of Directors of a company called General Dynamics. Coincidentally, that company just happens to sell the technology needed to launch Tomahawks cruise missiles. (1)


–1.) http://www.mediaite.com/online/guy-whos-been-appearing-on-fox-to-praise-missile-launch-secretly-works-in-missile-tech-industry/

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